Washington Hotel Sasebo

Japanese-style business hotel in Sasebo

Updated: March 11, 2024 05:39 PM

Washington Hotel Sasebo is located in Sasebo (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 12-7 Shiomicho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-0834, Japan.

12-7 Shiomicho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-0834, Japan

+81 956-32-8011

Questions & Answers

Where is Washington Hotel Sasebo?

Washington Hotel Sasebo is located at: 12-7 Shiomicho, Sasebo, Nagasaki 857-0834, Japan.

What is the phone number of Washington Hotel Sasebo?

You can try to calling this number: +81 956-32-8011

What are the coordinates of Washington Hotel Sasebo?

Coordinates: 33.1634622, 129.7285983

Washington Hotel Sasebo Reviews

Lori Maria Pampinella
2022-07-15 03:51:10 GMT

This is a good Choice for hotel in Sasebo, the rooms are small. The shower is 10/10. Bidets in each suite. They offer fantastic shower soap. They did have someone who spoke English in the lobby.

Pyro azmodaeus
2020-11-15 00:29:08 GMT

Good location, it's really close to the train station, but 10-15min walk to the Ginza. Komeda Cafe is close too just the other way. They have a breakfast restaurant, but I have yet to go. So parking for the hotel is past the hotel, located in a high rise or small parking space beside it. So far the staff has been very welcoming, I assume the rest of my time here will be enjoyable. Oh and free Wi-Fi.

Duane Joyce
2023-03-02 23:55:13 GMT

Very quiet hotel. Walking distance to the downtown shopping area. Still new here so learning the area

Scott Wood
2021-11-06 22:29:59 GMT

Very, very clean. Excellent staff. A minor issue is I would like to see better descriptions regarding room sizes. This appears to be the base room size.

2022-07-10 04:59:10 GMT

Nice. Small quiet rooms. Price is good! Even though outdated it is kept up to standards for cleanliness!

Timothy Lok
2017-04-06 06:04:31 GMT

Very convenient coming from the bus station in Sasebo. Price was right, staff was super accommodating despite my language barrier. Very satisfied with thier service!

Andrew “BaDSeeD” Loaiza
2020-02-12 06:07:32 GMT

Good room. Next to the bus station and train station. Good food isn't far either.

Gabriel Trujillo (Gabe)
2019-03-21 23:49:56 GMT

Small rooms but very comfortable! Will stay again.

Jessie Campbell
2021-07-08 09:14:02 GMT

Decent location with good staff and right price for a stay in Sasebo

2018-06-12 03:43:55 GMT

Nice hotel, close to everything, I had a comfortable stay here.

Richard Fernandes
2019-08-06 00:36:51 GMT

This is a superb hotel and no complaints. Affordable price.

Mask Mc
2017-01-04 02:29:27 GMT

Near train station.
Good location.
Good price.
Good hotel.

2020-01-05 11:39:10 GMT

Cheap and accommodating, recommend breakfast

Steph Brown
2018-02-28 11:50:32 GMT

Nice and clean. Great staff.

Raymond Steele
2019-01-24 15:46:55 GMT

Very good place for the price!

Joseph Conroy
2016-12-05 17:48:14 GMT

great littthe hotel

Byarugaba Ivan Brian
2018-07-22 04:05:35 GMT

Well conditioned rooms

Suhtet Aung
2021-01-01 01:34:14 GMT

Good hotel.

Katsutoshi Tsuji
2024-03-04 17:28:33 GMT


matsuse project1
2023-12-20 02:14:36 GMT


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Sasebo is a core city located in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. It is the second-largest city in Nagasaki Prefecture, after its capital, Nagasaki. source

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