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Updated: March 09, 2024 09:05 AM

Central Park is located in Vinh (City in Vietnam), Vietnam. It's address is MM9P+4PJ, Lê Mao, Tp. Vinh, Nghệ An, Vietnam.

MM9P+4PJ, Lê Mao, Tp. Vinh, Nghệ An, Vietnam

Check Time Table for Central Park

Monday7 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 10 PM
Thursday7 AM to 10 PM
Friday7 AM to 10 PM
Saturday7 AM to 10 PM
Sunday7 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Central Park?

Central Park is located at: MM9P+4PJ, Lê Mao, Tp. Vinh, Nghệ An, Vietnam.

What are the coordinates of Central Park?

Coordinates: 18.6678494, 105.6867505

Central Park Reviews

Bùi Đức Cường
2023-12-22 02:17:46 GMT

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A zoo director said that if he can starr in this creature, he was paid because everybody went to the zoo to see it.
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Thủy Hồ
2023-10-06 03:00:38 GMT

Gym Yoga Aerobic vudanh

Vinh Nguyen Thanh
2023-11-04 02:34:43 GMT

Beautiful Place for your relaxing time with your friends and your family.

Nguyễn Hữu Thọ
2023-12-31 13:31:22 GMT


Khang Ngo
2020-01-29 07:30:02 GMT

I came here on a rainy day at 7AM. Nobody is there. I think it's more crowded at night. Looks like an ideal place for romance experience 😉 I honestly don't see anything special in this place besides the lake. It's still good for a 10-15 walk, but I won't come back unless it has some new attraction.

Richard Doss
2023-12-25 06:17:53 GMT

Interesting things to see and do.

Pham Son
2019-12-05 02:31:36 GMT

The largest park in Vinh city, filled with green trees around quite a big lake. Great for family picnics or simply morning exercise.

Dương Đức Chung
2021-01-28 06:41:40 GMT

Very good for work out

Tuong Anh Nguyen
2023-01-14 02:43:23 GMT

Legendary of a protection in my country 🇻🇳

Vũ Phong Túc
2022-10-08 11:48:29 GMT

Excellent Central Park at Vinh City

Calvin P. Tran
2019-02-07 02:02:55 GMT


Dorian Porcesco
2019-08-30 16:11:50 GMT

Very nice place for body and soul ❤❤❤

Mạnh Hải Trần
2023-06-15 18:05:47 GMT


Yogawithnarender Arya
2019-08-21 03:33:05 GMT

It’s nice place for outing.

Lê Văn Dũng
2019-07-17 04:01:12 GMT


QT- Man
2023-04-22 08:51:20 GMT


Thuy Hang Tran
2019-04-10 23:28:01 GMT

Peace and beaty

Lê Vũ Minh Tú
2023-02-11 09:29:51 GMT


Do Xuan Duong
2020-11-21 14:15:58 GMT

good food

Anh Trần
2022-07-24 14:27:38 GMT


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