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Updated: March 24, 2024 06:04 PM

Hotel Fiesta Mexicana Manzanillo is located in Manzanillo (City in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is Km 8.5, Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, Playa Azul Salagua, 28218 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico.

Km 8.5, Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, Playa Azul Salagua, 28218 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico

3MWH+6R Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Questions & Answers

Where is Hotel Fiesta Mexicana Manzanillo?

Hotel Fiesta Mexicana Manzanillo is located at: Km 8.5, Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid, Playa Azul Salagua, 28218 Manzanillo, Col., Mexico.

What are the coordinates of Hotel Fiesta Mexicana Manzanillo?

Coordinates: 19.0955715, -104.3203811

Hotel Fiesta Mexicana Manzanillo Reviews

Fernando Lopez
2020-07-12 03:35:11 GMT

To my opinion, I expected less for what I paid but I was surprised for everything here.

Food, pools, rooms, service, everything.

I will come this hotel again and for sure I highly recommend it.

Dustin McCowan
2019-12-03 22:10:33 GMT

I am a huge fan of letting my fellow peers know the good, the bad, and/or the ugly of any establishment, which I can say without qualms that the Hotel Fiesta Mexicana is an exemplary place of business. Great job y’all, keep up the great work!!!

Rosie Galvez
2018-07-19 22:44:19 GMT

I just loved how the animation and sports team we're! They are really nice in general 🤗💝 They made everything super fun !😌💞

Manuel Alex ortega
2018-04-18 04:36:00 GMT

First class rooms, everything it's placed looking forward to give you a sense of comfort. This is a nice place for relax

Silky Srivastava
2020-01-14 00:36:09 GMT

Grt place with grt view.. the pool side is awesome

David Guerrero
2017-02-21 01:37:03 GMT

Allá the service is so good, I was good moments there

Emmanuel Trini Perez
2017-04-18 02:36:38 GMT

In my expirience the hotel its good ...

Kevin Manuel Anguiano
2018-01-22 06:33:21 GMT

It's a beautiful place....

Alejandro corona RFyC
2018-06-20 22:34:43 GMT

Buena :v

Dolphing Queen
2019-07-03 01:16:30 GMT

It wonderful and nice

karen lomeli
2022-01-07 20:43:31 GMT


Amador Sanchez
2020-03-17 18:02:53 GMT


Javier Aguilar
2018-04-29 00:09:15 GMT


Paulina Magaña
2018-01-26 04:34:40 GMT


Maricela Vargas González
2021-04-22 13:29:25 GMT

Super geneal

jesus alfredo villaseñor magaña
2018-08-26 23:10:49 GMT


luis g
2018-02-19 17:34:33 GMT


Jose Barrientos (EL MANIAKO)
2018-08-28 03:18:41 GMT

The Best Place

2013-12-27 22:10:33 GMT


Armando Zepeda
2024-02-04 21:49:53 GMT

Excelente como cada vez que visito este hotel. No me cansaré de aplaudir el impresionante trabajo que hace el equipo de animación, simplemente espectacular, sin duda alguna es la estrella del hotel. La amabilidad del staff hacen que se sienta nostalgia al dejar este bello lugar.

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Manzanillo is a city and seat of Manzanillo Municipality, in the Mexican state of Colima. The city, located on the Pacific Ocean, contains Mexico's busiest port, responsible for handling Pacific cargo for the Mexico City area. source

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