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Updated: March 20, 2024 02:24 AM

Foodland Port Perry is located in Port Perry (Town in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 278 Queen St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B9, Canada.

278 Queen St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B9, Canada

4333+GG Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

+1 905-985-2159

Check Time Table for Foodland Port Perry

Monday7 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 9 PM
Thursday7 AM to 9 PM
Friday7 AM to 9 PM
Saturday7 AM to 9 PM
Sunday7 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Foodland Port Perry?

Foodland Port Perry is located at: 278 Queen St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B9, Canada.

What is the phone number of Foodland Port Perry?

You can try to calling this number: +1 905-985-2159

What are the coordinates of Foodland Port Perry?

Coordinates: 44.103855, -78.94625

Foodland Port Perry Reviews

2023-12-05 00:30:39 GMT

I like shopping here, it's not the biggest grocery store but they have all the essentials you will need. Very good produce section and their prices are good. Lots of parking.

Joseph Mcknight
2023-11-26 19:40:30 GMT

Great store,very friendly and helpful staff

2023-10-31 18:12:26 GMT

Love shopping here. The staff are so friendly

Kristi Honey
2024-01-06 22:00:07 GMT

Clean, friendly, fresh fruit and veg. Great shop with awesome small town vibe.

Lisa Harry
2023-06-27 15:59:33 GMT

Amazing staff . From cash manager, cashiers at the checkout counters and the floral department. Love the small-town atmosphere that still lives on in this store.

Freda Vernon
2024-03-06 20:47:27 GMT

Good quality food.

Jon-Paul Richards
2023-08-23 02:54:00 GMT

Very nicely laid out store, staff where great.

Shantana Killingbeck
2022-09-30 19:02:53 GMT

They have good sales but it is a slightly pricey store. This grocery store is everything you’d want from a small town grocery store. Staff are kind and feel like family after going there for almost a decade.

Produce is always fresh, and their hot food has always been popular especially for the high school students.

You can tell the staff and owners love their store and are very welcoming. I would argue it is the best grocery store in Port Perry.

julie mcnee
2024-01-19 22:54:55 GMT

Great store nice people and I won 100 Scene points at the checkout... Great store

Pina Vaccaro
2021-11-17 16:45:12 GMT

Thank you to the gentleman that worked at the store and got the little balloon for my daughter. You absolutely made her day, she has been having so much fun with it since. We greatly appreciate your kindness, that was very thoughtful.

Diane Reddy
2020-10-18 04:55:11 GMT

Great staff, excellent selection of produce , meats and products. They care about quality. Ordered a Bithday cake and it was beautiful, very creative. Can't say enough about the staff always helpful. I love shopping at Foodland Port Perry.

Claude Lefebvre
2023-05-22 10:49:43 GMT

A great shopping experience as the staff are super friendly and always happy and positive!

Vito Apa
2020-03-15 18:45:32 GMT

Friendly staff. Well stocked and cute town.

Koutayba Khodr
2023-01-15 20:54:07 GMT

Very nice and tidy grocery store. We stopped here during our hike back for some sandwiches. Friendly staff.

Rina Prendergast
2021-05-25 18:41:58 GMT

Staff are always friendly and helpful. Asked for a bigger filet of salmon than what they had out and it was no problem at all to have one packaged up in a couple minutes.

fukoffleavemealone smi
2020-11-28 22:35:19 GMT

Hard to find products sold here
(and they are not rip off prices!!).

Good at least reasonable prices.

Know someone who has shopped here a lot and they love it.

Employees are always kind to them.

Edward Smith
2023-04-30 00:18:15 GMT

Nice and clean great service and friendly and have nice meats

2023-04-04 16:07:13 GMT

The friendliness staff around. Floral arrangements are always great and beautiful

Susan Steiner
2022-12-07 17:30:47 GMT

it's still a small town place with nice staff and easy to find what u need.
1st time there tdy

Lee Pantridge
2021-04-21 21:11:27 GMT

A bit more of a small town feel than the bigger stores. Less busy and good prices. Friendly staff.

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Port Perry is a community located in Scugog, Ontario, Canada. The town is located 84 kilometres northeast of central Toronto, north of Oshawa, and east of Whitby. Port Perry has a population of 9,553 as of 2021. Port Perry serves as the administrative and commercial centre for the township of Scugog. source

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