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Updated: March 13, 2024 05:09 PM

Vista Playa de Oro is located in Manzanillo (City in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid 15, Olas Altas, 28860 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico.

Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid 15, Olas Altas, 28860 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico

4J9M+WC Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

+52 314 333 2915

Questions & Answers

Where is Vista Playa de Oro?

Vista Playa de Oro is located at: Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid 15, Olas Altas, 28860 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico.

What is the phone number of Vista Playa de Oro?

You can try to calling this number: +52 314 333 2915

What are the coordinates of Vista Playa de Oro?

Coordinates: 19.1197504, -104.3664553

Vista Playa de Oro Reviews

Jessica Hernandez
2024-02-27 19:22:11 GMT

Visiting with a friend! Been fun and good service has been provided by all workers! Very relaxing, safe, with fun activities and good food at all hours of the day

Strong Teacher
2017-06-19 13:05:38 GMT

We arrived just after the hurricane of 2015 (September). the hotel was closed for one night of our stay, but the rest of the week was amazing. We basically had the place to ourselves. Price is amazing, food and drink all inclusive were out of this world and the staff were brilliant, still in touch with some, and intend to return!
viva la mexico

Michael Green
2018-03-24 10:46:30 GMT

2018 Update!
This year’s stay at Vista Playa de Oro was bittersweet. We learned that the face of VPDO, longtime tireless customer satisfaction advocate Jorge Ramos was retired by the hotel early into our stay. We first met the ubiquitous Jorge 13 years ago and discovered him to be not only fun and informative but the point person for resolving any issues that arose before or during our many stays. We’ll miss him. Best wishes to Jorge and his family for a long, healthy, and fun retirement.

Jorge suggested we try a new room and we loved it! Our new favorite and the one we’ll request next year! It seems rooms are slowly being modernized as this one was. Very comfortable. Loved the new beds!

We met a few new animators – Eddie, Fanny, Elly, Cruz, and Charlie who joined veteran performers Carlos, Salvadore, LuLu, Perla, Johana, and Raul. A very talented troupe and excellent people. We much enjoy the nightly shows and the energy and fun they bring to the events and attractions throughout the day. They make the experience at VPDO a great one!

We much enjoyed the food service and the opportunity to catch up with those fine folks who serve and prepare it and take care of us in the dining room. We especially like the albondigas, pork roasted with 3 chilis, carved beef, chicken in a cream sauce, fish dishes, expertly prepared omelets, fresh veggies (especially the broccoli).

Yay! A new pool and water attraction called “The Kraken” for kids opened during our stay and the ninos loved it! We looked forward to the daily water aerobics, water polo, and water volleyball in the Big Pool!

There’s a couple things we wish VPDO would improve. Internet access; it’s always been lousy. We don’t come to the resort to use the internet but it should be fast and reliable when we need to use it. We demonstrated to front desk staff on a couple occasions it was unavailable and unusable even in the main lobby! Pool stairs. Please add stairs to the main pool for aging adults who would love to use to the pool but are uncomfortable or unable to get in and out using only the ladders. Thank you.

2017 Update!
Based on previous great experiences at Vista Playa de Oro, in March 2017 we spontaneously decided to extend our Manzanillo vacation by one more week so we could enjoy the hospitality once again.

Glad we did! Jorge Ramos was friendly as ever and made sure our Vista Playa de Oro experience was all that we hoped it would be and it was!! Thankfully Jorge found us a lower-level room near the pool. My knees are bad and do not tolerate a lot of stairs or hills.

The rooms are spacious and clean, the food is very tasty and prepared on-site from fresh ingredients, the nightly shows are great, and the pools and grounds are impeccably maintained!

Jorge and Mauricio run a top-notch operation and now that I’m FINALLY getting around to writing this, I’m thinking we should spend our final week this year at Vista Playa de Oro!

Erika Blanco
2017-03-02 16:45:59 GMT

Paradise, best staff great location fun, clean and amazing food...highly recommended!! Almost gran hotel...I'll be back soon..thanks so much to all the staff!!

Will De La Vega
2021-05-20 07:00:36 GMT

Rooms are comfy, area is open and great to keep safe distance, food is ok. Right in front of the beach.

manuel Meda
2022-03-04 04:33:37 GMT

It's good food good stuff in the pool cool but drinks are awesome

Janell Vazquez
2017-01-04 18:33:31 GMT

I loveed it because the kids can get adult drinks without achol nice view and 3pools really nice hotels .

Javier MIsael Hernandez Tejeda
2017-01-21 01:43:14 GMT

Location in front of the beach, excellent service, nice food, I recommend it !

Henry L. Mrlx
2017-11-23 23:41:57 GMT

It's amazing place you've to visit and stay!👍

J Martinez
2021-09-25 18:50:42 GMT

A very nice place to relax very sunny and warm

Ricardo Jimenez
2018-12-14 15:35:01 GMT

Exelent place to go vacation the beach is nice and very accessible

Héctor Alejandro Navarro Parra
2019-12-01 20:09:30 GMT

This hotel was incredible because is the All Inclusive

Christian Chavez
2020-12-31 01:06:17 GMT

Loved it! Water was nice and warm!

Luis Enrique Cruz
2017-04-15 04:02:58 GMT

Good service and cheap place

Rigo Herrera
2019-05-06 00:15:32 GMT

It's really good I love it

Marc Willson
2023-03-09 21:29:12 GMT

Free hotdogs!

Mario Mendoza
2021-03-12 01:15:30 GMT


Evan Rippley
2018-01-29 14:12:37 GMT

Good not great

magali cuevas
2017-07-25 03:35:23 GMT

Loved it

Manolo sanchez
2021-01-26 02:11:42 GMT


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Manzanillo is a city and seat of Manzanillo Municipality, in the Mexican state of Colima. The city, located on the Pacific Ocean, contains Mexico's busiest port, responsible for handling Pacific cargo for the Mexico City area. source

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