Bandhavgarh National Park

National park in Umaria

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:16 AM

Bandhavgarh National Park is located in Umaria, India. It's address is Unnamed Road, Tala, Madhya Pradesh 484665, India.

Unnamed Road, Tala, Madhya Pradesh 484665, India

P29H+F7 Tala, Madhya Pradesh, India

+91 97524 00702

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Questions & Answers

Where is Bandhavgarh National Park?

Bandhavgarh National Park is located at: Unnamed Road, Tala, Madhya Pradesh 484665, India.

What is the phone number of Bandhavgarh National Park?

You can try to calling this number: +91 97524 00702

What are the coordinates of Bandhavgarh National Park?

Coordinates: 23.7186409, 81.0281847

Bandhavgarh National Park Reviews

Vidhu Manwal
2023-10-17 13:52:57 GMT

It’s heaven for wildlifers. One of the best national park to visit. You can get good facilities for tourist. The hotels and resorts are quite good with friendly vibes and food is also good. Perfect place for family vacation.
You need to book tickets in advance.

सुनील साहू
2024-01-07 06:32:46 GMT

I was first time visited this place , there is very big area and it was very peaceful filling and would you loss everything stress and fill better now and you till see very beautiful animal thank you

Ajay Shanker Sahu
2023-06-20 08:30:53 GMT

It's heaven for Wildlifers, One of the Best parks, not only in India but in wolrd also.
Excellent facilities for tourists, well dedicated n knowledgable drivers n guides.
Ticket booking n all very systematic.
So many beautiful places, different flora n fauna, n above all so much Tiger density who are too bold to get captured through ur lense. Just come here n enjoy the nature..

Sherry Hill
2023-12-16 04:18:08 GMT

It is a great national park to visit. The guide and tracker helped us to view the 3 tigers in 3 days. Mahua Kothi, A Taj Safari - Bandhavgarh National Park is an excellent resort to stay.

Tushar Kathrecha
2023-12-15 16:44:59 GMT

Lovely place to be for Jungle enthusiastic people. Should visit blindly with advance Safari tickets at least

2023-06-01 10:05:38 GMT

The place is beautiful and very amazing. Need to book the tickets in advance (one day before going to safari). Wednesday are closed for safari.

BT Wild Art
2022-06-15 16:59:12 GMT

What a beautiful forest, very well managed forest

Historical site as well as it has lord Vishnu statue of around 10th century

Sighting of wild animals are too good, saw 10 tigers in 6 safaris, plus added with lovely birds and many many more animal. Checkout more on BT wild art blog

avs zone
2023-01-31 03:34:09 GMT

My sibling visited there last week and had a very great experience of jungle safari animal spotting and many other things .

2023-11-21 07:43:48 GMT

Our experience of the entire tour is excellent. Our stay at the Bandhab Moonlight was fabulous. The rooms are luxurious. Staff are courteous, informative and and helpfull. Food quality is outstanding. We have spotted tiger and other wild animals during our safari. We are quite happy with our experience and want to visit again.

Aditya Khankhoje
2022-12-11 11:42:23 GMT

Do visit in Summers, if you want to see tigers book Zones - Magadhi or khitouli (core) and one safari in Dhamokar Buffer zone 100% chances of spotting Tigers

Dineshsingh Chandel
2023-05-07 01:22:16 GMT

You will get scenic view at Tala core zone , additional to wildlife sight seeing.

2023-04-21 15:23:29 GMT

Good to visit this tiger reserve forest
By the way adventurous ride makes/ create great feel
All about to watch the live tigers 🐯
One of the Best tiger reserve forest in india

Vαίsнαlί S
2022-03-10 11:17:57 GMT

best place explore to wild animals in Central India. located in the Umaria district in Madhya Pradesh. there are a diversity of birds and wild animals. Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest density of Royal Bengal tigers in the world.

Day Dreamer
2023-12-19 06:11:03 GMT

Bandhavgarh National Park is a top-rated national park in India, located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. It is known for its tigers and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can enjoy safaris and photography opportunities.

Sandip Chaudhuri
2023-06-06 05:17:46 GMT

Great National Park... especially for sighting Tigers. We managed to see 11 tigers in 4 days in this visit.

Dr. HareKrishna Mandal
2024-01-07 14:10:22 GMT

Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Here are some key details about the national park:

1. Location: Situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

2. Establishment: Bandhavgarh was declared a national park in 1968 and became one of the first Tiger Reserves in India under Project Tiger.

3. Area: The park covers an area of approximately 716 square kilometres.

4. Biodiversity: Known for its rich biodiversity, Bandhavgarh is home to a variety of wildlife, including a significant population of Bengal tigers, leopards, Indian bison (Gaur), sambar deer, spotted deer, and various bird species.

5. Bandhavgarh Fort: The park is also famous for the Bandhavgarh Fort, located on a hill within the park. The fort offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

6. Tala Zone: Bandhavgarh has multiple safari zones, and the Tala Zone is particularly popular for wildlife sightings.

7. Conservation Success: The park has been successful in its conservation efforts, contributing to the increase in the tiger population.

8. Tourism: Bandhavgarh is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Jeep safaris and elephant safaris are common ways to explore the park.

9. Best Time to Visit: The park is generally open for visitors from October to June, with the winter and early summer months being preferable for wildlife sightings.

sajal verma
2021-02-16 11:44:22 GMT

One of the best Safari in India for the Tigers.
60-70% are the chances to spot the tiger in one Safari.
Other animals are hard to be spotted, leopard, bear, and some rare birds.
Deer, peacock, jackal, monkeys, Bison, Sambar are easily spotted.

Umesh Warathe
2023-05-16 00:36:44 GMT

It’s amazing place to visit, seen tiger and its great experience.

Bishakha Ghosh
2023-10-21 23:47:13 GMT

The dawn breaks, and the jungle comes alive with birdcalls and animals moving around.

Pradip Bhowmik
2021-03-24 05:44:43 GMT

Experience is not so good..coz we can't view the tiger. But nature is Awesome weather is many dears are playing..we enjoyed the safari at morning

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