Parc du Cinquantenaire

Park in Brussels

Updated: February 27, 2024 02:05 PM

Parc du Cinquantenaire is located in Brussels (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

1000 Brussels, Belgium

R9RR+H5 Brussels, Belgium

Questions & Answers

Where is Parc du Cinquantenaire?

Parc du Cinquantenaire is located at: 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

What are the coordinates of Parc du Cinquantenaire?

Coordinates: 50.841393, 4.3904833

Parc du Cinquantenaire Reviews

Orcun Iyigun
2024-01-28 14:31:24 GMT

Really nice place to walk around. A nice big park, if you have a dog, would be a good place to set him free and you will see a bunch of off leash dogs. On top of that there's a car museum as well.

Karol Giraldo
2023-08-16 10:39:40 GMT

The park is seriously awesome! The architecture is jaw-dropping, buildings are super pretty, and the gardens? Total eye candy. Weather wasn't great when we visited, but we still wandered around with no probs. Good vibes all around.

Oh, and don't get me started on the fountains – so handy! They've even got a dog park, and if you take a stroll, you'll uncover cool spots. Plus, there are these two rad museums. Missed the military one 'cause of ticket stuff, but the car museum? Didn't make it there either, but man, they had a slick Ferrari parked outside, luring you in. Next time, that's a definite stop for me! This park's a winner, no doubt.

Kim Bligastan
2023-08-09 15:04:53 GMT

Honeskty, it was a really good experience. The park was beautiful. It had a place for dogs, water fountain, parks, and it was full of beautiful trees! Also not to forget, the amazing Brussels architectures as well. It’s a must if you’re in Brussels.

2023-10-18 03:14:21 GMT

Lovely park with a beautiful arc in the middle. We discovered the car museum and it was amazing! Highly recommend both the park and the car museum!

J. Barrett
2023-05-31 19:30:33 GMT

I still cannot get over the size of this park and the amazing architecture of the museums that are attached with an unbelievably gorgeous arch. Built in 1905, it is worth spending some time here and checking the place out. Great place to take a walk, have a picnic, or through the frisbee.

Michael Alonso
2023-11-16 15:14:47 GMT

Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels, renowned for its stunning urban park with vast green spaces, the iconic Triumphal Arch is the icon of the park which is also often hailed larger in size than the Brandenburger Tor which is a similar landmark in Berlin, Germany. The park offers a perfect blend of history and recreational amenities as it has different kinds of museums too, making it a must-visit destination when visiting Brussels.

2023-09-17 14:19:12 GMT

Must-do in Brussels. One of the most beautiful city parks, spacious and green, with remarkable architecture, museums and a breathtaking viewpoint on the arc (entrance via the Military Museum). Lovely places for singles, couples, families with kids and older adults. Parrots fly between the trees.

Emanuela Valentina Passerò
2023-09-25 09:01:39 GMT

A very nice park with lots of benches to sit, read a book and relax, I loved it. Also, there are the museum of cars and of the armèe.

Laura Grace S.
2023-10-10 08:21:11 GMT

Beautiful park surrounding the exhibition centre, which was hosting the Autoworld Exhibit when I visited. Lovely and green park, beautiful fresh air. Would definitely recommend to anyone in Brussels!

EG Esp
2023-09-30 19:56:25 GMT

comparable to paris arc de triomphe. Such a beautiful place. Came on a saturday before 10am and not a lot of people so we were able to appreciate and took photos

Engin Gedik
2023-07-26 04:36:26 GMT

Having a walk in the park - when it is sunny - is absolutely recommended. Metro line 1 and 5 are in 5 minutes walking distance and there is no entrance fee to the park.
You could also visit car museum on the side.

2023-04-03 09:30:24 GMT

Huge property, well maintained. Some of the building and statues on the property are huge and cool to look at. Also some nice gardens of flowers as you come in from the west. Came through here twice during my time in Brussels and a nice place for a walk or onto other sites.

Jad Badran
2023-08-22 13:43:01 GMT

Thumbs up for this huge park surrounded by normal residential buildings of brussels from one side and the European complex including the European parliment and the European Commission HQ building on the other !

It is always a great walk in the greenery (with or without a pet). You get great views of the cinquantenaire monument wich can only be a pleasure ! The place is very clean and they maintain the greenery really well 👍🏻

No wonder this place is a hotspot among locals of all ages !

Marius DAEA
2023-07-01 05:18:48 GMT

Excelent. a very nice place for rest and relaxation, clean. also recommended for those who want to exercise outdoors. recommended for walks with children and pets (dogs).
how often there are extraordinary events, such as music shows, dances, etc. I strongly recommend this location

Chun Sing, Godfrey Chau
2024-01-23 08:35:13 GMT

Really cool architecture in the middle of the park. Stunning

Zuhair Butt
2023-07-17 13:37:19 GMT

The landmark constructed in 1880 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Belgium's independance! Has a fountain and park to relax and the real landmark is good for taking pictures. Has an autoworld museum close to it if you are a fan of cars and their history. The royal palace is a 30 min walk from here

Saad Sahibjan
2024-01-08 14:05:22 GMT

Very nice place. There is a memorial arcade in the center of the park.

Nikos Parastatidis
2023-09-17 12:19:13 GMT

A big busy park, well kept and filled with art. It gets very crowded on weekends and sunny days.

Dr. Faisal Kabir
2023-10-20 01:58:41 GMT

If you want to enjoy the whole landscape, stand a bit far of the gate, and you will see the U shape structure. It was awesome being there.

John Bates
2023-03-15 17:33:35 GMT

Raining when we came here but still a lovely place to visit. Also Auto world here that I recommend, a lovely car museum. The car museum has a lovely restaurant you can use without having to pay entry fee . There's also a war museum here with lots of planes in but we didn't have time for that one.

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