Mega Silk Way

Shopping mall in Astana

Updated: March 16, 2024 12:13 AM

Mega Silk Way is located in Astana (Capital of Kazakhstan), Kazakhstan. It's address is 010000, Qabanbay Batyr Ave 62, Astana 010000, Kazakhstan.

010000, Qabanbay Batyr Ave 62, Astana 010000, Kazakhstan

3CQ4+MV Astana, Kazakhstan

+7 705 956 7010

Check Time Table for Mega Silk Way

Monday10 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday10 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday10 AM to 12 AM
Thursday10 AM to 12 AM
Friday10 AM to 12 AM
Saturday10 AM to 12 AM
Sunday10 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Mega Silk Way?

Mega Silk Way is located at: 010000, Qabanbay Batyr Ave 62, Astana 010000, Kazakhstan.

What is the phone number of Mega Silk Way?

You can try to calling this number: +7 705 956 7010

What are the coordinates of Mega Silk Way?

Coordinates: 51.0891784, 71.407207

Mega Silk Way Reviews

Jeffrey Casino
2023-12-15 23:53:08 GMT

Good big mall! They got good shops,supermarket and restaurants to choose from! Plus they have bench to sit if you want to charge your phone. Can’t remember the exit, but this is just opposite from the Astana Expo where you can visit NUR ALEM Future Energy Museum! Good area to walk around as it looks massive.

Jibran Abdul Malik
2023-11-16 19:51:12 GMT

This mall has an ice rink, lots of shops, a hypermarket and so much more. There are 6 entrances. If you need to book a taxi from the mall, you will be asked which entrance will you be willing to get picked up from! Great Feature!

Khalid Taimur akram
2022-12-23 05:34:32 GMT

Very modern mall located in Astana, Kazakhstan. All international brands are present here. The food court has alot to offer. A complete day out activity with family. The staff is very friendly and the prices are moderate. A must visit place, if u are in Astana

Hady Hamdy
2024-01-11 07:03:53 GMT

Nice place with lots of varieties. Yet, don't expect it to be Dubai mall. You can find lots of brands and varieties that can match every one's expectations.

Mohammad Jarman
2023-06-17 18:07:04 GMT

Huge mall you can find everything you need and there is big food court and many international stores

D'Axel Vargas
2022-09-13 21:54:14 GMT

It's a big mall! It does its job of being a big mall by having lots of cool things to do.

I think it is a very pretty mall too, the prices are very affordable if you look for the things on sale. It also has a lot of variety.

If you are from the US you will be happy to go to a mall where people are walking and talking and having fun, quite a difference from the dead malls of the US.

Diogo Teles
2020-02-18 15:49:28 GMT

Convenient location if you are visiting the University. The place is a great option for some good old western flavour. But for me it shines as the only place around where you can eat tipical Kazakh food, in one of the restaurants on the ground level (Rumi)

Ali Hamza
2024-01-20 18:22:21 GMT

Great and Beautiful. It's a huge Mall and so many shopping malls I saw in this .

Pavneet Sachdeva
2022-07-13 07:42:14 GMT

Best mall in this So called Capital City, if you want to show up just to go to the small don't go to other malls and waste your time, also their food court has better variety of food than other malls so you will not be disappointed

Sveta N-Kim
2023-08-10 11:22:05 GMT

Great food court with basics, downstairs there are several cafes with delicious pastries and several nice sit-down restaurants, including Korean, Japanese and plov places. Lots of typical mall stores, including Western and European brands, and a nice art supplies / hobbies store on the second leve, among many other storesl. This mall is well designed, and feels very spacious, modern and airy.

Igor Polishchuk
2023-08-05 09:05:49 GMT

That's a gigantic mall. Everything looks new and clean. You would find all kinds of shops her as in any good European or American mall. The food choices in the food court are decent too. We liked Izbushka. The food choice is close to an old Soviet stile stolovaya, but a good one.

Hashim Ali
2023-06-23 16:37:46 GMT

Among many other malls, MegaSilkWay is suspicious of many international and local brands. The food court is full of choices for all people of ages. Kids' play area. Cinema too! Although I couldn't experience it yet, due to lack/no English titles. Excellent place to spend time and relaxation for a while.

Muzaffar Khusnidinov
2018-02-22 22:01:08 GMT

One of the largest and the newest malls in the city. There was a large stage for the events and concerts.

Valdis Keiss
2023-10-23 13:09:46 GMT

The best supermarket in Astana!

2023-07-18 06:16:10 GMT

This is really a must visit if you are in Astana . I liked everything about this mall . It's two floors only but a flat big one .. the Restaurants at the first floor are very good, the food court is like any other mall. If you're looking for Superdry store then go to Silkway mall ..
You'll never feel board there..

Ernie Goh
2023-08-23 09:10:51 GMT

Probably the biggest mall in Astana, there’s plenty to see and shop. There’s a supermarket and a huge food court. Many restaurants abound and there’s also an ice skating area iirc. Plenty of global brands here and lots of parking available outside.

Alexander Paykin
2023-09-16 04:57:59 GMT

Huge and gorgeous mall full of luxury stores and all sorts of products, with beautiful views and a very modern air to it...

CM Blumenröder
2023-04-04 13:47:07 GMT

Huge modern shopping center with many stores, restaurants, cafes and bistros. You may find here, whatever you want, I think. Entrance and ways to the stires are barriere free, front doors have automatic door opener. Prices differ from shop to shop, but there is also supermarkets with cheaper prices and special offers. And last but not least, also children will enjoy staying here, as there are many attractions for children

Ree Zee
2017-12-21 19:50:15 GMT

# Awesome ... loved it ... a must see for every person visiting Astana

Askar Ashimkhan
2023-12-13 08:37:48 GMT

Great mall to spend time with getting relaxed

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