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International airport in Sarıyer

Updated: April 12, 2024 11:22 AM

Istanbul Airport is located in Sarıyer (Municipality in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Tayakadın, Terminal Caddesi No:1, 34283 Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Türkiye.

Tayakadın, Terminal Caddesi No:1, 34283 Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Türkiye

7P6R+7X Arnavutköy, İstanbul, Türkiye

+90 4441442

Questions & Answers

Where is Istanbul Airport?

Istanbul Airport is located at: Tayakadın, Terminal Caddesi No:1, 34283 Arnavutköy/İstanbul, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Istanbul Airport?

You can try to calling this number: +90 4441442

What are the coordinates of Istanbul Airport?

Coordinates: 41.2607481, 28.7424281

Istanbul Airport Reviews

mohamed alfateh
2024-04-05 08:25:23 GMT

Istanbul Airport offers a seamless traveler experience with its efficient services and impressive facilities. The check-in process is swift, and the staff is courteous, ensuring a positive start to the journey. The airport's diverse dining options cater to various tastes, enhancing the overall experience. The expansive duty-free shopping area is well-curated, providing a range of quality products. Terminal cleanliness and organization contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. The connectivity and signage are commendable, making navigation easy. However, occasional congestion during peak hours could be improved. In summary, Istanbul Airport excels in service efficiency and amenities, creating a positive travel experience overall.

2024-04-07 10:08:12 GMT

To rate this airport, one of the best in the world, spacious yet all luxury goods shops and reasonable price duty free shops. The walking distance to gate also not very far. Very modern and nice airport that simply amazing..even better than Changi Singapore.

Uzair Khan
2024-04-03 18:39:16 GMT

It's basically a huge shopping mall with an airport in it 😂
Overall an amazing airport.
Free wifi for 1 hr.
There are boards and directions everywhere so you navigate easily to your terminal.
It is clean and tidy.

2024-04-09 00:20:41 GMT

Very nice and well organized airport, the Starbucks is awesome I tried a mango orange refresher and it was very very good! I also used their youth lounge which was nice for a place to relax while waiting for my flight, it does cost 15 euro to enter but you get 4 hours of wifi in the lounge but it only works inside the lounge which is something to note. I don’t think I would use it again but the airport has wonderful amenities and souvenirs. Definitely follow the signs as they are very helpful!

Ahmed Salih
2024-02-22 11:05:23 GMT

If you are coming from anywhere in the world or going to anywhere in the world, you will wish to leave your destination and sit in Istanbul Airport, the only place you come to five hours before your flight. It is not a flaw in the airport, but only for its beauty. From the moment you enter until you board the plane, you will be in a state of awe at the beauty, elegance, and grandeur of the airport. You will not feel tired even if you wander around for twenty continuous hours, and during this time, you will not reach all the places in the airport due to its size.

Places for worship.
Bank branches.

I will give it fifty stars instead of five stars.

Aditi Bhati
2024-02-23 18:11:44 GMT

One of the best Airports of the World. Amazing confluence on scenic views, food, fun, and frolic.
You can find all branded shops from the World 🌎
Very huge . Loved the architecture and the management is really amazing.
Very well maintained from small things to big. From charging points in Every 5 min to the washroom to walking ailes everything is just PERFECT ❤

I shopped silver earrings at a really good affordable price. Nice quality.

Theo Vlassis
2024-01-04 20:51:49 GMT

Istanbul Airport is a traveler's haven, combining architectural brilliance with operational efficiency. The expansive layout allows for easy navigation, complemented by clear signage and well-designed facilities. The check-in process is not only quick but also facilitated by a staff that goes above and beyond to assist passengers. The array of shops and dining options caters to diverse tastes, adding a delightful touch to the overall ambiance. Connectivity is exceptional, ensuring seamless travel experiences. Istanbul Airport stands as a testament to Turkey's commitment to providing a world-class airport experience. From convenience to aesthetics, it excels in every aspect, making it my preferred choice for an stress-free and enjoyable journey. Free WiFi for 1h with your passport, you can use it once! After that 2h price is 6,5€.

Jamal S.M.
2024-03-10 06:44:04 GMT

With its amazing facilities and efficient services, Istanbul Airport provides travelers with a flawless travel experience. A pleasant beginning to the trip is ensured by the quick check-in procedure and the polite staff. The varied food alternatives at the airport suit a wide range of preferences and improve the entire experience. A variety of high-quality products are available in the well-organized, huge duty-free shopping area. A nice atmosphere is enhanced by the cleanliness and organization of the terminal. It is easy to navigate thanks to the excellent signs and connectivity. On occasion, there could be improvements made to the congestion during peak hours. In conclusion, Istanbul Airport provides excellent services and facilities, making for a great travel experience all around.

