Venkataramana Theater

Movie theater in Kolleru Lake

Updated: March 29, 2024 07:16 AM

Venkataramana Theater is located in Kolleru Lake (Lake in India), India. It's address is H638+GC7, Kaikaluru, Andhra Pradesh 521333, India.

H638+GC7, Kaikaluru, Andhra Pradesh 521333, India

Questions & Answers

Where is Venkataramana Theater?

Venkataramana Theater is located at: H638+GC7, Kaikaluru, Andhra Pradesh 521333, India.

What are the coordinates of Venkataramana Theater?

Coordinates: 16.5537997, 81.2160612

Venkataramana Theater Reviews

Venkat Vedicharla
2023-11-13 10:17:14 GMT

I have visited Venkataramana Theater multiple times for movies at kaikaluru Andhra Pradesh. The screen is large, and the seating is comfortable, providing better comfort than regular seats for the price of 300 rupees for a sofa seat. The air conditioning is also good. However, the washroom is in very poor condition, making it difficult to use. At regular intervals, they sell popcorn and sweetcorn 🍿and cool dring which are overpriced.

Jaya Krishna
2024-01-06 12:38:55 GMT

Theatre was excellent and maintaining also good screen was upgraded with big lengths and seating was excellent,sound quality super

perumalla suryababu
2023-11-19 10:20:47 GMT

Still running successfully i use to watch from my childhood days since 1987

Rhazes 77
2024-02-24 09:15:35 GMT

Very good

pvk saps
2024-01-07 11:00:12 GMT

Good sound system

Manikumar Gumpula
2022-12-24 15:32:26 GMT

Well you can experience a decent sound system and nice theatrical experience and finally affordable prices to have a bite...

Pavan Kumar Naidu Ramisetti
2024-03-14 11:53:14 GMT

Good experience

Madhu Jayamangala
2024-02-08 02:22:08 GMT

Just excellent 💝

Phani Naidu
2023-05-02 07:25:43 GMT

I nojy the every movie in theatre

D Sandeep
2023-02-04 18:43:10 GMT

Theatre is good. Since there are only limited options in kaikaluru.

Ganesh Chowdary
2019-02-10 10:21:53 GMT

One of the best theatre in kaikaluru,and there is a fast food court in the same premises where we can have best Tiffin's specially bondha,and wada (gaare)

kovvuri krishna pradhyumna
2018-03-30 19:34:36 GMT

Good for both family and friends.....All facilities available.....Nice interior and good sound effects......As seat numbers are given no problem for place....

bhagavan u
2019-07-28 16:44:02 GMT

Very good sound and video experience.seating very comfortable.

Akram Ahmad
2019-10-18 13:44:03 GMT

After remodeling this theater was awesome,best sound quality...

Velivelasuryanarayana Ss
2024-01-20 16:54:38 GMT


Md Tausif
2024-01-08 14:07:53 GMT

Nice place

sadik basha
2022-06-12 02:05:11 GMT

Good changed all seating and canteen atmosphere

2022-04-24 17:06:04 GMT

Gud meantiness nice looking all is well

siva krishna
2023-11-17 14:21:19 GMT

Okay 👍👍

Uppuluri Satyanarayana
2019-03-06 06:22:07 GMT

Is a mini I max at kaikaluru is gud looking and comfortable inside

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Kolleru Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India located in state of Andhra Pradesh and forms the largest shallow freshwater lake in Asia. 15 kilometers away from the Eluru and 65 km from Rajamahendravaram, the lake is located between the Krishna and Godavari deltas. source

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