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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:17 AM

Kuruva Family Restaurant is located in Wayanad, India. It's address is Kaithakkal Depot, Panamaram, Kerala 670721, India.

Kaithakkal Depot, Panamaram, Kerala 670721, India

Q329+J6 Panamaram, Kerala, India

+91 70314 41234

Check Time Table for Kuruva Family Restaurant

Monday11 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday11 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 10 PM
Thursday11 AM to 10 PM
Friday11 AM to 10 PM
Saturday11 AM to 10 PM
Sunday11 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Kuruva Family Restaurant?

Kuruva Family Restaurant is located at: Kaithakkal Depot, Panamaram, Kerala 670721, India.

What is the phone number of Kuruva Family Restaurant?

You can try to calling this number: +91 70314 41234

What are the coordinates of Kuruva Family Restaurant?

Coordinates: 11.7515986, 76.0680438

Kuruva Family Restaurant Reviews

2024-01-27 03:54:10 GMT

Nice place , we had dinner here and food was really great .
We tried chicken chilly and chicken lemon pepper , both were gravy items and Kerala parotta along with veg fried rice to go with . Ambiance is very decent and service was also very good . In the end we tried lemon drink and that was great too
Entire cost was 700- 800/- for 4 people

2024-01-27 02:14:43 GMT

The dining experience at this establishment is truly exceptional. The food served is not only delicious but also prepared with utmost hygiene, ensuring a safe and enjoyable meal. The delightful flavors make each dish a treat, leaving patrons with a satisfying and yummy culinary experience. Beyond the delectable cuisine, the staff is noteworthy for their professionalism and friendliness, contributing to the overall positive atmosphere. The commitment to excellent service further enhances the overall dining satisfaction, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a combination of tasty food and top-notch hospitality.

Siddharth Gautam
2024-01-26 16:19:32 GMT

Its a nice place to get food we went to have dinner as fish items were not available but we tried chicken chilly and pepper chicken and parotha and fried rice it was very nice must visit once and if you want to try fish items go in lunch time

Deepika Deepu
2023-12-18 07:36:28 GMT

For Kurwa restaurant we will provide 100% positive feedback from us.
We had a great lunch and quick responses.
It's a great experience.
Service and cost are also good.
Owner also treated us friendly manner.
We also took suggestions for wayanad trips for three days and he guided very well about places. we made it useful.
Thank you so much...😊

Malavika B
2023-10-29 15:29:38 GMT

Such a beautiful resturant. Staffs are very friendly and the food is just FANTASTIC 🤌
I would really recommend this place if you are especially from places outside Kerala as the food is travel friendly and please do visit the place ✨

srinivas gowda
2023-06-19 09:06:44 GMT

I am a Kannadiga who’s never fond of Kerala style meals, the ones I’ve tried earlier have only disappointed. Visited this place as we were travelling to other place and found this on the way and only the Kerala style meal was available. To my surprise I loved how good the food was. The service, quantity, taste, hospitality everything is very good. Definitely recommend.

2023-11-14 09:48:37 GMT

"Absolutely delighted with my experience at this restaurant! The beef was cooked to perfection, the service was top-notch, and the prices were surprisingly affordable. A winning combination that makes this place stand out. Will definitely be back for more culinary delights!"

Sharon Byju
2023-12-27 19:02:13 GMT

Food (5/5): We ordered take out for dinner from here. Although we didn’t order a lot of items, the portions were plenty and everything we ordered tasted amazing! One of my favorite dishes was Kanthari Chicken Curry. Definitely a must try with porotta or even chapati! Loved it a lot!

farida hasan
2023-11-14 09:52:17 GMT

"I had a fantastic time at this restaurant! The beef dishes were a true delight – perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor. The service was excellent, and what surprised me the most was the affordability without compromising quality. A gem of a place for those who appreciate great food and reasonable prices!"

vijay g
2023-12-10 04:07:33 GMT

Really enjoyed the food here. We were traveling from Chennai and had a chance to dine here for lunch. Food was fantastic and clean environment. Budget friendly too🙂

2021-03-21 09:11:28 GMT

Good restaurant and reasonable cost... Good service... But not so outstanding .. but it's genuinely tasty... Anyone will love to have it...👍👍

2022-12-26 01:38:21 GMT

Food was really amazing especially their pot rice. Best one I had in Wayanad. Restaurant was clean and service was way better. Not that costly.

alok rai
2023-12-05 16:18:27 GMT

Nice quality of the food great ambiance of the restaurant, behaviour of the owner is very nice, if you are North Indian definitely you should visit here they know Hindi language. Overall nice experience...

Surya Prakash Babu Vankadari (Surya)
2023-10-18 16:14:08 GMT

Food is nice and njoyed yummy fried rice with paneer fry. Service is good and very positive vibrations in restaurants. Loved the conversation with Koya sir and he patiently helped me what to visit in next 2 days in Wayanad. I am a traveller to Wayanad. Thank you Koya bhai and all the best.

Babitha Joyful
2022-08-23 16:08:29 GMT

Authentic kerala cuisine at its best.. if your travelling and if you really want to stop for a very good lunch just visit this place.. we had Chatti choru the seafood version.. it was just awesome... felt like my grandparents recipe 😋

snehal ghag
2022-06-18 15:33:45 GMT

Lovely Dinner place if you want experience something regional Wayanad food. Exceptional Kerala Parotha accomplished with chicken curry. The staff is attentive and friendly. Washrooms are clean and hygienic. They also provide baby-chair. Great place for family dinner.

Muhammad shamim m
2023-10-18 13:15:26 GMT

It’s was a great experience. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. Tasty foods especially biriyani, pothichoru,chatti choru, fish fry etc. Staff are extremely knowledgeable and well trained.

Subeesh Kuthuparakkal
2021-11-16 19:31:14 GMT

A beautiful restaurant situates near Panamaram, Wayanad. Excellent ambience, nice food and well mannered staff and service.

2024-01-17 14:32:55 GMT

A best restaurant to reax and enjoy delicious dishes. Only place in this area which is having variety cuisines.

2023-11-16 07:39:14 GMT

Very nice restaurant and excellent food.servise is very friendly. I like it ...

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