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Updated: July 19, 2024 05:21 AM

Shoppers Drug Mart is located in Port Perry (Town in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 1865 Scugog St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1J3, Canada.

1865 Scugog St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1J3, Canada

4325+FH Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

+1 905-985-8886

Check Time Table for Shoppers Drug Mart

Monday8 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 10 PM
Thursday8 AM to 10 PM
Friday8 AM to 10 PM
Saturday8 AM to 10 PM
Sunday8 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Shoppers Drug Mart?

Shoppers Drug Mart is located at: 1865 Scugog St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1J3, Canada.

What is the phone number of Shoppers Drug Mart?

You can try to calling this number: +1 905-985-8886

What are the coordinates of Shoppers Drug Mart?

Coordinates: 44.101247, -78.941052

Shoppers Drug Mart Reviews

Larissa Plourde
2023-07-02 23:26:49 GMT

I did a return which was completed smoothly. Even though the mistake had been made on my part, they were very nice about it. The young man on cash and his supervisor were both very helpful. Thank you!

Joseph Romano
2021-01-24 01:09:42 GMT

Thank you to the staff for always exceeding our expectations!

With a young child, we are constantly at this store getting anything and everything we need. We always find the staff to be extremely helpful, and definately go beyond the call of duty to ensure that this feels like our community store and that we are cared for.

Of special note is the impact store manager Anthony is making. Recently we had an issue with an advertised price, and without missing a beat, he acted appropriately and ensured we were taken care of.

Also, the store is doing an amazing job keeping all customers safe during the pandemic - staff clearly know how to effectively implement all health and safety precautions and protocols.

It's not too often you get customer service like this - our family felt it important to recognize the efforts of this staff, thank you!

Brooke Stratton
2022-08-25 23:15:08 GMT

I just got my prescription refilled by a lady, I think her name was Elizabeth but she was amazing, just chatting with her while she prepared my prescription and noticing how attentive and interested in how my medication was working for me was really nice to see as well as explaining how new prescriptions worked and putting my mind at ease! She really puts her heart into her job.

Victoria Franker
2021-06-19 20:00:48 GMT

Annie Young from the beauty department was amazing! She is extremely friendly, approachable and takes her time with each customer. I usually don't like to ask questions about makeup because I don't want to bug them...but she was so great, I asked her everything! She was more than happy to help! I will honestly go back to that specific shoppers just for her!

John Duffy
2022-02-07 13:30:56 GMT

Last week I needed a medical device that was very difficult to acquire on short notice. Pharmacist Dr. Saeed Ali took time out
of his very busy schedule to help me. I am grateful that we have such a kind and caring Pharmacist.

2021-01-27 22:14:39 GMT

The pharmacy team was so polite, helpful and knowledgeable. They took their time to answers all my questions that I had. Store was very clean and easy to shop and felt safe.

Roger Dodger
2022-11-23 21:18:48 GMT

Contrary to some other reviews here, I found the Shoppers staff, both pharmacy and store to be very helpful. They certainly try their best considering all the challenges they have.

Tim Ido
2023-08-16 11:20:47 GMT

The Pharmacy is great the staff are very friendly and helpful I really appreciate the service.

Vincent Spano
2021-01-24 20:40:57 GMT

Fast, friendly and helpful customer service. Well stocked, clean and so convenient! Pharmacy staff are always knowledgeable and helpful and quick to help me get what I need.

Trevor Brumwell
2016-12-28 02:03:40 GMT

Good place for pop when it's on sale. Quick staff at the cash and post office. Pharmacists pay attention to you. Clean store lots of variety. Fresh offerings axpand in the summer. Has a little of everything you could need.

Farhana Khan
2021-01-19 02:45:13 GMT

The staff and pharmacy are very helpful when I need assistance and answer all my questions without issues! Store is also quite organized and clean.

2021-02-13 23:54:08 GMT

The staff I’ve encountered have been friendly and helpful. They may not have everything in stock, but they do try to recommend other places I could find it or when they can expect the item to arrive.

Angela Spano
2021-02-05 00:23:00 GMT

Fast and friendly service. Pharmacy staff were very helpful!

Braun Allen
2018-09-02 23:32:29 GMT

Clean, well maintained location with quality customer service. It helps that's its not too busy on any given day.

Mike G
2021-01-24 01:32:12 GMT

The staff is friendly, the store is very clean and they always have what I need in stock.

Justin Leroux
2024-03-11 23:44:02 GMT


Sharon Myles
2021-05-22 22:09:39 GMT

Love this store - easy parking & a great store with good staff

Rachelle S
2017-08-17 13:37:08 GMT

Friendly staff in cosmetics, extremely helpful, especially Brenda

jessi nicole
2021-03-02 13:48:12 GMT

Very knowledgeable and extremely friendly and helpful.

Ardith McNeil
2017-07-21 21:23:22 GMT

Big, bright, friendly staff, great selection

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Port Perry is a community located in Scugog, Ontario, Canada. The town is located 84 kilometres northeast of central Toronto, north of Oshawa, and east of Whitby. Port Perry has a population of 9,553 as of 2021. Port Perry serves as the administrative and commercial centre for the township of Scugog. source

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