Leopold Park

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Updated: March 08, 2024 06:49 AM

Leopold Park is located in Brussels (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is 1040 Brussels, Belgium.

1040 Brussels, Belgium

R9QJ+F4 Brussels, Belgium

+32 2 279 61 00

Check Time Table for Leopold Park

MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours

Questions & Answers

Where is Leopold Park?

Leopold Park is located at: 1040 Brussels, Belgium.

What is the phone number of Leopold Park?

You can try to calling this number: +32 2 279 61 00

What are the coordinates of Leopold Park?

Coordinates: 50.8387455, 4.3802726

Leopold Park Reviews

silke vds
2023-10-06 09:30:37 GMT

IS my favorite park 🏞💕🥂
In the city 🏙💐(Brussels)


in the morning..🌅 afternoon..❤🌎 evening 🌃 night 🌌🌛 etc.😉👋

NATURE ⭐⛰🏞🌳🏕
and .....🤗
and more 😄☝🔥

Greetings 🤗💋

A loyal visitor 😁👋 of the park❤

Jad Badran
2023-08-22 12:57:25 GMT

Great place for a morning walk with or without a pet ! A bit of greenery next to the busy city nearby.

The history of the place is explained at each entrance ! The park is also located very close to some European hotspots like the European Parliament 👍🏻

The place is not very big but enough. It is also very clean and very well maintained wich is great !

Very relaxing place in general that is much recommended if you’re nearby 👍🏻

Carla Asensio
2023-10-15 18:42:58 GMT

Beautiful creatures, many different paths and playgrounds scattered around and a very peaceful walk for everyone.

Joy Britner
2023-08-19 12:09:19 GMT

This is a pretty park with historical significance in the world of science and astronomy. It's not big, but it does lead you to the European Parliament for a visit there as well.

Djahid Saidoun
2023-09-10 08:11:43 GMT

Nice parc in the Heart of the CEE quarter. Not really suitable for runs and jogs, some hills and downs here and there.

Joel Shapiro
2022-07-18 01:06:56 GMT

Great place for a picnic. There seem to be lots of nooks and crannies where you can sit down on a grassy hill and enjoy a picnic lunch. Lots of good people watching to do on a weekday afternoon. There are some benches and chairs too if you’d like to sit there instead of the grass. The walking paths were well maintained and the park is clean.

Winson Lee
2023-05-04 08:23:01 GMT

A peaceful park with a lot of animals, free entrance and worth to visit anytime

Debaleena Sain
2023-11-26 14:44:11 GMT

My first day in Brussels and I end up here while taking a walk. Beautiful park and a perfect place for nature lovers, family, and walking dogs. Bird photographers will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures of ducks and ducklings of different species. The flowers bloom during spring and makes the place even more beautiful!

Andrej Csizmadia
2022-07-02 07:49:22 GMT

Beautiful park with lake and many spots to chill and enjoy the day. While it is not the biggest and largest park in Brussels, it has a great atmosphere and vibe. The ducks and swans make it feel even more alive. Recommended to visit during your stay in Brussels and wind off.

Olga Olga
2019-12-25 12:52:59 GMT

A nice and well-maintained park right behind the Parliament. There are a lot of old trees and it is aesthetically designed. There is a pond and many trails for walking. I saw people with dogs, saw, I guess, you can walk your dog there. There is a playground for older children or adults with a couple of ping-pong tables, basketball nets and football goals. One of the entrances was closed when I was there - I planned my route trough the park, but at the end had to return to my entrance, although the map indicated I can go through.

Марина Пасічна
2023-04-30 20:39:20 GMT

My favourite park in Brussels ❤ You can feel connection with nature

2023-05-01 10:20:14 GMT

Fantastic park to explore and have a picnic. Loads of wildlife and very clean.

Nicolas Papalampros
2023-10-28 22:11:31 GMT

Medium sized parked, you ll find some lovely swans and ducks there. Very nice place to have a walk or picnic.

Brad Koller
2017-08-19 18:08:03 GMT

This was our favourite park in Brussels. It was so beautiful and in a central part of the city. There were many people out enjoying the day.

Kateryna Mlynik
2022-11-04 09:04:29 GMT

Pretty cosy park with lake, ducks and playground.

Petra Drašković
2022-05-01 15:39:36 GMT

We rested for a while watching ducks and planning the rest of the day filled with touristy things.
Perfect calmness in the midst of busy city.

Galiya Ibragimova
2023-09-09 20:59:27 GMT

So good. The trees’s schaduw save you from the sun and hot temperature. Most of the benches around the lake is usually occupied but if you go a bit further, along the Natural science museum, there are several benches that usually free. We saw few parrots which was a fun for kids.

Dirk De Backer
2021-11-07 20:17:00 GMT

I absolutely love this green oasis in the heart of Brussels European quarter. A nice spot to relax a bit but also to play basketball on the public field.

Arghya Basak
2022-02-12 18:31:31 GMT

A nice place to spend time with family and especially kids. This year few installations of Bright Brussels 2022 was shown here.

Sophie mary
2022-11-13 14:15:07 GMT

Beautiful park. Good for a walk by the lake in the middle of the city. Quite peaceful and pretty place to sit and meditate!!

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