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Updated: February 27, 2024 12:06 PM

Channel Control Merchants is located in Brantford (City in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is Building #2, 225 Henry St, Brantford, ON N3S 7R4, Canada.

Building #2, 225 Henry St, Brantford, ON N3S 7R4, Canada

5Q56+WF Brantford, Ontario, Canada

+1 519-770-3403

Check Time Table for Channel Control Merchants

Wednesday9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday9 AM to 7 PM
Friday9 AM to 7 PM
Saturday9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday11 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Channel Control Merchants?

Channel Control Merchants is located at: Building #2, 225 Henry St, Brantford, ON N3S 7R4, Canada.

What is the phone number of Channel Control Merchants?

You can try to calling this number: +1 519-770-3403

What are the coordinates of Channel Control Merchants?

Coordinates: 43.1598586, -80.2388351

Channel Control Merchants Reviews

Breanna Richardson
2019-12-20 00:04:05 GMT

I really love this store and I don't know what I would do without it. Most of the prices are very cheap, some are slightly more then what I would hope for but it's not that big of a deal. To the people complaining how messy it is: the store is huge, there's a lot of stuff, it gets busy and the staff do their best I believe and it's really not a big deal.

I got an artificial 6.5 ft christmas tree for $17. My son's backpack was $1.70. And so many more great deals I got. When searching for an item you have to use your common sense. The staff don't have time to sort through every item. That would increase the prices of the products. Read the receipts, ask what can be returned when and be courteous to the staff, they are nice people!

Just Jewelz
2022-07-03 22:09:59 GMT

I Love Channel Control BTFD. My absolute go-to place for almost everything. The staff is super friendly, and there is always a steady flow of new merchandise. Prices are Great! Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Mark Allan
2021-07-07 00:16:31 GMT

Staff at the counters are good. Just remember this is a sift and hunt store... gotten lots of great deals on unopened products. If you're buying an open box, make sure it's all there.. electronics come with 30 day warranty as well...

Melissa S
2022-02-26 22:50:31 GMT

Great deals on clothing. Especially for kids and maternity clothing. Very clean business, compared to other discounted liquidation stores. I'll definitely come back here for more.

Carly L
2019-05-06 19:09:55 GMT

Everyone check the things you buy so you won't have to go back, this store is great as long as you check over everything! Also, those of you who try calling the store and get no answer, why not just go in? I love this store, a lot of great finds!

Tee Folland
2023-12-27 07:08:11 GMT

Unbeatable price's and something for everyone.

Annette Shaylaina
2020-02-15 12:21:12 GMT

I've found some fantastic deals here. I've also seen items that are crazily priced. So, I just leave the items that are priced too high and pick up items that I feel are a decent price.

Jason Chudim
2018-01-12 04:09:34 GMT

I have always been able to find something I need at a cheaper price here. For most products, the quality is good. Just check electronics products in the store before buying.

Mary Jane Armstrong
2022-09-05 15:07:34 GMT

Awesome prices and friendly staff , shop here for all my household products and clothing.

2020-06-25 05:19:44 GMT

I love this store! I always get great appliances with HUGE savings in discounts! Would recommend.

Lyndsay Wardle
2016-11-21 03:55:17 GMT

Have a few friends that work for this company and the always say how wonderful it is working there. Love the store and staff even bring me carts now that's service ..cheers

Andy Babos
2023-03-31 19:40:47 GMT

Great prices!! Friendly people, great insight and very knowledgeable. ☺

Jill Laskey (A Google User)
2020-11-11 20:21:33 GMT

I would like to say thank you for pausing for Remembrance Day today. Your actions did not go unnoticed by those of us who gave applause at the end. Thank you.

2022-12-09 21:01:33 GMT

We drive from London to go here ...always good deals and a lot of fun ....

Theresa Stadnicki
2016-03-19 19:53:49 GMT

This place is fantastic!! Their selection of everything was wonderful. Purchased my wedding dress here for $50.00!!!!

Nishit Brahmbhatt
2022-06-06 06:55:14 GMT

Best store for buying mechanical tool & home improvement stuff staff is so friendly

Lorrie-Ann Depatie
2017-08-15 23:24:29 GMT

We had a great shopping experience, staff was friendly and helpful...keep up the good work.

Satnam Singh
2021-10-30 22:11:26 GMT

Very low price. ..i love it..will come again soon.u need to visit once ....over all i like it alot

Gisel Lucero
2023-03-31 17:57:24 GMT

Organized, clean, and usually find everything that im looking for

Kristen Galera
2021-03-20 22:45:21 GMT

Great junk store if you have time to look around and sift through stuff.

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Brantford is a city in Ontario, Canada, founded on the Grand River in Southwestern Ontario. It is surrounded by Brant County, but is politically separate with a municipal government of its own that is fully independent of the county's municipal government. source

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