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Convention center in Puebla

Updated: March 12, 2024 02:11 PM

Exhibitor Center Puebla is located in Puebla (Municipality in Mexico), Mexico. It's address is Zona de los Fuertes, Cívica 5 de Mayo, 72260 Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Pue., Mexico.

Zona de los Fuertes, Cívica 5 de Mayo, 72260 Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Pue., Mexico

3R49+VX Puebla, Mexico

+52 222 122 1100

Check Time Table for Exhibitor Center Puebla

Monday9 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 6 PM
Thursday9 AM to 6 PM
Friday9 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Exhibitor Center Puebla?

Exhibitor Center Puebla is located at: Zona de los Fuertes, Cívica 5 de Mayo, 72260 Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Pue., Mexico.

What is the phone number of Exhibitor Center Puebla?

You can try to calling this number: +52 222 122 1100

What are the coordinates of Exhibitor Center Puebla?

Coordinates: 19.0572362, -98.1801061

Exhibitor Center Puebla Reviews

Mike Cox
2022-04-26 19:38:19 GMT

This is where the feria de puebla will be in 2 days, many vendors , honey, mezcal, tequila, arts and crafts, coffe , vanilla, diferent types of food.

Izai Ramirez
2022-12-12 22:41:55 GMT

Very dope spot, very exciting for family and friends

Georgel Popa
2019-08-19 01:28:13 GMT

Nice and realy big place.

Aukey Castle
2018-08-08 04:30:48 GMT

This place is so beautiful! We walked around here and felt like we were in a futuristic world! This place is well designed and constructed. There are many activities here including going over the city in a little vehicle, learning about space, and other art attractions. Can’t wait to go back!

Hector Santiago
2023-05-13 04:30:50 GMT

Great Fair alot to drink and eat also alot to see awesome people very secure

Chad Ernspiker
2021-07-30 00:56:01 GMT

Very beautiful center. Closed due to Covid

Melissa Sue Ferrin
2021-11-23 12:16:49 GMT

A good place for large events

Janick Gagnon
2019-08-12 14:41:14 GMT

Great Expo Army until August 31st

Juan Guillermo Tolosa
2019-10-18 17:14:33 GMT

Good venue for big events

Ellechim Ltacnetocix
2018-09-03 11:23:38 GMT

A good place to assist a meeting

Marco A. Márquez B.
2022-01-13 18:20:40 GMT

Perfect for getting vaccinated

Camilo Domínguez Ramos
2022-07-23 03:38:59 GMT


Francisco texcahua
2022-07-04 10:18:13 GMT


Luis Enrique Cortés Benítez
2018-08-31 02:54:38 GMT

Excellent installations

Victor Alfonso Rivera Hndz
2021-08-06 12:39:47 GMT


Gorkina M
2018-10-05 11:22:20 GMT


Omar Flores
2021-11-21 22:12:43 GMT


Carlos Jara
2021-12-17 04:37:13 GMT


Eduardito Labastidita
2021-07-12 01:54:39 GMT


Juliana Alvarez
2020-01-05 00:45:20 GMT


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