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Updated: March 12, 2024 11:07 AM

Almaty Zoo is located in Almaty (City in Kazakhstan), Kazakhstan. It's address is Ormanov St 66, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Ormanov St 66, Almaty, Kazakhstan

7X7G+9H Almaty, Kazakhstan

+7 7272 91 37 19

Check Time Table for Almaty Zoo

Monday9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday9 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9 AM to 8 PM
Sunday9 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Almaty Zoo?

Almaty Zoo is located at: Ormanov St 66, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

What is the phone number of Almaty Zoo?

You can try to calling this number: +7 7272 91 37 19

What are the coordinates of Almaty Zoo?

Coordinates: 43.2633868, 76.9763756

Almaty Zoo Reviews

Shifa Mohammed P
2024-02-26 17:53:57 GMT

Great place to spend time with kids. Free entry for children under 6 years.

We went during winter and many cages were empty as they were transferred to winter pavillion.

Aswini A
2024-02-24 12:20:35 GMT

Almaty Zoo is a fun place to visit with many animals like tigers, bears, and monkeys. It's a nice spot for families to spend time together and learn about different creatures. The zoo offers a pleasant environment to enjoy nature and observe various animals up close.

santosh kumar
2022-09-30 14:24:34 GMT

Nicely maintained. Get to see most of the animals here. Weekdays very less crowd and selective outlets are open. Very close to the adjacent amusement park.

Rakesh Yadav
2024-02-12 14:01:21 GMT

Foreigners must visit the zoo to experience the exotic animals of Central Asia

Stardom 81
2024-01-31 08:01:21 GMT

We had the best time. We went in the winter. It was magical to see the animals in snowy conditions. Highly recommended!

Kurmanbek Zhaanbaev
2019-05-05 16:56:15 GMT

Almaty's Zoo is worth to visit by every tourist and guest. The territory is enormous and try to spend a day there. A huge number of animals can't be seen in several hours, we have been there just 3 hours and could see only 1/4 of zoo, what was so pity. There are a lot of zoo's advantages: first, it is comfortable for animals to live in the zoo and for visitors to walk. Second, the public bathroom is available in many places. Third, there are good conditions for disabled people and children. Fourth, the main point of zoo is called Samal. It is a wooden place with table, chairs, cold and hot water, and these all are FREE for all to see.

Jamil Maksudi
2018-04-13 10:19:57 GMT

Surprisingly well organised zoo with comfortable entrance and great area for walks and rest.
Animals are living in quite wide and spacious areas, which is good to mention unlike many ex-Soviet capitals zoos.

Various cafes and kiosks are good to buy things and drinks when it's hot.

However not all toilets are working within the zoo.

Also, I would propose to put bands with names and parent's phone number on each entering kid because many children get lost and you hear them crying for Mom.

İn general, absolutely must-visit place when you're in Almaty with family and kids.

Gulnur Tolembay
2018-05-18 05:32:43 GMT

Very good place to take your kids and family on holidays. Here you can see mostly all kinds of animals, birds, insects. Tickets cost not so expensive. But if you to save your money, you can buy e ticket on web site.

Mari Talanova
2022-08-31 10:54:58 GMT

I was surprised that Almaty zoo had been changed a lot. The situation is getting really better than it was several years ago. All the animals look well-cared. There are a lot of new construction at the territory.

Ilyaz Beck
2019-05-03 16:49:27 GMT

Entrance about $3 per person and absolute worth it, inside free washrooms and chairs for sitting. Almost all kind of animals from all continents are there. Best place to spend a time with family, friends.

Tim Adept
2018-06-29 10:35:36 GMT

Beatiful place, order and clear around. Many trees - old, majestic and noble. Absolutely green place. Perfect zone for family rest! Big amount of animal, and all in perfect status and conditions. Price 700 tg for adults, for old people and babies till 7 for free.

Akbar Ali
2024-02-14 03:29:08 GMT

Kids loved it, Visited on February 6 2023

Daniel Ball
2019-11-03 17:38:14 GMT

Great zoo. Lots of animals to see. So many beautiful birds. But dont feed shashlik to the lions.

Ahmed Abdallah
2023-06-29 03:47:30 GMT

Good place, and big and having alot of animals

2023-07-17 15:19:54 GMT

Amazing zoo everything is nice but the place was super crowded and alot of animals were not there. It looks just like any zoo but I would definitely recommend.

Anelia A
2022-10-17 13:01:28 GMT

Amazing. I love it. Such a great a variety of animals and entertainment for kids.

Mr W
2023-11-17 06:54:50 GMT

This is a perfect place to spend time with your family. It is very cheap costed only 800

ErihoN G. O. G.
2020-10-20 05:50:04 GMT

Looks much better than before, excellent place for family trip.

alexey dmitriyenko
2023-08-11 08:19:00 GMT

Best place to go with your kids

Aigul Karimova
2023-04-26 07:49:29 GMT

We enjoyed seeing that animals are well- cared and well fed. Such zoos are great for kids to learn about different species of animals.

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