Kunsthofpassage Dresden

Art center in Dresden

Updated: March 11, 2024 08:40 PM

Kunsthofpassage Dresden is located in Dresden (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Görlitzer Str. 21-25, 01099 Dresden, Germany.

Görlitzer Str. 21-25, 01099 Dresden, Germany

3Q93+4P Dresden, Germany

+49 351 8105498

Questions & Answers

Where is Kunsthofpassage Dresden?

Kunsthofpassage Dresden is located at: Görlitzer Str. 21-25, 01099 Dresden, Germany.

What is the phone number of Kunsthofpassage Dresden?

You can try to calling this number: +49 351 8105498

What are the coordinates of Kunsthofpassage Dresden?

Coordinates: 51.0677624, 13.7543127

Kunsthofpassage Dresden Reviews

Antoniu Gugu
2024-01-22 11:23:09 GMT

Nice wall art and vibe, in fact the entire neighbourhood is great if you like urban art, it's worth a visit even if is a bit of a walk from the city center.

Krishna K A
2024-02-24 16:11:33 GMT

it's a very colorful and lively street. There are so many cafes and boutiques near the area. Good place for shopping, eating and hanging out.

Alona Ostrenska
2023-06-06 02:25:05 GMT

Don’t miss this place and also nearby beauties - look at every corner and you will be rewarded with creations of modern art.
A great place for pictures and won’t take you long. There are also a lot of cafes and local pubs in the area.
Also the entrance is free, which makes the experience even more pleasant - as the creations are on the living buildings, entrances to buildings etc.

Ulfat Mujawar
2023-09-12 22:34:35 GMT

Walking through it feels like stepping into a storybook. The shops offer a delightful array of unique treasures, from handmade crafts to boutique fashion. The quaint atmosphere is perfect for a leisurely stroll, and it's a hidden gem for those seeking one-of-a-kind finds. Whether you're a local or a tourist, Kunststofpassage is a must-visit for its cozy, picturesque setting and the opportunity to discover adorable, artisanal goodies. Don't miss out on the mochi ice cream at

John K
2023-05-01 14:06:17 GMT

Really unique place to visit! It was really fun being there, and seeing how the blue house design actually works. There is a restaurant and a cafe too, for anyone who'd like to rest around these fun houses.

Yurii Yatsenko
2023-07-23 09:38:25 GMT

Incredibly cozy and atmospheric place.
A complex of courtyards among houses with avant-garde drawings on the facades, there are many cafes and souvenir shops there. This place is hard to find but worth a visit.

Joost Baaij
2023-08-02 10:17:26 GMT

In the vibrant heart of Dresden's Neustadt district, an unassuming locale stirs the soul and tickles the fancy. It's the Kunsthofpassage, a whimsical arena where street art comes alive, and creativity dapples every corner.

The entire place is a living, breathing canvas where urban grunge meets artisan flair. Stickers and graffiti transform the mundane into a kaleidoscope of colour and emotion, lending an air of playful rebellion. The spray-painted messages of the city whisper tales of its vibrant underbelly, from poetic musings to impassioned pleas.

The 'Courtyard of Elements' or the 'Klangkunst', is a true marvel, where rain is the maestro, conducting a symphony on a series of carefully arranged pipes. As the sky opens up and the droplets cascade, they tap out an unexpected melody, turning the ordinary into an extraordinary auditory experience. It's kinetic art at its most enchanting, a serenade by nature itself. (Absent rain, water is injected into the artwork every whole and half hour)

Nestled within this lively passage, a quaint assortment of niche shops add to the allure. Whether it's the delicate trinkets of a jewellery store or the comforting aroma of exotic tea leaves, these places extend an invitation to explore and indulge.

A living testament to resilience, the ginkgo tree stands tall amidst the bustling atmosphere, a beacon of tranquillity. Its ancient lineage whispers tales of endurance and adaptability, mirroring the spirit of the Kunsthofpassage itself.

The friendliness that permeates the atmosphere is as refreshing as the art that adorns the streets. Stripped of the superficial sheen of commercialism, this corner of Dresden celebrates authenticity, creativity and community. The cheerful banter, the shared appreciation of art, and the sense of togetherness foster a warm camaraderie, creating an inclusive space where art and life intertwine.

Kunsthofpassage is a treasure chest, a vibrant montage of Dresden's artistic soul. Far from the beaten tourist tracks, this place is an oasis of creativity, an ode to Dresden's audacious spirit. A visit here isn't just a casual stroll down a decorated alley, it's a celebration of art, life, and the unabashed joy that stems from the two.

2023-09-05 11:27:53 GMT

Not only did I discover all these artists (work-)shops, but also the fun neighborhood in town!

Alejandro Montiel
2022-10-17 12:47:48 GMT

Located in the area of the city called Neustadt, this place offers some shops, a café and art. Really interesting to visit. It is located about 15- 20 minutes away from the city center (take tram 11).

Awani Rawat
2023-05-18 10:27:48 GMT

A very unique and beautiful place! It does take time to reach here but it was absolutely worth the effort.

&Tilly [andtillycom]
2021-08-10 18:44:59 GMT

An incredible, gorgeous place. I wish all the world would look like this. Kudos to the creators. An absolute must go in Dresden, even if small!

Marcio Medeiros
2023-12-19 13:08:10 GMT

Quite hidden it is accessed through a passage to leads to a square with these interesting buildings, some coffee places and shops.
The blue building might be even more interesting during raining days as the water is channeled.

Anastasia Yevtushenko
2021-04-16 12:18:40 GMT

Definitely a must-visit place in Dresden!

The atmosphere here is amazing, so many beautiful buildings, little shops and cafes/pubs.

I’d like to come back in summer and enjoy the warm summer evening here :)

Sriparna Tah
2023-05-04 19:55:01 GMT

This place is sweet. The blue house was indeed unique. The place has a good vibe over all. You can surely visit this when in Dresden.
There are a lot of cute cafes around.

Taguhi Ustabashyan
2019-08-23 11:02:57 GMT

an adorable place, be careful not to get lost in that wonderland! I didn't want to leave those buildings, I even wished it rained to see the rain playing the trumpets! so colorful and crazy. it's a must see!

Anna Maria Dominic
2019-10-26 12:47:12 GMT

A very calm and satisfying place. It is basically 3 or 4 courtyards with pretty buildings around clubbed together. Has got a few shops for souveniers and a few cafes. I wasn't lucky enough to hear the rain music notes but could spend a pleasant afternoon roaming around and clicking some pictures.

2019-11-21 13:48:24 GMT

What do you with a mundane block of flats that are unlikely to see much tourist traffic except for the lost? Well it looks like Kunsthofpassage was the brainchild of a group of visionary architects and artists, out to design a fun, colourful, unpretentious, modern courtyard with innovative drain pipes.

There are actually several courtyards all with their own unique design, but two that really stand out are the "Yard of Animals" and "Court of the Elements". The former has an African themed building facade and balconies that look like wicker baskets. The latter is probably the masterpiece of architecture, with a series of seeming drain pipes that channel rainwater through pipes, with the running water playing out a little tune.

A fun and quirky experience.

Anton S
2023-10-06 11:31:34 GMT

A very cute collection of small shops with local artists. Ranging from art prints over local cafes to handmade jewelry you can find a lot of different crafts here.

2021-09-29 07:04:49 GMT

Very beautiful neighborhood. The blue and yellow houses are so unique. The one time i wish it was raining on vacation to see how it would’ve looked and sounded

Rita Varchenko
2023-10-20 11:26:55 GMT

The place itself and the district around it are full of street art👌

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