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Updated: March 09, 2024 04:03 AM

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels is located in Brussels (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Esp. de la Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Esp. de la Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

R9X6+53 Brussels, Belgium

+32 2 217 83 45

Check Time Table for St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels

Monday8 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 6 PM
Thursday8 AM to 6 PM
Friday8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday8 AM to 6 PM
Sunday8 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels?

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels is located at: Esp. de la Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

What is the phone number of St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels?

You can try to calling this number: +32 2 217 83 45

What are the coordinates of St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels?

Coordinates: 50.8479083, 4.3601497

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels Reviews

Farin Shaikh
2023-11-17 12:23:52 GMT

A Spiritual Haven

I recently had the opportunity to visit, and it left a profound impact on me. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with heartfelt sermons, created a sense of community and connection. The beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings added to the overall spiritual experience. Whether you're a regular churchgoer or just seeking a moment of reflection, u should visit once.

Suraj Anuradha Vanniarachchy
2023-11-12 19:43:31 GMT

One of the must see locations in Brussels. We went on a Saturday morning. Free to enter. There is also a museum inside that charge Euro 4 if you want to see some very interesting antiques. Definitely worth checking the museum. It’s one of the most worshipped holy places in Belgium.

Sayak Das
2023-12-11 06:00:00 GMT

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral in Brussels is a divine masterpiece that left me awe-inspired. As a tourist, this architectural marvel is an absolute must-visit. The intricate Gothic design, towering spires, and breathtaking stained glass windows create a serene atmosphere that transports you to a bygone era.

The cathedral's historical significance is beautifully preserved, offering a glimpse into Belgium's rich cultural tapestry. Tourists will appreciate the informative guides, providing insights into the religious and architectural history in multiple languages. The central location makes it easily accessible for those exploring Brussels.

Inside, the sheer beauty of the interior, including the majestic organ and impressive nave, is a testament to the craftsmanship of centuries past. St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral is a spiritual and visual delight, making it an indispensable part of any tourist's itinerary in Brussels. A visit here is a journey through time and a testament to the city's cultural heritage.

Gloria Lau
2023-10-12 17:13:30 GMT

What a stunning cathedral!! The interior is so beautiful and felt so peaceful. We went towards closing time (5pm) and therefore it was very quiet inside. Definitely worth a detour if you are into cathedrals and architecture. The outside is modest looking, but a absolutely breathtaking inside.

Dan St-Jean
2023-08-29 23:17:16 GMT

An incredible masterpiece of architecture and art… well worth the visit! So much history and so many pieces of art and sculpture… Enough to fill hours if you want! The building is very impressive.

2024-02-23 18:34:41 GMT

A great church to visit in Brussels. Got amazed with the architecture and glass inside. Totally recommended to visit if you travel to Belgium

Sarah Lalani
2024-01-04 18:04:50 GMT

This was a stunning cathedral to visit in Brussels. The exterior reminds you of the facade from Notre Dame and the stained glass windows on the interior are beautiful. Well worth a visit and no entrance fee.

Jacques Theron (Nickelson)
2024-01-07 16:08:20 GMT

Even more beautiful in real life, the Cathedral of St Michel and Gudula dates back to the 9th century and it was truly wonderful to see this cathedral in real life for the first time... I heard there is also guide tours that one can go on if you wish to hear the full history...

Emeka Okeke
2023-12-31 21:33:51 GMT

Beautiful cathedral and still in use today. Serene with the organ music. Deserves reverence both as a church and an iconic Landmark.

Francis Uyttebrouk
2023-12-28 08:13:41 GMT

The Brussels Cathedral, St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, dates to 1519 in its current form. Its twin towers dominate the center city with their 65 m elevation, truly a touristic magnet for the city, ornated with stunning stainglass windows.

Ionut Sacrieru
2023-12-27 12:28:05 GMT

Beautiful monument with amazing stained-glass windows and decorations. The entrance is free so well worth a visit.

River - Glad or Mad Australia
2024-03-02 18:56:30 GMT

A very beautiful church, especially when complemented with some snow. Free to enter.

Mark Pabst
2023-08-05 06:09:31 GMT

Well maintained/restored structure sure to be popular with architectural history buffs. You can roam around freely to take in all the details and there are not any restrictions on photography (like in some cathedrals). I especially liked the old school confessional which brought me back to my parochial school days.

Ruth Holmes
2024-01-01 14:49:42 GMT

Lovely cathedral and display of nativities representing multiple cultures worldwide.

Rob Varty
2023-09-27 04:24:59 GMT

What a beautiful, beautiful example of Gothic architecture! I spent at least 30 minutes just walking around the outside because there is just so much to take in.

Sindre Winge (Winge)
2024-02-25 16:19:26 GMT

Incredible structure, and majestic design. Worth a short visit. Wish I could read more about its history but every information screen is with a fee.

Tonmoy Saha
2023-10-22 07:12:51 GMT

Really love the that place, visitors were around but pin drop silent inside. Infrastructure inside was very beautiful and colourful :-)

Amo Ohg
2023-07-14 21:22:25 GMT

The gothic architecture is one of the finest I have seen so far. It was a majestic and very beautiful cathedral. Peaceful as well. The cathedral is open to all and mass and other services are being held here.

serena ney
2023-06-03 12:32:25 GMT

Beautiful church :-)
When you enter in the afternoon (I went on a Saturday), just next to the door you have volunteers who take you around.
The visit was around 1h and went in great detail (interesting information) of the church, stain glass windows and history.
It's a great way to see more than what appears at first glance.

Olympus Urban-Walkers
2023-12-20 14:59:18 GMT

Visit the cathedral at Christmas and see the so many different Christmas decorations, from Chinese to Ukrainian. Must visit. Free entrance. Quiet atmosphere.

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