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Updated: March 08, 2024 06:13 PM

MINT CINEMAS is located in Wayanad, India. It's address is 4th Floor, Mint Mall, Chungam, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592, India.

4th Floor, Mint Mall, Chungam, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592, India

M776+PM Sultan Bathery, Kerala, India

+91 4936 224 777

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MINT CINEMAS is located at: 4th Floor, Mint Mall, Chungam, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592, India.

What is the phone number of MINT CINEMAS?

You can try to calling this number: +91 4936 224 777

What are the coordinates of MINT CINEMAS?

Coordinates: 11.6642936, 76.2616996


Jeffin Jacob Paul
2024-01-30 03:41:08 GMT

The theater experience was fantastic. Although the screen is small, the overall video and audio quality were impressive. The pushback seats were also comfortable. With three screens available, I booked my ticket through BookMyShow for seats not in the topmost row but three or four rows below and towards the middle. The mall has an average parking space and charges 20 Rupees, but considering the overall experience, I would definitely recommend it for watching movies.

Vinay Vasudevan
2024-01-09 07:17:23 GMT

Had a good cinema experience here. Had some time to spend in Waynad before catching a bus, so decided to spent some time here at the mall and the theater. There are three cinema halls here. But all screen movies around the same time. Would have been better if the movies were at different times so that waiting for a show can be avoided. Snacks and drinks provided were good and seats were comfortable.

Amos K Kuriakose
2023-05-21 16:10:14 GMT

Great to visit with Family.
Amaing sounding ambience.
If you are looking for a crowded atmosphere(in terms of enjoying a show) then its not a good option.. otherwise I suggested it to superb overall..

Almost 150 seas availability. Opt for a back side seating, and you can enjoy it with full visibility.

the sound arrangements are just awesome... Sorrounding sound quality is just amazing... Best in town in terms of sound and family atmosphere..

Grab the show..!!!

Shibin B
2022-03-30 17:17:53 GMT

Good amenities
7.1 sound,
Only issues is the path is in centre
In 7.1 sound it’s best effect will be in the middle ☺it will be great if you change the path way to the side😉

Remith Ramachandran
2024-02-22 07:25:08 GMT

Optimize the auditory experience by refining the quality of sound reproduction. Minimize the overall vibrational sensations perceived through the seating arrangement.

2023-01-15 11:24:02 GMT

Nice theater. Nice sounding with JBL speakers. Food price is very high so, can’t afford it. But their maintenence is good.

Ali Ibrahim
2023-09-06 09:00:56 GMT

Located in Mint Mall, this cinema offers great sound quality. However, parking can be a bit challenging. Overall, it's a good cinema experience.

Abin Joy
2023-01-14 09:02:41 GMT

Good sound quality and seating also good but screen size is small compared to others in the town

Robin Ettithadathil
2023-10-21 16:05:46 GMT

The best theatre experience... Best in sound and screen. Must watch and experience

Amal Visakh
2022-05-08 10:16:32 GMT

Good place and theatre is really good 😊
Snacks items are short we didn't have enough choice 🙂 everything other is really excellent 👍☺

Amal Prasanth
2023-11-16 06:17:21 GMT

Good sound quality. Nice theater experience

Ajayroshan Roy
2022-03-14 14:10:52 GMT

One of best movie theatres in Wayanad for sure...moderate ticket rates... Multiple screens... As usual overrated, but good food and overall nice experience ( both sound and visual )... Good toilet and other facilities..🤩🤩😍😍💪💪👌👌✌✌👍👍

2023-09-03 11:39:11 GMT

Small but good screen with 2k. Best spot for watching movies with friends or family

Nithin Sunny
2023-01-14 04:50:06 GMT

Mint cinema is one of the good theaters in wayanad. The restrooms are clean the biggest positive is that nobody smokes in restrooms. The customer service is great. staff also so cooperative in all situations. Overall good experience.

Basil Babu
2023-01-02 18:03:40 GMT

Excellent sound quality,
Number of screen= 3
Cost = affordable
Seat = good
AC = Yes
Clean = yes
Screen size = not the biggest one in sulthan Bathery
Overall= excellent 👌👍👌👍👌👍👌

Abhilash S.P
2022-08-13 18:05:18 GMT

Good theatre experience. But never book ticket in the front rows mainly because of the speakers placed near the screen. Plenty of parking space is also available. But expect heavy traffic block on weekends... Plan accordingly and don't mis the starting of the movie

2023-11-12 13:59:10 GMT

They are give as very good atmosphere 😍

Jyothilakshmi KN
2022-06-25 16:50:06 GMT

Mind blowing sound system And the picture quality is just like other theaters 2k and A/C is provided and food court and parking is available And i have only been in "screen 1" and there's a drag in one i think the theatre is small not too small above average and overall it's superb and i really loved the sound quality.I would prefer to go here if you want to see a movie. Im completely satisified

sooraj o.s
2021-12-28 10:09:50 GMT

Super theatre and the sound system is very good especially screen 1.

Amal raj
2022-11-16 10:48:28 GMT

Simply the best theatre in sulthan bathery and probably in wayanad. It has 3 screens. The sound system of this multiplex is ultimate .It even sounded better than some of the dolby atmos theatres around. The perfect theatre for theatre experience movies. Screen 1 being the best among the three and the biggest..screen 3 is relatively smaller than the other 2 screens. All the screens are 2K. And the viewing experience is good.Highly recommend for mass/big budget/theatre experience movies.

This is the most exciting thing in here. 110 per ticket is mostly affordable when compared to other multiplexes . Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter at Rs 110 or online Bookings can be made through bookmyshow with an additional 23 Rs convenience charge .50 for a popcorn and 20 for tea/coffee. Icecreams, beverages and other snacks too available. tea and coffee are not allowed inside the theatre but snacks are allowed.

Toilets are relatively clean and well maintained for gents and ladies. Gents toilets are near the screen 3 entrance and ladies toilets are near to the screens itself.

Good parking space for 2 wheelers as well as 4 wheelers are avalilable at the mall basement at a cost of 20 for cars and 10 for bikes. 4 level parking ensures vehicle parking even at peak holidays/sunday rush.parking charges are not refundable for movies but at the shopprix supermarket.

Theatres are at the 4th floor of the mall..among the 2 lifts of the mall...only the lift near the parking charge collectors if at the parking lot ie, lift at the right side while entering the mall through the main entrance..will take you to the theatre. The other lift moves only upto floor no 3.

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