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Wildlife and safari park in Umaria

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:16 AM

Bandhavgarh Safari is located in Umaria, India. It's address is Bandhavgarh, Distt, Tala, Madhya Pradesh 484664, India.

Bandhavgarh, Distt, Tala, Madhya Pradesh 484664, India

P2FC+29 Tala, Madhya Pradesh, India

Questions & Answers

Where is Bandhavgarh Safari?

Bandhavgarh Safari is located at: Bandhavgarh, Distt, Tala, Madhya Pradesh 484664, India.

What are the coordinates of Bandhavgarh Safari?

Coordinates: 23.7226235, 81.020962

Bandhavgarh Safari Reviews

soumya subramanian
2023-02-05 13:08:39 GMT

Jungle Safari here is worth the money, with knowledgeable and friendly drivers and guides. It is a wholesome experience, with spotting tigers , being the icing on the cake. The guide and driver take extra effort in listening to the various animal calls and lead us to places where the majestic animal can be spotted. Overall, an enthralling experience

Ashish Chakravarty
2023-03-29 09:27:34 GMT

Well...well..well. This can be tricky for those who are doing Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari for the first time. Here are a few tips I can share from my own experience. First of all don't book resorts/hotel which are far from the Ticket Booking Counter at Tala...reason being, the nearer you are the more chances you would save on pickup and drop charges (which as of today, March 2023) is Rs 600/- (for a resort far away from here). There are a few good resorts like Royal Heritage, Maharaja Kothi, Tiger's Den, Tiger's inn, White Tiger Resort, Mowgli Resorts (to name a few) which are relatively nearer. Next, Tala is a good zone if you are looking for scenic beauty, including the ancient monolithic shrine of Sheshshaiyya and old caves constructed way back by the rulers of the Kalchury dynasty in the 10th century. But on tiger-sighting front it can be a put off. Tala has a lot of natural water bodies which are deep within the forest beyond the reach of safari jeeps. Tigers prefer to stay there to quench their thirst rather than come out to get bugged by inquisitive travellers. Contrarily, Magadhi and Khitaoli zones have lot of man-made water-holes which are along the safari routes. In absence of natural water bodies deep within the forest, tigers have to (willingly or unwillingly) stay at these artificial ponds well within the sight of the tourists. As for us, we couldn't sight any tiger during morning safari at Tala! The same afternoon  at Magadhi we spotted 4 !!
But a word of caution! Forests are cold in the morning. Do not forget to carry a hooded jacket...even if you think you are hot as hell ! ...And it's going to be hot after off goes your jackets and straight into your backpack ! Remember to carry some munchies and hydrating fluids into your backpack. But..but please..all trash goes back to the guest house where it originated from!!
To obtain your Safari permit and tickets please take some pain to stand in the queue of the ticket booking counter...where "early bird catches the worm". Believe me, you'll thank me for suggesting this as it will save you a lot...a lot of bucks. The resort I was staying in promised me "hassle-free" arrangements of the permits and tickets for freaking Rs 12,000/-! Guess how much it costed me when I got it done myself...Rs 3280/- (for three of us) !! However, if standing in a queue is below your standards, please go ahead and pleasure yourself! But please don't forget to carry the printout of the permit along with your original Aadhar Cards when you set out for your safari from your resort. For those of you who tend to emanate lots of mosquitoe-attracting pheromones please be advised to carry mosquitoe repellents with you. Trust me you'll need it early in the morning or after evening sets in. Lastly, when you finally manage to spot THE magnificent creature, please hold on to your horses. Just turn your eyes towards the direction pointed out by the guide and refrain from venting out your expressions. His Majesty is not even amused by your presence!!

tumpa sarkar
2023-06-12 14:36:56 GMT

Regarding the safari we did 6 safari 4 in Tala 1 Magdhi 1 Khatouli and shighted 15 different Tiger's totally mesmerizing and for this 2 person to be thanked for Driver Mr Anil Sharma Ji Guide Mrs Bharti Shukla Ji..real gem if you want to have memorable tour look for them both have keen interest in making your safari the best

mohan soni
2024-01-19 14:31:55 GMT

Magic naic shots and happy Birthday dear mam

Aniket Dwivedi
2019-06-05 12:04:53 GMT

Wonderful experience. A place worth visiting. Experience the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh and the ever graceful Tiger in his natural habitat. I've seen the tiger in all of my previous trips. The forest is also filled with a vide variety of other animals.
A wonderful package and fits sinply in your budget. Very easy to plan a trip and place a booking online.

Qudsia Bano
2019-12-18 20:04:28 GMT

Bandhavgarh Safari was quite memorable we spotted three tigers and we enjoyed the nature and some rare birds. Though the many dear families we saw and our guide was giving the information. Barking dear also we saw. At the time of the tigers movement dears were cautious and they were giving the alert signals. All was interesting and amazing.

Ishan Gupta
2019-06-21 19:32:01 GMT

This was my first visit to bandhavgarh and I am in love with this place already, it is a beautiful place, it's calm and peaceful. The forest is smaller than Kanha national park's so the probability of sighting a tiger is more. Don't go there just to see a tiger enjoy the safari look for other animals like dear, bison, different birds, if you are lucky you can spot a leopard.

prakash singh
2023-04-25 09:05:59 GMT

Peace calm and surround bynature overall experience was good for me I was not so lucky to spot tiger however place was good for 2 to 3 days

rahul singh `
2021-12-30 04:01:25 GMT

Mr . Sameer made our holidays so memorable and comfortable. At last moment he arranged Safaris and resort. Everything was so amazing , next time more plans will be executed with him.

Anjaly Rajwekar
2023-05-30 08:54:47 GMT

Mind blowing experience of a lifetime. Feel like I am still in heaven after seeing all the wonders of nature.

Archana Tiwari
2021-12-30 04:09:41 GMT

I would like to thank Mr.Sameer for making my trip so memorable.. The best experience ever with a comfortable stay.... I will surely refer this to my other friends... Best Holiday experience with Mr. Sameer.... Guys no doubt just go fot it...

2020-03-17 01:05:07 GMT

Very good place . The most happening place in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve . A lot of resorts , eateries , safari services are available here. Goof place to start a jungle tour and safari.

nimish swami
2019-07-14 06:11:29 GMT

there is a saying if u haven't seen tiger in bandhavagrh ,probably u were is one of the best place to see tiger in it's natural habitat

Rupali Verma
2022-11-20 16:47:18 GMT

I have got my Bandhavgarh safari booking successfully only because of this provider. Thanks a lot for the instant service.

Kajol Rani
2022-11-20 17:19:07 GMT

A recommendable one for the service of Bandhavgarh safari booking without facing any consequences. Professional ones.

krithika ramesh
2019-11-06 12:40:04 GMT

This is my favourite national park on india. What a beautiful forest.. The drivers and guides are amazing.. Done more than 20 safaris and I know I will keep gojng back..

shantanu yenorkar
2021-12-19 15:17:51 GMT

I am fully satisfied with the services and economic and premium packages offered by Mr Sameer and his team. Highly recommended for best in class packages and services.

Vijay Panchal
2022-11-20 16:46:29 GMT

One that is suitable for the service of booking a Bandhavgarh safari without suffering any consequences. ones that are qualified.

Manik Patel
2022-11-20 16:48:41 GMT

It tried the service of this provider for Bandhavgarh safari booking and really the experience i got was just amazing.

yamini gupta
2021-12-17 08:56:59 GMT

Amazing property and very kind and helpful staff.
Mr.Sameer has been very helpful in arranging safaris....very friendly and kind person...

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