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Belgian restaurant in Antwerp

Updated: April 11, 2024 12:25 PM

Balls & Glory is located in Antwerp (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Theaterplein 1 naast Stadsschouwburg, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.

Theaterplein 1 naast Stadsschouwburg, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

6C85+5Q Antwerp, Belgium

+32 3 568 61 24

Check Time Table for Balls & Glory

Monday11:30 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM to 9 PM
Thursday11:30 AM to 9 PM
Friday11:30 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday9 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Balls & Glory?

Balls & Glory is located at: Theaterplein 1 naast Stadsschouwburg, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium.

What is the phone number of Balls & Glory?

You can try to calling this number: +32 3 568 61 24

What are the coordinates of Balls & Glory?

Coordinates: 51.2154847, 4.4094627

Balls & Glory Reviews

YY Hau-Man
2024-01-19 22:47:22 GMT

Nice to have this unique style of diner. Waiters were friendly also to the kids. Food was great, finally something different than fries. Every ball has his own taste, we've ordered 5 of them, big and small ones, all of them were delicious.

Yuri van den Brand
2023-11-01 18:07:01 GMT

Amazing restaurant in Antwerp.

The food is tasty and the prices are very reasonable.
The atmosphere in the restaurant is great also. Trendy music combined with good and fast service.

The restaurant is open for reservations, dining in and take out.
You can also come with large groups (if you make a reservation).

The toilet is outside of the restaurant, down a staircase. If you have trouble walking, you might have difficulty getting to the toilet.

Akshay Kamath
2024-02-05 06:53:33 GMT

Very rarely does a dish make me go “WOWWW”!

The way the gravy oozes out when you pierce through just makes your mouth water. Mashed potatoes elevate the dish further. On my short trip to Antwerp, I visited this place thrice. I just couldn’t have enough of it!

Glory to the balls haha.

Darryl Leaning
2023-09-29 20:49:23 GMT

Great restaurant. Really friendly staff. Tasty food.
Located right next to the theatre, and 5 minutes away from the large park.
Can be popular, but you can also reserve tables

John Manzo
2024-04-05 03:40:46 GMT

I LOVED my lunch here! It's a very cool, modern but comfortable space with EXCELLENT music (they were playing LCD Soundsystem while i was there, and then some Dutch artists- a great playlist), and the food was outstanding. I got the lamb and asparagus "ball" with salad as my side, and had water - free water! In NW Europe! - to drink. Every morsel was delicious. The salad comprised lovely fresh produce and Israeli couscous, and I enjoyed it, but that ball- it was like a kofteh but stuffed with this savoury interior that made for a sort of sauce. Really unique, and really good value too.

Szu-Ai Wu
2022-11-08 13:38:18 GMT

Friendly staff, young and hip vibe.
Quite amazed by how big the portion actually is! I got the seasonal pork which had truffel sauce inside and it tasted really good. Also the sauce with the stoemp was really delicious.

Catalina Silva
2023-01-10 10:33:57 GMT

Generous portions of delicious food! No chance of walking away feeling hungry!
Service was good, everyone was friendly and the food came out quickly.
Maybe next time we'll have some room for desserts!

Ben Van Looy
2023-08-19 13:04:56 GMT

2021: Balls & Glory never disappoints. I've been there regularly for several years, ever since they first started in Ghent, so happy when they opened in Antwerp. It's always a nice surprise to see the dishes of the day. Today I had the pork mushroom truffle ball, it was seriously so yummy!! Try the refreshing ice tea also. And whatever you do, try the Dam Blanche Ball as desert, not only so satisfying to watch when you pour over the hot chocolate, but also really really delicious!!

Update 2023: we went again yesterday: we started off with the bitterballen en chicken-balletjes. As main I had the chicken ball with masala filling. As always service was great and the food was delicious.

Unlike 99% of other restaurants in Belgium, water is still free 🔥

Jermo de Lange
2022-12-30 12:28:38 GMT

Great place to have lunch! They served the food and drinks really fast. There was a nice and more quiet upstairs area that made the lunch comfortable. Definitely would advise to have lunch there if you are looking for a casual lunch.

Alex Varga
2023-05-12 22:30:21 GMT

Great experience and value to try a hip twist on some classic dishes. Bitterballen and stoemp were really tasty and hearty. Staff were very friendly although the dining layout was catered more towards groups. Presentation was fantastic and portions were good for the value. Great location in one of the best open air markets for the area.

Cyril Karpenko
2023-04-18 14:07:48 GMT

Quick service, the food at least distantly resembles a take on a local cuisine unlike everything else around. I'm quite happy about this place. But it gets quite busy during evening hours.

Marco Kruk
2023-12-03 18:04:47 GMT

This place is great. I would definitely recommend this when you are in town. The restaurant is a very simple setup but it works great. The service is friendly and helpful and the food is great. The meat balls are some of the best we ever had and the stoemp aswell. I'm not a stoep lover but my wife is. And even for me this was delicious. So yeah i would definitely recommend to reserve a table here when you are in town.

2023-10-07 09:10:09 GMT

Food was tasty! The meatballs could use some bread crumbs in the making of it, but still very good. Very happy to see mashed potatoes opposed to fries. Great music! A bit of Motown classics! Fast and friendly service. Two thumbs up!

Suzan Lam
2023-04-11 20:24:53 GMT

Really simplistic menu and food but it is very original and tasty!
I had the mushroom truffle classic ball, with 'stoemp' and it had amazing flavors! 🤩

Christiaan Hoffmann
2021-11-12 15:01:04 GMT

Right price, great location, friendly staff and seasonal choices. Honestly, everyone should go here at least once! Perfect place for getting this specific type of food!

Devi Handriyani
2023-12-23 12:54:48 GMT

Amazing balls! Had the vegetarian ball with salad, vegetarian ball with mash potato and Christmas balls

Alba Silvente Fuentes
2023-10-08 13:43:10 GMT

The balls were just amazing 👌 What a flavour 🤤

Joseph Morhardt
2023-03-09 19:40:05 GMT

Amazing service, very attentative waiter. The food was delicious. Would absolutely come back.

Anna Trombetta
2018-03-01 21:42:58 GMT

This place was great! I was incredibly skeptical since I'm not a big meat-eater, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lemongrass chicken ball with quinoa, beet and feta salad was my choice, and my friend chose classic pork with stamppot (mashed potatoes and gravy). Both were really really good, and I definitely want to revisit.
The staff were really friendly and had no issues with our indecisiveness. While waiting for my friend in the bathroom he even explained a bit about the vegan balls they're hoping to be able to offer soon, and genuinely seemed to be invested in the business.
Interior was very large and very hipster. Behind the main "bar" being used for the restaurant was a more lounge-type area that with a drinks bar and another serving type area that is clearly used when the place is more full.
Highly recommend this place. Wasn't fast-food cheap (€14.50 for one plate) but the amount of food is really decent. (It's a huge ball of meat for crying out loud)

Chris Awram
2023-10-27 18:44:18 GMT

Delicious meatballs with very friendly service that accommodated my English.

(Wasn't a big fan of their tiramisu ball dessert. Wild boar meatballs though.. spectacular!)

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