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Japanese curry restaurant in Kamakura

Updated: March 14, 2024 07:17 PM

Sangosho Moana Makai is located in Kamakura (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 1 Chome-3-22 Shichirigahama, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0026, Japan.

1 Chome-3-22 Shichirigahama, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0026, Japan

8G45+7H Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

+81 467-31-5040

Check Time Table for Sangosho Moana Makai

Monday10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Friday10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Saturday10:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Sunday10:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Sangosho Moana Makai?

Sangosho Moana Makai is located at: 1 Chome-3-22 Shichirigahama, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0026, Japan.

What is the phone number of Sangosho Moana Makai?

You can try to calling this number: +81 467-31-5040

What are the coordinates of Sangosho Moana Makai?

Coordinates: 35.3057084, 139.5089711

Sangosho Moana Makai Reviews

Dylan Loureiro
2023-06-25 10:47:08 GMT

By far my favorite restaurant to eat at when visiting Kamakura. The people are extremely nice and provide excellent service. The food and atmosphere compliment each other very well with the ocean as the backdrop. Perfect place to take a date or just get out for dinner with the family. I highly recommend the Curry Rice with eggplant and ground beef. You can't go wrong with any of their Curry options!

Bill Feng
2019-09-24 05:59:02 GMT

Curry restaurant by the sea side with a Hawaiian vibe. Tasty food with a nice view. The portions are quite large. Two of us ordered a salad, fries, and a curry each and we were absolutely stuffed with fries left over that we couldn't finish. The seafood salad was delicious though, as well as the curry. I recommend only getting appetizers if you are in a group of 4+ people.

2023-11-22 05:39:55 GMT

Amazing curry restaurant with stunning view on the pacific ocean!!! Must go ! Japanese California 🤘

Mitch D
2018-01-15 00:15:35 GMT

This is probably my most favorite Japanese curry! The large shrimp curry (O-ebi) is awesome! Fresh seafood salad and garlic potatoes are fantastic!! One of the most popular restaurants on Beach road (R134). Easy to get there by car (parking) or train. But always crowded.. Highly Recommend!!

2023-08-08 10:43:29 GMT

One of the best Japanese curries I’ve ever had. Especially when you’ve been in Japan’s summer humidity all day long and finally seated inside the cool dining room overlooking the beach. We got there right before they opened and waited downstairs in the parking garage until we were led inside. Thankfully we were seated right by the window and it was incredible to enjoy my chicken kaarage curry watching traffic pass alongside the ocean. It’s a huge bowl so if you’re hungry, you’ll be stuffed. But if you’re just coming in for the ambiance and the view, recommend splitting the bowls and having a small app. This totally gave me Hawaii vibes as I needed to nap in my car before heading home, but honestly one of the best tasting curries I’ve ever had!

Vicki Chang
2022-11-08 08:52:31 GMT

Next to the beach, nice curry! I love the spicy curry, this is totally out of my expectation, worth to try!

Da Ottesen
2019-11-15 04:53:56 GMT

We had Japanese curry dish which they have vegetarian options available! I had mushroom curry and my husband had pork curry. We were very happy with the food it was very delicious and luscious curry. It was a sunny day so we sat outside and enjoy the views. Recommended!

Brian Reilly
2023-05-05 05:23:27 GMT

Get here early. There are always lines for this place.

Great curry. Made even better by putting cheese on it.
I know, I know. Cheese on a curry! WTH!
Who thought of using cheese on a curry? No idea, but somehow it works and is real tasty.

Go here, get the curry. Thank me later.

Top marks for the salad dressing too.

Marius Bjerggaard Nielsen
2015-12-19 15:14:44 GMT

We had beef salad, curry with prawns and anchovy fries. Everything was soo good! Especially the beef salad is a must try, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the curries but the egg plant one should also be very good!

Prices are decent and the atmosphere is great, very cozy while still maintaining the professionalism and their outfits are cool as well.

If you are in the neighborhood you should definitely check this place out!

Also outdoor seating with ocean view of the weather is good.

Jake Evinger
2018-08-08 09:51:39 GMT

I've been coming to this restaurant (and the original location up the hill) once a year for 17 years and finally decided to write a review. I've had the good fortune to dine in many of the great cities of the world and the chicken katsu curry, seafood salad, and garlic potatoes is the best meal I've ever had. Consistently. I look forward to it and prioritize my visit every year. I typically try to get there 30-45 minutes before it opens for first seating and don't mind the wait (I've never been the first in line).

Drinks are average, service is good, atmosphere is great, and food is outstanding. Kid friendly. I've tried several types of curry and all have been excellent but the chicken katsu curry is, in my opinion, without equal. I sincerely refer this restaurant to acquaintances as the "best in the world" (again, in my opinion). So try it if you're near the area. Be prepared to wait if you're not there right at opening. I genuinely hope this review contributes to the restaurant's success so that I may continue to enjoy their food, year after year, for the rest of my days.

Jack Porter
2015-11-18 11:38:26 GMT

My favourite curry in all of Japan. Nothing better than sitting and looking over the sea with a huge bowl of the best Katsu you will ever have (beef highly recommended).

It can get quite busy so avoiding peak hours is probably advised. You can also buy packs of curry sauce to take home for friends.

Mattias Mengoni
2016-05-02 04:45:49 GMT

Best curry I've had so far in Japan. Especially the beef tongue, but I've tried several others (they have varieties you don't easily find around) and they're all good. Add the fact that you're eating with a view on the sea, and you've got an awesome place to bring your date or family to.

Jong Choi
2017-07-22 06:11:16 GMT

wonderful place in town. Eggplant curry was good too. Reasonably big portion:)

H. J. I.
2020-09-13 11:53:19 GMT

Moody curry restaurant in Kamakura.
We always have dinner when we come to Kamakura.
Very delicious seafood curry you can enjoy.
Truffle French fries is also tasty.
Highly recommend if you are looking for good dinner in Kamakura area with your partner or family.

Kyota Kawabe
2018-03-05 09:49:03 GMT

I am a big fan of Sangosho.
This time we went there with a 6 month old baby.
They welcomed us in a good way.
The view from the right side of the restaurant has a excellent ocean view.
We had to wait for maybe 25 minutes but the experience there was satisfying.

Carlos Arbaiza
2022-12-11 00:24:29 GMT

The curry is the best one I tried in Japan. And the seafood salad is huge.

2019-12-13 03:10:11 GMT

Really great place!

2015-06-18 05:30:57 GMT

Good curry and it open everyday (Google shows it close at Thu)

2015-02-13 12:02:39 GMT

Great restaurant you have to try the spare ribs and the sashimi salad

Mind Journeys
2016-12-27 10:16:24 GMT

Very delicious curry cuisine, magnificent place, and generous services!

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