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Updated: March 08, 2024 11:48 AM

Restaurants and Gardens Green Valley is located in Jerash (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is الجبارات, Jerash, Jordan.

الجبارات, Jerash, Jordan

7V4P+PJ Jerash, Jordan

+962 7 8644 3285

Questions & Answers

Where is Restaurants and Gardens Green Valley?

Restaurants and Gardens Green Valley is located at: الجبارات, Jerash, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Restaurants and Gardens Green Valley?

You can try to calling this number: +962 7 8644 3285

What are the coordinates of Restaurants and Gardens Green Valley?

Coordinates: 32.2568214, 35.8865676

Restaurants and Gardens Green Valley Reviews

Adi Smadi
2023-08-30 07:06:39 GMT

Great food while you come back from Ajlune to Amman. We ordered mixed barbeque. The taste is good and the service is excellent.

Ala' Bal'awi
2022-07-31 07:34:52 GMT

They say old is gold… this is so true for this restaurant… very beautiful outdoor area, great welcoming and service… prices are on the expensive side but very acceptable because the food quality and taste was exceptional!
If you are in a hurry, try the kabab sandwiches 🤤 very tasty and only for two JD Per sandwich.

The greatest part is the fresh bread
Highly recommended for families

Cecilia Cordova
2023-09-13 02:38:39 GMT

Excellent food. I liked the service, the place and the music.

Tyler Larsen
2022-12-23 14:33:40 GMT

Amazing lamb! Nice covered outdoor seating. Clean bathrooms. Mint lemonade did not disappoint. Best baba ganoush of my trip to Jordan. Pita bread is cooked in a hot rock oven. Very attentive service.

Ruwaida Al shar'e
2023-12-22 12:52:30 GMT

Exquisite experience. We ordered delicious appetisers. Fried cheese was the king of appetisers. We also ordered kufta with tahihi, by far it was the best i had in many years. We also ordered cutlets, it was very soft and tasty. Thank you so much. it was great

Hisham Khatib
2023-12-22 12:59:49 GMT

One of the best traditional grills in Jordan. We began with the appetizers, which were all amazing, with my favorite being the grilled Haloomi cheese. We then ordered cutlets and Kofta with sesame and all was absolutely delicious. The staff are very friendly and give great recommendations. We ended the day with some coffee and hareesa and they were also great.

ahmad barakat
2024-01-17 16:51:00 GMT

One of the best restaurants in Jerash (north Jordan)

The food, drinks and servers presentaion are fantastic.

The smoking and shisha allowed in the restaurant.

Kareem Khatib
2023-12-22 13:02:50 GMT

Amazing food ans sitting area. Recommended fir tourists as well. Come get this amazing experience

Yaser Kelany
2022-02-26 12:51:09 GMT

Delicious, big portions, very reasonable prices.

William Firth
2023-11-23 12:51:31 GMT

Excellent meal, very reasonably priced tourist option which came with a main meal (choice of Kofte, BBQ, Mansaf) and a great range of appetisers (houmous, tabouleh, salad) for just 12JD/pp.

Nicoleta Minculescu
2022-10-09 11:31:05 GMT

It was a good experience. Good local food, fix menu with salads and mix grill. They all came with pita.

Giovanni Pellegrino
2022-11-29 11:58:11 GMT

Good and delicious, traditional Mansaf in a really beautiful Restaurant.

2022-10-28 18:09:53 GMT

Many Tourist groups (like ours) , enjoyed the food. Try the lemon mint drink!

2023-07-31 20:50:49 GMT

Cozy atmosphere and nice place to have your lunch in JERASH ,
Reasonable prices duo to touristic restaurant .

One thing I didn’t like about is in the parking lot , there is some kind of scam if you wish say , after I finished my lunch i went back to my car and found the front windshield wipers loft up ,, and the car was almost wiped , I Didn’t ask for this !!
Even the one who *cleaned it* is looking at me in strange way to pay him for something I didn’t ask for , He didn’t talk to me directly or asked for money though.

صوت العرب وفلسطين
2021-06-16 08:00:05 GMT

Good kebabs ,good waiter,ok to bad hummus and mutabal ،
Try the famous jerash extremely sour laban and labneh ....
We got full from the mezze or tapas so order carefully ...
Fresh bread ....
Support the jordan economy eat and tip ....propena......
If your menu in arabic only and they try to force 12$ thing ....ask for arabic menu get the waiter to translate or offer to leave .....dont be scared or forced ,this is a free country but u have to speak up....

Note to owners : u need smoking section ....sperate smokers from non

Hannu Kulju
2022-08-05 15:02:27 GMT

Excellent Arabic meals. I also enjoyed their shicha a lot, too.

Ray Vilis
2023-10-25 17:46:33 GMT

Great BBQ with all the sides. The freshly cooked adds the the fresh taste of everything.

Grace Rubio
2024-01-07 11:25:21 GMT

good food,a lots of food,recommended to all visitors to visit

Abbas Aldafri
2023-05-24 19:35:21 GMT

Fresh food great portions

Nimesh Saroha
2023-12-30 09:18:51 GMT

Food was really fresh and delicious

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Jerash is a city in northern Jordan. The city is the administrative center of the Jerash Governorate, and has a population of 50,745 as of 2015. It is located 48 kilometres north of the capital city Amman. source

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