Aho Algelil
2024-02-28 16:20:28 GMT

Istanbul Airport is a marvel of modern aviation infrastructure! From the moment you enter, you're greeted with stunning architecture and a sense of grandeur. The terminals are spacious and well-designed, making it easy to navigate even during peak hours. With a plethora of shops, restaurants, and lounges, your time at Istanbul Airport is sure to be enjoyable and relaxing. Plus, the efficient transportation links to the city center ensure a seamless transition from air to land. A truly world-class airport experience!

Pritul Sanghavi
2024-03-27 09:14:27 GMT

A great experience transiting through this airport. Well lit and placed signs. It's a long walk to the gates. Lots of food options. The duty free shops are huge. Very clean. Free wifi for 1 hour. The food court was really good. Great experience. Designated open smoking areas. Lots of charging points everywhere.

Ma Ba
2024-04-08 12:07:03 GMT

Really beautyful and modern airport. Hub to all continents, mainly Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. But of course US is also served from here. The main departure hall full of duty free shops is also extremly nice.

WorkHard Academy
2023-11-12 02:17:09 GMT

This airport is absolutely incredible. The architecture is beautiful, everything is designed huge and spacious.. we were just mesmerized by it all. Very clean, tons of seating, tons of restaurants/shops (but almost everything is overpriced just like any airport). I doubt there is a better designed airport in the world at the moment. Their security process is very sophisticated and efficient.

I'm surprised to find out it opened in 2018, it looks so new like it was opened 1 month ago.. that shows how well they maintain it.

The airport was such a great introduction to such a beautiful city that Istanbul is.

Althea Hanson
2024-01-24 14:16:52 GMT

The meeting place of the world has great. The food, the staff and the beautiful airport. It's a big airport for be prepared to walk. Wear comfort shoe, and when looking for your flight information, the board goes so fast, you could stand there for days, just Google your flight information, and it will tell you the gate number.

Aseem Agrawal
2023-12-04 04:43:00 GMT

Nicely curved out of hillocks, it is very big airport for transit. The IGA lounge is must place to relax. If your connecting flight has lesser time (<90 minutes) then just at start of arrival corrider, they have short connection trasfer facility to enable you to reach quickly at boarding gate. If sufficient time then need to go down for again security beg check. Frisking in person is done at the Boarding gate and not at security check. Personal luggage is also opened and checked at the Boarding gate. To access free wifi just scan your passport on kiosk and get a printout of password. Use Passport number and password to get free WiFi for 4 Hours.

Sanka Illangakoon
2023-12-17 07:08:26 GMT

Brilliant and huge airport! This is the first time of us travelling through the IST airport and it was an amazing experience. The airport is massive and has large number of shops and restaurants within it. The duty free is a bit expensive than what we bought outside the airport so recommend buying sweets and spices before you get to the airport. All the facilities except restaurants are clean and staff are present to clean up public areas.

anilkumar kambampati
2024-04-01 04:25:48 GMT

Excellent airport with lot of collection of duty free things, if you are having international connecting flights with layover more than 12 hours you will get a free meal coupon in care point Turkish airlines.which is beside the escalator. You can use the meal coupon in any of their food court vendors.You will get good nap rooms and good.facilities in the airport. It's not free wifi zone, so you use your passport for 1 hour free wifi and mobile sim with OTP for another hour wifi.

Livio Taccani
2024-01-19 05:41:59 GMT

Huge, luxurious and well arranged. The Turkish airline gold lounge is not as vast and stylish as the old airport one but it’s still a great lounge with lockers, plenty of seats and food kiosks. Really great!

Szymon Warzybok
2023-10-28 20:46:58 GMT

The huge airport surprises with its infrastructure. The airport was very well organized, I passed through security without any problems and reached the duty-free zone. This zone is impressive with its size and the number of shops and gastronomy zones. There is plenty to do while waiting for your flight.

Tariq Saeed
2024-02-22 04:28:48 GMT

It is one of the busiest airport. It has a central area where all the shops and restaurants are located. Plethora of choices in food.
You can find paid sleep capsules that charge by the hours and free reckiner seats as well. There should be more of those recliners as the general layover is 5 hours or more.
There is a masjid and many faith rooms to offer your prayers 🙏. You can find many sofas to rest and enough spaces to find.
Although found that if you are disembarking to Canada, you have to go through additional security just before your gate to plane.

Irina Catescu
2024-02-04 17:59:14 GMT

Istanbul Airport (IST) is huge, really impressive in size and the great shops - a delight for shopping fans, along with its modern amenities. The restaurants and food court are very good and its lounges are quite exceptional.
However, the one downside for such a big airport, “the meeting point of the worlds” as it’s called, is the limited WIFI time, which is not very convenient for travelers.
Nevertheless, it’s definitely one of my favorites airports!

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Sarıyer is a municipality and district of Istanbul Province, Turkey. Its area is 177 km², and its population is 350,454. It is on the northeastern part of Istanbul's European side. source

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