Asia Park Mall

Shopping mall in Astana

Updated: March 09, 2024 09:35 AM

Asia Park Mall is located in Astana (Capital of Kazakhstan), Kazakhstan. It's address is Qabanbay Batyr Ave 21, Astana 020000, Kazakhstan.

Qabanbay Batyr Ave 21, Astana 020000, Kazakhstan

4CH6+CJ Astana, Kazakhstan

+7 7172 97 87 67

Check Time Table for Asia Park Mall

Monday10 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 10 PM
Thursday10 AM to 10 PM
Friday10 AM to 10 PM
Saturday10 AM to 10 PM
Sunday10 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Asia Park Mall?

Asia Park Mall is located at: Qabanbay Batyr Ave 21, Astana 020000, Kazakhstan.

What is the phone number of Asia Park Mall?

You can try to calling this number: +7 7172 97 87 67

What are the coordinates of Asia Park Mall?

Coordinates: 51.1285707, 71.4116103

Asia Park Mall Reviews

Teh FlyZ
2023-09-17 10:28:59 GMT

Great location, inside the mall has everything you need

anatolie cosneanu
2023-01-25 11:04:36 GMT

Nice sweet mall in the heart of the city.
It has good retail shops and good restaurants
Would love to go again

Einstein Pillai
2022-02-21 04:41:36 GMT

Great place to look for almost everything for the complete household items, like kitchen ware, groceries, clothes ( including winter clothes & accessories), shoes, { various ranges of prices for clothes and shoes}, barber shop, handphone accessories shops, telecommunications companies, restaurants / food kiosks and etc. You also can find the atm teller machine to refill your Octobus Card in this mall.
The mall is extremely well maintenance, clean and great place to visit for anyone new to the capital city.
You can find range of clothes shop for children on the higher floor.
Wonderful and amazing place to visit anytime of the year.

Einstein Pillai Sankaran
2021-11-18 06:29:05 GMT

Suitable places for the family to get all the necessary household items, appliance, winter clothes, groceries,toiletries kitchen ware, and etc
I would recommend any new comers to the city or any foreigner new to Astana Nur-Sultan, to go and get all the stuff here.
You also can get telecommunications , phone company and internet packages here.
If you have small children, you can get all the winter clothing for them from various shops at reasonable price and variety of choices.
You also can have family meal in the mall.
Local delicousy and foreign fast food are available on the top floor .
Have a wonderful trip.

Moumita Saha
2023-10-05 01:42:41 GMT

Vast options for foodies and shoppers

Tohid Alizadeh
2016-07-13 07:41:14 GMT

Asia park is a good supermarket, however sometimes the quality of the fruit is not good. But the special positive remark is that it is open 24 hours a day!

Ahmed Rashad
2023-10-14 14:40:19 GMT

Very nice

M Jane
2020-02-10 17:34:24 GMT

Love this mall. So many cool things. Easy to get a taxi to anywhere in Karakhstan from here too.

Kitten From picture
2022-10-08 12:22:03 GMT

Interesting place mostly to shop at, not for chilling or something like that.

Artay Ibrahim
2023-09-13 02:29:35 GMT

Very good

2022-09-17 13:37:53 GMT

Very interesting options for clothes, shoes, fast-food and supermarket!

Jermaine Dan Udjoh
2021-06-14 12:57:27 GMT

Nice place to shop particularly childrens clothing and the food court is okay.

yuliya Michshenko
2019-02-19 06:37:27 GMT

I loved it there, there is a small mall and a nice food court upstairs. Lots of entertainment for kids

Ghanchi Riya
2023-01-24 13:44:13 GMT

Nice place... All the necessary are there

Aigolek Yoga
2020-10-27 05:43:19 GMT

Love this supermarket, always full of different products, fresh and healthy 👌

Manas Toktombaev
2019-11-12 17:57:47 GMT

It has a nice SMALL market inside with a good choice of wine!

Руслан Андреев
2018-03-16 07:40:32 GMT

Very beautiful!

md imaduddin
2019-03-05 18:11:31 GMT

Very nice mall, for dresses, general household things, mobile and laptops etc

balgynbek kabylmurat
2023-11-21 13:02:31 GMT


Updesh Shekhawat
2023-01-27 01:45:33 GMT

Reasonable, excellent experience, spacious

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