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Updated: April 27, 2024 08:24 AM

ANAC Carwash Antwerp is located in Antwerp (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Noorderlaan 91, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium.

Noorderlaan 91, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium

7C59+8H Antwerp, Belgium

+32 3 318 50 89

Check Time Table for ANAC Carwash Antwerp

Monday8 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 6 PM
Thursday8 AM to 6 PM
Friday8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday8 AM to 6 PM
Sunday8 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is ANAC Carwash Antwerp?

ANAC Carwash Antwerp is located at: Noorderlaan 91, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium.

What is the phone number of ANAC Carwash Antwerp?

You can try to calling this number: +32 3 318 50 89

What are the coordinates of ANAC Carwash Antwerp?

Coordinates: 51.2582522, 4.4189665

ANAC Carwash Antwerp Reviews

Luc Krols
2023-12-02 15:43:07 GMT

Without doubt, the best carwash in town! Many places available, even on busy days. Fast and efficient.
And more, they manage to maintain this high quality already for many years. Best to avoid rush hours. I can't count the times in been here and it is with joy that I come every time again.

Kamran Sheikh
2023-12-16 18:45:07 GMT

Car wash to pay
Inside self service
Tight place but nice location

pavlos pavel
2021-03-21 17:49:25 GMT

Very good clean and very shiny the car after polish. I always wash the car there. After that you can make interior by yourself. Free vacuum and carpet cleaner. Due corona virus is allowed to stay only 30 min.

Raluca Nastase
2021-03-06 20:56:33 GMT

Nice, cheap place to wash your car. Automatic car wash so some dirt might still remain on your car, but if you don't ask too much, it's ok. Powerfull vacuum is available for self interior cleaning

Ovidiu Petrescu
2022-09-25 15:39:25 GMT

Fast and good. In and out in no time. Prices are good. I recommend this car wash as being the best compared to the other car washes on a 3-5 km radius.

Vimal Raj
2020-08-09 06:35:39 GMT

Easy to get your car washed.. It all happens so quickly. Get in, get out and ur done. There is also free DIY vacuuming available after you exit the washing area. All in all very convenient.

Richard Bennett
2021-05-16 17:21:41 GMT

This is a great car wash, my car was very dirty from parking under trees, they cleaned extra by hand where the automatic system had failed to remove the dirt fully.

a de kimpe
2021-06-18 13:46:20 GMT

Never a dull moment, certainly when your car looks like a pigeon-sty and there’s an Anac around. Super service, even with so many customers. Thank you Anac!

Seher Ismail
2023-05-13 14:17:35 GMT

Best price/quality wash on town

Tomasz Kowalski
2022-03-07 11:04:21 GMT

Helpful staff, good quality, professional service. And The price for full option just €15 - totally recommend

Menna McDonnell
2022-03-06 16:09:35 GMT

Great place to take the car to clean inside and out.

Nick Bila
2023-03-05 16:17:29 GMT

Efficient, clean results and interesting pricing

Debabrata Ghosh
2023-09-30 22:05:02 GMT

Very well managed

2018-02-13 11:13:42 GMT

Fast and high quality service . Also free vacuuming with the auto wash tarif which makes it a good deal imo.

Edina AQ.
2019-06-30 13:44:46 GMT

I have been coming for more than 10 years and the service is still great.

Nick Galley
2022-09-20 20:20:13 GMT

Automatic vehicle washing system. The vacuum is included.

Mohammed Konneh
2021-02-27 22:25:18 GMT

Great experience. A great place for car wash

Samim Naseri
2021-07-29 07:41:25 GMT

A Really great wash for just 15€.

Luc Krols
2020-11-03 08:30:43 GMT

Always perfect. The best carwash in town.

Raja Zahoor Ahmed
2018-10-07 16:19:56 GMT

Cheap and good carwash in Antwerpen. Automatic and manual carwash installed.

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