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Updated: March 08, 2024 10:39 PM

M HKA - Museum of Modern Art is located in Antwerp (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.

Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

696Q+CX Antwerp, Belgium

+32 3 260 99 99

Check Time Table for M HKA - Museum of Modern Art

Tuesday11 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 6 PM
Thursday11 AM to 6 PM
Friday11 AM to 6 PM
Saturday11 AM to 6 PM
Sunday11 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is M HKA - Museum of Modern Art?

M HKA - Museum of Modern Art is located at: Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.

What is the phone number of M HKA - Museum of Modern Art?

You can try to calling this number: +32 3 260 99 99

What are the coordinates of M HKA - Museum of Modern Art?

Coordinates: 51.2110185, 4.3899463

M HKA - Museum of Modern Art Reviews

Martin Allison
2024-03-03 18:09:24 GMT

Absolutely loved & highly recommend for the art scholar & professional. Maybe not digestible for the passing tourist or art hobbyist as the exhibits are quite abstract and mostly all contemporary (not so much old, famous, pretty portraits). Very well structured and low crowd even for a weekend. If you’re looking for a museum that engages the mind and sight — this is it!

Bernardo Faria
2024-01-23 01:27:51 GMT

Superb and super-intense installation by Viktor Brim. Highly recommended. I also enjoyed, a lot, the one about Gordon Matta-Clark.

Gia Tolordava
2023-11-28 14:46:34 GMT

Must visit place. Fantastic exhibitions. Warmest regards from Tbilisi.

Amin Abari
2023-06-14 13:31:17 GMT

Worth a visit. The staff is super friendly and helpful and the art is thought provoking and wonderful. The biographical information on the artists is limited and that bothered me at first. But thinking about it, I actually think it is better this way. The art is separate from the artist. You think and immerse yourself in the work and the less you know about the creator, he or she becomes more irrelevant. I think maybe that is how it should be. The art should stand on its own.

Micha Caerts
2023-12-28 22:20:38 GMT

Very nice museum ! 😍

Lina Stepanova
2018-11-23 07:38:11 GMT

From 2 to 8 floor there are many excellent exhibition that anyone can enjoy. Price of ticket not so high - 8€(november 2018). Also there is a panorama view at the 9th floor with a beautiful view on Antwerp

Peter Mills
2023-10-12 11:51:55 GMT

This is one of these museums you would keep on coming back to. Cafe looked very elegant, but unfortunately we didn't have time to enjoy. Closed on Mondays.

Yuri van den Brand
2021-10-20 19:30:59 GMT

Interesting exhibitions. The museum is reachable by car, public transport and bike or scooter. It is however recommendable to consider coming by bike or scooter, since the nearest bus-stop is still quite far.

Liliya Ivanova
2022-06-06 10:45:45 GMT

Nice place to visit, a bit aside from the city center, but directly next to the river. There are also events going on there regularly, so check the website! We visited for Antwerp Art Week.

2021-04-16 17:48:33 GMT

Cool museum. Bigger than expected from the outside. Current exhibitions are well presented and quite interesting.

Emmanuel Gustin
2023-06-22 10:40:22 GMT

A set of playful exhibitions in a modern, restful museum building. Not art that amazes you, but art that makes you smile and want to interact with it.
One warning: If you enter lightly dressed in a summer day, you will probably feel that some rooms are very cold.

Petro Molala
2019-08-06 20:07:55 GMT

An extraordinary museum whose art covers a wide range of feelings! In an excellent space and an cool balcony at the cafeteria.

Vanessa Lazil
2023-05-22 19:17:13 GMT

Beautiful art and venue😍
Some work from Rubens.

Mayank Kumar
2022-10-25 09:46:13 GMT

You have to do the booking online in advance.
I couldn't get in because i didn't knew to book it.

L Marchant
2022-07-05 06:50:36 GMT

If you only have a few days in Antwerp this museum must be on your list. The exhibits are very well designed and curated. Some of the shows are so layered and complex that I have had to return to see the same show because it was so thought provoking. This is Art at its best, provocative and thoughtful. The curator of this museum is masterful at visual selection and communication of complex topics.

Mike Ivanov
2022-05-25 22:11:36 GMT

Modern art museum with good selection of collections from great artists

2019-03-08 18:55:28 GMT

For people who’s love modern art!

Evan Prodromou
2023-10-17 20:27:00 GMT

Wonderful contemporary art museum with a beautiful entryway

Masha Ivasenko
2023-10-22 08:01:27 GMT

It's a contemporary art museum with a temporare expositions.

Camille Troquet
2021-08-23 20:58:38 GMT

Loved the Gupta exhibition. It's worth a visit when in Antwerp.

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