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Updated: March 08, 2024 05:30 AM

Autoworld is located in Brussels (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Parc du Cinquantenaire 11, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Parc du Cinquantenaire 11, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

R9QV+P9 Brussels, Belgium

+32 2 736 41 65

Check Time Table for Autoworld

Monday10 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 5 PM
Thursday10 AM to 5 PM
Friday10 AM to 5 PM
Saturday10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday10 AM to 1 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Autoworld?

Autoworld is located at: Parc du Cinquantenaire 11, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

What is the phone number of Autoworld?

You can try to calling this number: +32 2 736 41 65

What are the coordinates of Autoworld?

Coordinates: 50.8393417, 4.3934238

Autoworld Reviews

2024-02-06 20:24:12 GMT

I’m not really a car person but I really loved this exhibition!
So interesting seing the very first automobiles and seeing how they slowly progressed over the years. All the cars are in immaculate condition and perfectly displayed. Also loved all the retro vehicles from the 80’s and 90’s …. so super cool!
Lots of interesting facts to discover here.
Perfect way to spend a rainy day in Brussels!

Bram Collier
2024-02-12 22:10:33 GMT

The permanent collection has a unique amount of Belgian vehicles, a lot of cars are also in original condition which is refreshing to see in a museum. Vehicles are well presented and there's some beautiful memorabilia around also. The temporary exhibitions are also a nice extra!

Happy Tourist
2023-12-11 18:15:40 GMT

This was a very interesting experience. There are so many cars to see, especially for Porshe lovers, as there are almost half of the cars on the floor. Some very old mobiles and motorbikes as well. There is a nice cafe in the building also.
It's worth visiting!!

Elena Tozlovanu
2024-03-02 20:25:46 GMT

Had a lovely experience visiting the Auto world in Brussels.
Nice collection of vehicles. Also witnessed the temporary Porsche expo vehicles being pushed out and loaded into the lorry.

Bill Dosis
2023-12-31 11:44:02 GMT

Really nice experience. A lot of old and legendary cars in a huge place. But they are set in that way that makes it easy to go around and enjoy your visit. We spent around 2 hours there and we don’t regret it.

Sergiu Tatu
2024-01-28 19:42:51 GMT

Really nice exposition. Since this year is 75 years of Porsche was even better for me because it included a really nice bunch of old and new cars. Also I was pleasetly surpised by the old cars from 1900 and the horse carriages which were used in the past. Overall really nice experience. I highly recommend it.

Михаил Крайненко
2024-02-25 13:02:28 GMT

Very interesting place. During my trip I was visited Porsche stand, but also there is many other interesting thongs to look on. Also many wonderful facts about personal transport history about bikes to. How it begon and what’s going to be in future. Many exponates interesting to make photo with. I’d prefer to recommend this place to visit. Also found leuk to make a Lego auto, ain’t sure that it’s allowed to bring out but I did. Highly recommend. I would like to visit this place during future events.

Nata Volytska
2023-12-11 23:31:23 GMT

I have finally visited this museum!
An must say it was incredible!! All the old cars are amazingly beautiful.

Unfortunately I came 30 minutes before closing, so I needed to run fast to see everything but that was really nice.

By the way, the staff was very friendly and they kindly made a discount for me because of late visit.

El-Share Ahmad
2023-10-09 20:23:17 GMT

A must see for any car enthusiast!!

You get an impressive range of classic and modern cars, with some very rare specimens, and many cute, quirky cars which are actually adorable.

The place is very spacious and clean and when we went it was also quiet and chill.

Definitely a must see.

Антонина Димитрова
2023-10-19 13:33:57 GMT

The interesting thing about this place is that it leaves you speechless. You can enjoy both the most modern racing car and carriages that we have only seen in the movies. When I visited this magical place, it was set up for a cocktail party, and it certainly looks different on a normal evening. However, it is worth visiting this place and enjoy the feelings that change in you at the sight of such different types of vehicles.

panagiotis galanakos
2023-11-15 16:33:03 GMT

Very nice layout of mostly historic cars and also a nice walk through ,on the development of automotive production over the years
Nice try for the display on most of. the cars of the museum
And enough information of the Belgian efforts on automotive products
A must see for any automotive enthusiast

Jos Berkien
2024-02-12 15:01:07 GMT

A great place with a standing exhibition on a large variety of cars from young to old. It has a small restaurant and a shop. Plenty of parking in the surrounding area of the place which is only free on Sunday.

Filip De Beule
2023-11-12 20:43:57 GMT

Great museum about the history of cars with hundreds of seminal cars on display. There is also a temporary collection in the middle of the hall. There was an exhibit about MG when we were there. Good shop with some interesting items for purchase.

Sayak Das
2023-12-14 04:39:19 GMT

Autoworld in Brussels is an automotive enthusiast's dream come true! The museum's collection is a mesmerizing journey through the evolution of automobiles, beautifully curated and impeccably maintained. From vintage classics to modern marvels, Autoworld showcases a breathtaking array of cars that tells the fascinating story of automotive history. The attention to detail in the exhibits is commendable, and the well-informed staff adds an extra layer of appreciation for the collection. The immersive displays, coupled with informative descriptions, provide a captivating experience for visitors of all ages. The museum's commitment to preserving and presenting the automotive heritage is truly commendable. Whether you're a car aficionado or simply curious about the evolution of transportation, Autoworld is a must-visit destination in Brussels. A great experience that combines history, engineering, and sheer automotive beauty seamlessly.

2023-12-27 16:38:20 GMT

Excellent. The Porsche exhibition is fascinating. So is the wonderful collection of vehicles in the museum, with very well-organised themes and stories.
The descriptions for some of the vehicles are only in French and Dutch, not English. Hope this changes soon!
Their website says you need about 1.5 hours to explore it. If you're an automobile enthusiast, you'll probably need more. I myself spent close to 4 hours here. The story of each vehicle has been written in a very interesting way, and one needs time going through them all.

Milan Konstantinović
2023-10-15 21:40:12 GMT

A real paradise for every car enthusiast. I spent 4 full hours looking at the beauties on 4 wheels... And to top it off when I visited the museum, there was an exhibition of Bugatti cars going on. An exceptional experience.

elliot porter
2023-11-16 10:24:23 GMT

Amazing location for car enthusiasts, provides information about the cars and a look into the past and how the automobiles adapted to the changes of the modern world.
Only thing that would be more exciting would be to view the engine bays of some of the cars.

Bhaskar Karnatak
2023-11-05 12:10:55 GMT

Autoworld Brussels features a remarkable collection of cars, and the Bugatti exhibit is a standout. The museum showcases a diverse range of automobiles, from vintage classics to modern masterpieces. If you're a Bugatti enthusiast, you'll be thrilled by the exceptional Bugatti collection, which highlights the brand's iconic legacy and innovative designs. Autoworld offers a delightful journey through automotive history, making it a must-visit for car lovers and those who appreciate the art of engineering.

Michael Lee
2023-10-28 03:59:36 GMT

Very informative exhibit on the evolution of cars. Nice car specimens on display. Big area to wander around. Ticket prices are reasonable. Lockets available. There is also a small cafe inside.i think this is better than the bmw museum in Munich.

Michael Alonso
2023-11-16 12:09:51 GMT

A must visit place for car enthusiasts. They have a variety of classics and also modern cars on display. They displayed the car used in the movie James Bond here when I was visiting which was cool to see up close. The aisles between the exhibits is big which means you can walk around and look at each of the exhibits comfortably.

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