La Fuente, Las Garitas

Restaurant in Sanchez

Updated: March 12, 2024 09:48 PM

La Fuente, Las Garitas is located in Sanchez, Dominican Republic. It's address is 6FG3+28V, Sánchez 32000, Dominican Republic.

6FG3+28V, Sánchez 32000, Dominican Republic

Check Time Table for La Fuente, Las Garitas

Monday10 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 6 PM
Thursday10 AM to 6 PM
Friday10 AM to 6 PM
Saturday10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is La Fuente, Las Garitas?

La Fuente, Las Garitas is located at: 6FG3+28V, Sánchez 32000, Dominican Republic.

What are the coordinates of La Fuente, Las Garitas?

Coordinates: 19.2251184, -69.5466894

La Fuente, Las Garitas Reviews

Grace Miller
2021-05-01 04:57:55 GMT

Nice place to eat and drink some typical fare. They play music 🎶and you can take a dip in the river-pool. Enjoy with friends and family 👪❤💕💙

Eddy Martell
2024-01-14 15:19:47 GMT

Great place to cool off and enjoy during summer.

Isis Salcedo
2023-08-22 23:23:28 GMT

Excellent place to pass it with the family. A little cold, but it is still amazing. Great service, food, music etc.

Paola Pizzolante
2018-11-24 21:55:04 GMT

I like la fuente when is calm just like this afternoon, with few people in the "natural" pool. Less teens jumping in and out constantly from the water. But the best time is early in the morning, when not even the radio is on.

Alfred Emasoga Padilla
2019-06-15 02:23:46 GMT

Natural swimming pool. A nice place.

Yesica Gómez
2022-05-27 03:16:25 GMT

A wonderful place to share with friends

Dolca C
2017-08-10 18:21:07 GMT

An excellent spot to go and have fun. The water is so clear and cold making this place unique. Food prices are a little bit expensive though.

Vicky Perez-Rosario
2018-06-01 13:11:34 GMT

Unique place. Nice fresh cool water for the kind of weather over there.
Good music, and comfortable atmosphere

Realstate Heri
2018-11-28 03:04:29 GMT

Love this place very nice to come during the week days is way to crowded on the weekend

Delcie Sanchez
2021-05-06 23:06:51 GMT

Beautiful natural pool

Ehuskyblue Ehuskyblue
2016-11-10 05:14:17 GMT

I was there for a couple of hours on August 2015 and can't wait to go back again!!!

Jeffry jey Perez
2021-05-03 20:05:51 GMT

Beautiful place with restaurant and bar.

George Cr
2020-10-10 16:53:20 GMT

Nice and unique outdoor swimming pool

2017-12-11 20:06:04 GMT

Love it

Olga Giron
2018-06-02 15:25:28 GMT


Yelena Kissairis Sanchez Peña
2018-03-30 13:09:10 GMT


Catch Ifucan
2019-02-04 04:33:41 GMT

Great place

Odornis Emmanuel Pujols Del Carmen
2019-04-03 11:04:33 GMT


Carolina Alba
2018-04-13 15:30:08 GMT


Yohen Miguel
2023-08-26 03:03:41 GMT


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