WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant

Middle Eastern restaurant in Wayanad

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:16 AM

WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant is located in Wayanad, India. It's address is J4XG+JMF, NH 766, Muttil North, Kerala 673122, India.

J4XG+JMF, NH 766, Muttil North, Kerala 673122, India

+91 96055 96055

Check Time Table for WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant

Monday10 AM to 11:30 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 11:30 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 11:30 PM
Thursday10 AM to 11:30 PM
Friday10 AM to 11:30 PM
Saturday10 AM to 11:30 PM
Sunday10 AM to 11:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant?

WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant is located at: J4XG+JMF, NH 766, Muttil North, Kerala 673122, India.

What is the phone number of WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant?

You can try to calling this number: +91 96055 96055

What are the coordinates of WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant?

Coordinates: 11.6490635, 76.1266755

WMO Qatar Bakery & Restaurant Reviews

Ganesh G
2023-12-06 13:58:53 GMT

We were on our way back home to bangalore from Wayanad and stopped by to have our late lunch. Loved their food especially the malabar biriyani and parotta, taste was out of the world.
Special mention to the owner and the manager whose hospitality was excellent.

2023-09-06 17:04:40 GMT

Impressed in the ambience. Superb ambience for night. Visit for dinner will be good. Staffs are very customer friendly. We were a group of about 60 members, the staff treated us very well. Fast delivery to our table. Overall a very good restaurant for dinner. Will recommend while visiting wayanad 👍

2023-12-27 10:29:29 GMT

Best service from the staff and good ambiance.Tried their biriyani for lunch which was one of the best i ever had.Parking space is average which can park 5 - 10 cars.Totally satisfied

Monika Lahiri
2022-12-26 12:10:25 GMT

Very lively place to have food. Very courteous staff and friendly. Quantity is at the lesser side. But tasty and lots of variety. They have additional small shop for all gulf confectionery items. They have a beautiful out side seating arrangements but it can be very hot in Summer and afternoon. Overall I liked the place.

Ajith George
2023-04-16 09:36:56 GMT

The place has a great ambiance and a lot of space. Service is good and done by friendly folks. They have an air conditioned hall, outdoor seating and a semi outdoor area. They have a fresh juice counter, a prayer room and toilets. Their Arabian cuisine is extremely good. Their speciality is Seafood Grill and Mandi Biryani. They have lot of parking on the main road side and inside.

Abdul Riyas K (Riyan)
2022-10-26 10:30:59 GMT

The atmosphere was electrifying, all decorated with hanging lights and stuff. A hand warmer aesthetically placed in the entrance, wall graffiti depicting Arabian desert life, decorative date palms, nice wooden furniture and stuff.. All look so inviting.

Afthab Ahammed K
2023-02-04 14:02:09 GMT

A good restaurant to stop over with facilities of good restroom and other amenities. Restaurant staff was very friendly and suggested good place to stay. I had a fish grill suggested by the waiter.
Fish was fresh and was delicious. It was little spicy, but was tasty for asian.
Restaurant has good parking space and and a small counter nearby to purchase local honey and other spices.
Overall It was a great experience.

Vipin Devis
2024-02-01 02:48:40 GMT

Amazing place if you are a non veg lover. there are few veg options as well particularly in Paneer. Ambience is really good. Apt place for both small and large groups. Easy to locate and sufficient parking space available.

hamza sheikh
2022-12-09 05:34:07 GMT

Such an amazing place to be at for Supper or any meal. Great ambience with so humble staff members. The food is just simply Delicious.

Shabeer Koyikkal
2023-09-13 08:27:56 GMT

The dining experience was delightful. The restaurant's cozy ambience set a relaxed mood, with soft lighting and comfortable seating. The service was impeccable, with attentive staff ensuring our needs were met promptly. Now, onto the star of the show - the food. Each dish was a culinary masterpiece. From appetizers to dessert, flavors were harmonious, and presentation was artful. The menu boasted a diverse selection, catering to various preferences. Ingredients were fresh, and portions were generous. It was evident that the chef paid attention to detail. Overall, a superb dining experience that left us satisfied and eager to return for more culinary delights.

2023-10-02 10:51:34 GMT

Ambience is good and the food is amazing but most of all the kind and courteous owner and their staff deserve a 5 star! It felt like we’re visiting a relatives place to have food rather than a restaurant. We had King fish which was cooked to perfection. They ensured that we’re enjoying the food and overall made our quick stop a memorable one with their kindness!

Andre Pacheco
2022-12-22 14:56:08 GMT

Had a great experience. We were hungry after a full days excursion, found this place on google. All dishes were made perfectly, great prices and reasonable portions. Our server, junace, was very helpful and helped us order. The peri peri alfam was excellent, grate taste. The Rabbit was great as well but first timers should know that rabbit meat is a bit tuff. The beef fry and other beef preparation were excellent, soft and very tasty. Facilities are new and service was great. Would definitely visit again

Hashir Abdulla P S
2023-09-30 08:48:36 GMT

Great food, Very good ambiance. Have place to pray as well as Very clean toilet facilities

Eswar Reddy
2023-12-31 14:26:01 GMT

Really food was amazing 😍 I never experienced this type of food .thnx for wmo Qatar .

Vidya Premkumar
2023-11-06 15:30:36 GMT

The food was one of the best I have tasted in Wayanad. Their service was excellent and the staff were warm and welcoming. The ambience of the place, especially on a rainy night is just out of a fairy tale. I enjoyed my visit and the restaurant experience.

kavya naik
2024-01-28 10:07:12 GMT

Excellent food! Had an overall great experience.. the food could have reached sooner but was worth the wait in the end!
Had their special coal roasted fish.. mouthwatering

Wahat Al Ain
2023-03-13 05:57:07 GMT

Honeymoon Melon
Special carbonated watermelon juice.
Tastes extremely good.
I was passing by, and due to ambient lighting i had a layover there. Was extremely happy to experience this location.

Nasir Shariff
2024-02-18 16:03:47 GMT

An amazing place for dining, great ambiance and taste-bud tingling food. And a humble host. Must visit and try the food if you happen to be in Wayanad.

shida Kammu
2024-01-29 12:48:41 GMT

We were on the way to a trip. The taste of the food was just mouth watering and moreover the customer service and care they put to each one is so lovely and appreciable. I would love to visit and eat from there.

Amāteur Wānderlust
2023-03-23 08:59:47 GMT

Excellent place for a stopover, wonderful ambience, good food, worth the price , service is good. Recommended !

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