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Updated: March 14, 2024 08:40 PM

Jerash Visitor Center is located in Jerash (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is 7VGR+9HJ, Jerash, Jordan.

7VGR+9HJ, Jerash, Jordan

Check Time Table for Jerash Visitor Center

Monday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Thursday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Friday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Saturday9:30 AM to 5 PM
Sunday9:30 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Jerash Visitor Center?

Jerash Visitor Center is located at: 7VGR+9HJ, Jerash, Jordan.

What are the coordinates of Jerash Visitor Center?

Coordinates: 32.2759689, 35.8913949

Jerash Visitor Center Reviews

Mohammad Eusuf Daud
2024-01-09 19:47:04 GMT

Perhaps the best preserved Roman city outside Europe. The place is well maintained, part of the 'jordan pass'. There is a Zeus temple, Roman artifacts and also the Muslim signs. It's quite big. Infact it feels like walking into the history. There are two amphitheater or 'collosium' , both are nicely preserved. Don't forget to help the local economy. Highly recommended.

Josiah Wadsack
2023-11-12 11:47:42 GMT

Good visitor center / museum. Much better descriptions than the main museum inside the site. There's 4 good Roman-era statues here which were recently found in the eastern baths.

Kristýna Malá
2023-10-09 06:05:10 GMT

Jerash Archaeological site is a total blast! Stepping in feels like time-traveling – you're hit with ancient vibes and incredible history. The ruins, especially Hadrian's Arch and the fabulous amphitheaters, are mind-blowing. It's like exploring a real-life adventure! If you're into history, Jerash is a total game-changer – an epic journey into the past! 🏛Don't forget your scarf or hat and make sure to carry plenty of water while exploring Jerash Archaeological site. Keeping cool and hydrated will ensure you have the best time soaking in all that fascinating history under the sun! ☀🧢💧Also this area is accessible with Jordan Pass.

Stathis Neocleous (djstathis)
2023-10-30 07:17:21 GMT

Amazing old city. If you imagine that was built so many years ago you will blow your mind about the detail. Stunning

Vicki Dimi
2023-05-27 14:45:46 GMT

Jerash was a cool place to visit while in Amman. Only about an hour drive, if you already have the Jordan Pass, you are covered. I spent about 1.5 hours there. Walked around the ruins, some were very well preserved. It wasn’t too crowded when I went (Sunday afternoon).

2023-10-21 16:02:32 GMT

Amazing experience and one of the well preserved Roman architecture outside Rome itself!

Andréa Carvalho
2023-06-11 14:09:32 GMT

wonderful tour in Amman. it cannot be forgotten. well worth a morning or afternoon around Jerash. accessible ticket. there is a restaurant available on site, and a huge amount of handicrafts. I recommend the visit.

Julie Ann
2023-06-21 20:23:43 GMT

Interesting ancient Roman city of Jerash. I’d say you need around 3 visits here to see everything as it’s so spread out, and requires a lot of effort on foot, especially in the heat. The Jordan Pass enables entry. Drinks can be bought after the market area, and WCs by the visitors centre were very clean.

Theresa Hoban
2022-12-14 05:55:25 GMT

By far one of the most awesome Roman ruins seen. The size is amazing and we were fortunate that in early December there were not many tourists.

2022-11-06 21:57:56 GMT

Being a person who is very interested in history, I will consider this place one of the most important historical places that I visited in his life, because it dates back to a very great civilization such as the Greek civilization, the Roman civilization and all the civilizations that inhabited this great edifice, it has very important temples and contains a thousand columns and this city was named on this basis The “City of a Thousand Columns” was built to combine the east and west of the city at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Its history dates back to more than 1700 years. Anyone interested in history should visit this place, and even those who do not care will see a great civilization and important details that occurred thousands of years ago. .

Shatadeep Banerjee
2023-11-05 21:11:41 GMT

This is a huge place with lots of opportunities for walking. So you can easily spend 2-3 hours here. The ruins are preserved very well. The site has a restaurant and tour guides as well. I had to take a cab from the North bus station to reach this place, since the mini buses weren't getting full.

2023-11-14 19:10:38 GMT

Wow, this place is fascinating!!

Ankur Panchbudhe
2019-09-08 09:30:14 GMT

Nice experience walking through the Jerash ruins. They are spread out across a big area and so it is advised to take it slow, at least couple of hours. There are a lot of shops around the entrance but beware of misselling and counterfeit items. For us, the highlights were Hadrian's gate, the Forum, Temple of Artemis and the Temple of Zeus.

Bojan Vasic
2023-08-20 12:40:43 GMT

Perfect historical landmark, friendly and welcoming positive friendly Jordan people. 5 stars!

Iva Belokapova
2018-12-22 10:18:58 GMT

Beautiful place. So many layers of history preserved! Allow yourself 3-4 hours to wander there and getting a guide to show the secret spots and tell you stories is recommended. Nice contrast with the living city around. Check the well preserved Greek theater on the hill.

Farida Fajardo
2023-05-07 16:24:47 GMT

Great historical site in jordan ENTRANCE FEE IS
10 JOD each person

Paweł S
2023-05-19 12:41:21 GMT

Great place, must see. Plece is big book min 1h

Krzysztof Baczyński
2019-02-17 20:57:18 GMT

A very well-preserved Roman city. A large area, plenty of objects to explore. An interesting fact is the Roman road with the originally preserved stone surface.

Ravikumar Raman
2019-03-05 16:03:25 GMT

Great place to spend time in Jordan ,

It's really vast Greek/ Roman ruins deep in history. Just prepare a very comfortable walking shoes as the place is vast. A MUST PLACE TO VISIT IN JORDAN!!!

Kevin Ludlow
2019-01-30 08:57:49 GMT

If you find yourself in Amman and want to visit a historic Roman site, Jerash is above and beyond one of the best preserved Roman sites in the whole world. It is an enormous historic site and will take several hours to view it all. It is worth every second of your time.

The entrance has a set of shops, food, fresh juices, and things of this nature. The site itself is well taken care of, well managed, and is one of the most amazing walks you can take down ancient Roman roads. I personally find it to be far more impressive than the actual Roman site in Rome itself.

They routinely put on small shows inside of the Roman theater inside of the park. Please also keep in mind that if you purchased the Jordan Pass for your visa (and generally speaking for the entrance to Petra), you can use the Pass to enter Jerash also.

I could not recommend Jerash more highly!

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Jerash is a city in northern Jordan. The city is the administrative center of the Jerash Governorate, and has a population of 50,745 as of 2015. It is located 48 kilometres north of the capital city Amman. source

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