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Asmalı is located in Göreme (Town in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Müze caddesi , Açık Hava Müzesi Otoparkı üzeri, 50180 Göreme Belediyesi/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye.

Müze caddesi , Açık Hava Müzesi Otoparkı üzeri, 50180 Göreme Belediyesi/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye

JRRW+24 Göreme, Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye

+90 384 271 24 29

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Monday8 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 6 PM
Thursday8 AM to 6 PM
Friday8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday8 AM to 6 PM
Sunday8 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Asmalı?

Asmalı is located at: Müze caddesi , Açık Hava Müzesi Otoparkı üzeri, 50180 Göreme Belediyesi/Nevşehir Merkez/Nevşehir, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Asmalı?

You can try to calling this number: +90 384 271 24 29

What are the coordinates of Asmalı?

Coordinates: 38.640068, 34.8453702

Asmalı Reviews

MM Opel
2019-09-28 12:02:58 GMT

These stunning photos were captured from Goreme Open Air Museum. This museum isn’t far from the city center of Goreme. It has a entry fee. Some of oldest churches can be found here inside the cave. This place is both historic and world heritage site. It takes around 1 and 1/2 hours to tour this open air museum.

T Tangkoskul
2019-06-17 12:28:41 GMT

Spare at least 2-3 hrs to explore this place. Pictures speak better than words for this place.

Tip: Photograph is not allow inside the cave. Do pay extra to visit the main cave. The fresco paintings there are in supurb condition.

Bruno Ribeiro
2019-09-09 17:09:45 GMT

Goreme Open Air museum is one of the top "to dos" while visiting Goreme. It consists of several churches and houses dug on stone. It is incredible how some of the paintings are still well preserved after centuries.
The entrance costs 54 TL and allows you to see all the open houses and churches with the exception of the "Dark Church" for which you'll have to pay extra 18 TL.
Outside the museum are several other caves than can be explored.

Fikret Alp Işık
2019-05-07 12:08:05 GMT

This review is both in english and turkish.
Turkce degerlendirmem asagidadir.

English: Wow.. This was beyond my expectations. Beautiful rock formations and small churches, living places carved into those.
Some of the churches still has beautiful frescos intact and some of them is lost due to some vandalisms and aging. Taking photos of the churches even without flash is forbidden except a very few of them. This is not a must see place this is the See or Dont even come to cappadocia place in my opinion :D
It closes at 19:00 and the tickets are available til 18:00 pm.
The pricing differs but usually the admission fee is 45 turkish lira but you can purchase a full day museum pass for around 70 lira and visit all the museums in the area.

Gercekten kapadokyanin gidilip gorulmesi gereken harika bir yeri peri bacalaranin icine oyulmus kiliseler ve yasam yerlerinden olusan doga harikasi ve sanat harikasi diyebilecegim bir yer verdiginiz parayi hakediyor gezmeniz yaklasik 45 dakikanizi alir durup resim cekinirseniz 1 bucuk saati bulur :). Gercekten mutlaka ugrayin
Bilet gisesi aksam 6 da kapaniyor giris ise 7 de bitiyor. Fiyatlar 45 lira ancak muze kart alirsaniz ogrenci 30 tam da 70 lira ve kapadokyada ve tum turkiyede bir sene boyunca tum muzeler ucretsiz (kultur bakanligi dahilinde)

Daniel Black
2018-04-19 19:32:56 GMT

Fascinating! The views there are truly beautiful. There are those holes that people lived in the 20th century, and they are fascinating. There are churches (albeit with the faces of the paintings scratched out by the Muslims), houses, even a mosque. It is a truly fascinating place to be.

Muntasir Mamun
2019-08-18 15:58:57 GMT

Went there for a very quick walk. Little far from the places I have stayed. I walked. 20 mins. Beautiful winding road and street shops are enjoying.

Apx 20 mins walk and then the main gate. The ticket was 54 Turkish lira and without the audio.

This place reminded me Canadian Bad land or Egypt's valley of king or valley of the queen.

A must go place but with ample of time

Vipin Vasudev S Pai
2019-08-19 08:07:56 GMT

A Beautiful Open Air Museum. Photographic Spot as well. Need to walk and climb a lot to explore this place. This is a must visit place if you are visiting Cappadocia in Turkey. Nice place to spend some time. Take a Guided Tour/ Guide to understand more about this place.

Anindita Sardar
2019-04-11 03:24:57 GMT

This place open Museum in Göreme is amazing . It gives you a feel that you’re in a different world in the same planet. It take us back to a totally different era. It’s spectacular to witness the natural formation of hills and how Christian monks used to stay centuries back.

