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Updated: March 29, 2024 01:23 PM

Hotel Brindavan is located in Dharwad (City in India), India. It's address is Railway Station Road, Circle, near Court, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001, India.

Railway Station Road, Circle, near Court, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001, India

F235+H2 Dharwad, Karnataka, India

+91 836 279 2123

Questions & Answers

Where is Hotel Brindavan?

Hotel Brindavan is located at: Railway Station Road, Circle, near Court, Dharwad, Karnataka 580001, India.

What is the phone number of Hotel Brindavan?

You can try to calling this number: +91 836 279 2123

What are the coordinates of Hotel Brindavan?

Coordinates: 15.4538879, 75.0075037

Hotel Brindavan Reviews

vallabh potadar
2024-02-27 03:45:30 GMT

Best hotel. We booked 5 rooms all are good and well hygiene is maintained

Sumangala Jain
2024-02-10 15:29:07 GMT

Had an amazing stay with good hospitality of staff both at lodging and at the restaurant.. Button idlis were the best 👏

2023-10-24 13:34:22 GMT

Rooms are extremely clean and neat. Located near BRTS court circle bus stop. Value for money.

U.B.R. Rao
2023-11-21 11:20:24 GMT

They serve tasty vegetarian breakfast. Enjoyed very much.

deepak kerur
2023-05-02 17:07:33 GMT

I have been staying at this hotel in Dharwad for last 10 years or so. Everything is great from room booking to room service. They've decent underground parking space for 2W or 4W which is good. There is a restaurant downstairs of the hotel which is good enough for a quick snack up (don't have much choices for lunch or dinner). Restaurant is closed on Thursday's (weekly off). I would definitely recommend this hotel for someone who is looking for a comfortable and budget friendly stay in Dharwad.

Belur Anand
2023-08-31 15:53:39 GMT

Excellent hotel for stay.
The place is maintained well.
The reception is very well managed.
The people are courteous.
The prices are reasonable.

Avinash Lakkundi
2023-05-29 13:09:16 GMT

Foods are delicious and hygiene ☺ Walkable distance from bus stop as well as from government office (court). Plenty of parking spaces Opp to hotel. Very nearly to the bus stop.

seraj chowdhary
2023-11-01 06:42:23 GMT

Very good place hygienic good vegetarian food

Nagaraju V
2023-09-12 05:07:50 GMT

Very good hotel with economy rates. Service is very good. Neet and clean.

Maruthesha M.S.
2023-09-03 12:03:23 GMT

Very good taste of items and totally different from all these days what we had in Dharwad.

Sunil S
2023-10-15 11:11:26 GMT

Best reasonable and spacious rooms . Good hotel.

Shreya Kadapa
2023-04-27 03:51:44 GMT

Good food as always and very much affordable!
Definitely try the Rava Idli, Masala Dosa and Tomato Omelette. And the korma is pure deliciousness!

karthik gurumurthy
2023-08-07 04:30:48 GMT

Old brindavan hotel beside new hotel . It's old one but rooms are clean and neat. Comparatively rates are cheap here but no compromise in comfort.

kushal huilgol
2023-08-22 21:10:07 GMT

Very good service. Clean food. Courteous behaviour

Prabal Pratap Singh
2022-11-20 06:06:20 GMT

Rooms was quite good and available at affordable rates, ac rooms are slightly costly than non ac rooms. They also have veg restaurant, there food was quite good and also pocket friendly. They close at 9pm early

Udayraj Sathe
2022-11-20 18:04:36 GMT

Excellent value for money. Really spacious rooms, good food and service. Location is perfect too. Nothing to complain.

Siddharth Kolhar
2022-12-12 03:13:53 GMT

Good restaurant. I had been here for breakfast. It tastes amazing but cost is little bit expensive as compared to Hubli. Overall good experience

Shanmukha Malagi
2023-02-19 07:52:01 GMT

Rooms are tidy and clean. Staffs are good cooperation. Hotel lying on heart of the city and good acces to other part of the city.

Suresh Savalgi
2023-11-02 14:08:16 GMT

In all aspects, "Hotel Brindavan" is good.

Samartha Sharma
2022-06-22 16:19:24 GMT

Well spacious room for a reasonable price for a room with 2 beds and I personally liked the designing that is in the room. This hotel is just about 7 mins drive from dharwad railway station. I would say this is a good one.

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Dharwad, also known as Dharwar, is a city located in the northwestern part of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is the headquarters of the Dharwad district of Karnataka and forms a contiguous urban area with the city of Hubballi. source

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