Argun Konuk
2019-05-19 10:48:45 GMT

We expected this to be a vast open air museum however it is not that big. But the churches, chapels and other historical sites of this valley blew our minds! Such well preserved frescos, paintings, rock structures and ruins! You might think this place is a classic tourist attraction, however it is a must-see! There is also a small cave cafe where you can have a quick rest and try out traditional Turkish coffee.

Faiezah Shahid
2019-08-20 20:55:30 GMT

Don't forget to take audio guide. Goreme open air museum is on a big area n there are mus tracks so.make sure you wear comfortable closed shoes and take an umbrella as it can be either sunny or rainy. It has many small churches with great historical significance so don't miss any.

AbuFaris Al-Sirhy
2017-07-30 20:46:18 GMT

The open means fresh air, while you roaming between the ancient churches which been digged very long time ago in the mountains.
Good look to the history.
No much archeticture.
Good to see.

Margareth Yap
2018-06-07 17:41:20 GMT

This is Awesome!
Another heritage. Many caves to climb into.
Many churches inside the caves.

Really like entry to another world, that make me think and imagine how the ancient people survive and live in the stone caves.

What they are running or hidding from? and how all the caves were made?

All these caves make my trip to Turkey to see all this ancient fairytale

2018-10-14 12:09:30 GMT

All I can say is that the photos don’t lie!
Goreme Open Air museum is roughly 4 km from the hotel I’m staying. Although it is walkable, but I opted for the tour to go there. To enter, you’re required to buy the ticket or you can purchase a museum pass. Once I passed the gate, I was immediately in awed. The stone structures that I saw was out of this world. It was million years in the making, part of it from volcano eruptions to years of rain to erosion. They have a very unusual shape which then used as churches, monastery & living quarters. The area is still well preserved and the frescos inside the churches are very visible. Another part that visitors could enter is the rooms and kitchen. Several churches can also be visited. Only one, the Dark Church that requires an extra fee to enter as they want to limit the number of visitor to preserve it for future generation.
If you’re interested in visiting, be sure to wear sneakers or trekking boots. Use sunscreen. Bring plenty of water.
Most of the areas allow photography. But not in a few churches.

Evgeniia “JanetJackson” Tatarenko
2019-03-05 10:40:13 GMT

Amazing place to visit. It’s beautiful both from up and down. Strictly recommend to take horses and make a tour over horses. And to walk around is also necessary.

Riful Jannat
2018-08-11 09:00:43 GMT

Fascinating,magnificent and amazing ! a UNESCO Heritage site in Cappadocia, Turkey. Unbelievable rock cut churches with paintings on the walls and the roofs. Though some of the paintings have been ruined but you still see some of the real ones with colours that hasn't been changed in all these times. You may not need a guide as everything is very well written.

Janet Taylor
2018-10-17 18:37:07 GMT

Such an interesting day out, hotel arranged the tour and the guide was interesting and informative throughout .... there were quite a few queues to get in and out of the smaller places so make sure you have time to see it all ....

Ritam Saha
2018-11-09 11:56:56 GMT

If you love history, visit this place. It is located in Göreme and has ruins from the ancient churches and monasteries built by the Christians when they hid from the Romans in the caves. The site is registered to the World Heritage and is worth a 3 hour visit. Note that photography is prohibited inside some caves.

Mohd Isha Md Jamil
2019-02-03 06:37:15 GMT

Ruins of monasteries, churches & houses carved into soft volcanic rock starting in the 4th century.Fascinating view of landscapes. Human history and civilization to discover here. Indeed, Goreme is treasures of Turkey.

David Bayly
2019-04-22 16:05:28 GMT

Goreme Open Air Museum is justly renowned for its amazing cave churches and homes. The cave churches are marvelous beyond words: carved out of the rocky cliffsides of Goreme and complete in many cases with naves, apses, baptismals and burial rooms. Columns and arched ceilings are all carved from native rock. Many of the churches contain marvelous frescoes which have been restored but not repainted--or so the guides say. Some of the burial vaults still contain bones.

Be sure to pay the extra charge to visit the Dark Church and be sure to keep your entry ticket so that you can visit the church outside the gates and down the hill on the opposite side from the museum. We were told to make sure to visit the church outside of the museum by a guard at the Dark Church, who said it was the "number one" church in Goreme. I think he was right....

Unfortunately, the museum was awfully crowded in late May. Think about going later in the afternoon when the tour buses have left. Also, no pictures are allowed in most of the buildings. Finally, the number of people taking vanity pictures in front of the buildings is dismaying.

Oleksandra Baglai Kulaksizoglu
2019-06-08 17:44:00 GMT

Come earlier than 17.00 to buy tickets and walk enough no problem. Black Church is extra 15 lira but totally worth it. Save time to go down the road to a church with blue walls, its separate object but the same ticket.

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