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Updated: March 14, 2024 08:41 PM

Shivamogga Bus Terminal is located in Shivamogga, India. It's address is WHH9+M6Q, BH Rd, Vidyanagar, Milagatta, Shivamogga, Karnataka 577202, India.

WHH9+M6Q, BH Rd, Vidyanagar, Milagatta, Shivamogga, Karnataka 577202, India

+91 77600 36866

Check Time Table for Shivamogga Bus Terminal

MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours

Questions & Answers

Where is Shivamogga Bus Terminal?

Shivamogga Bus Terminal is located at: WHH9+M6Q, BH Rd, Vidyanagar, Milagatta, Shivamogga, Karnataka 577202, India.

What is the phone number of Shivamogga Bus Terminal?

You can try to calling this number: +91 77600 36866

What are the coordinates of Shivamogga Bus Terminal?

Coordinates: 13.9292023, 75.5680998

Shivamogga Bus Terminal Reviews

2023-11-02 10:50:58 GMT

This bus stand has good connectivity to almost every where. Little crowded and busiest. Well Maintained. Shopping mall and hotels are next to this. Best thing is private bus stand is just next to this. No worry to roam around for buses.

Girish Bhat
2024-01-13 04:48:52 GMT

Nestled in the heart of Shivmogga, the local bus stand stands as a testament to cleanliness, hygiene, and a multifaceted travel experience. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore this transit hub, and it left a lasting impression on me for its seamless blend of practicality and indulgence.

One of the most striking aspects of the Shivmogga Bus Stand is its commitment to cleanliness. As I stepped into the terminal, the well-maintained surroundings immediately caught my attention. The floors gleamed, devoid of any litter, and the entire area exuded a sense of orderliness. Clean restrooms are often a rarity in public spaces, but here, they were immaculate and well-stocked, contributing significantly to the overall positive impression of the facility.

Hygiene standards were evidently a priority at the bus stand. Sanitization stations were strategically placed, encouraging travelers to prioritize their health and well-being. The presence of visible signage promoting hygiene practices further underscored the management's dedication to creating a safe and sanitary environment for everyone passing through.

Beyond the cleanliness, what truly sets Shivmogga Bus Stand apart is its culinary offerings. The array of street food vendors lining the entrance presented a tempting assortment of local delicacies. From crispy dosas to flavorful chaats, the options were diverse and showcased the region's culinary richness. I couldn't resist indulging in some of these tasty treats, and they lived up to their reputation. The vibrant street food scene added a delightful and authentic flavor to the overall travel experience.

Adding to the convenience, the presence of ATMs within the bus stand complex was a thoughtful touch. Travelers often find themselves in need of cash for various reasons, and having accessible ATMs on-site eliminates the hassle of searching for one in the vicinity. It's a small but significant detail that contributes to the overall efficiency of the bus stand as a transit hub.

Moreover, the integration of a shopping mall near the bus stand elevates it from a mere transit point to a destination in itself. Travelers with some time on their hands can explore the mall, perhaps picking up souvenirs or essential items they may have forgotten. This thoughtful addition transforms the bus stand into a more dynamic space, catering not just to the practical needs of travelers but also to their leisure and recreational preferences.

The design and layout of the bus stand deserve commendation. The seamless flow of pedestrian traffic and clear signage make it easy for travelers to navigate the complex. Whether you're a frequent commuter or a first-time visitor, the user-friendly design minimizes confusion and enhances the overall experience.

In conclusion, my visit to the Shivmogga Bus Stand left me thoroughly impressed. Its commitment to cleanliness, hygiene, and the inclusion of amenities such as ATMs, street food vendors, and a shopping mall make it a model transit hub. It's more than just a place to catch a bus; it's a well-rounded destination that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of the travelers passing through. Shivmogga Bus Stand has set a high standard for what a transit facility can achieve, creating a positive and memorable experience for all who traverse its halls.

Rakesh R
2024-01-10 14:33:16 GMT

This bustand very clean compared to other bustand. You can find govt and private bus easily .you can find buses 24×7.

Priya Pai
2023-11-07 12:03:55 GMT

Very good services private bus stop government busstand and city bus every thing u can get very near by. U have good facilities inside busstand every day and night the bus rush and people can seen in side bus stand soo noo need to worry abt the nyt traveller..Its very safe ..

ramesha patil
2023-12-17 15:03:00 GMT

Spacious bus stand connecting North and South karnataka... Hubli, dharwad, bellary, belgaum, pune, mumbai, goa, karwar sirsi, to bangalore, mysore, hassan, madikeri, chickmagalur... Regular , round the clock bys services available. The bus stand houses a restaurant and some shops. Reliance smart bazar is there at the bus stand entrance.

Prajwal HC
2020-01-02 06:44:35 GMT

This is one of the biggest bus terminal in Karnataka and from shimoga there continuous bus lines to main cities and almost more connections and no worries for passengers and Big Bajar also inside the bus stand thus it was constructed very well and it was built's by BS yadiyurappa present chief minister of karnataka and it seems to be around 10 to 12 years old and the bus stand also very neat and clean
And after all this is "Shivamogga"😊🚩the maiden land of travelogue #THE MALNAD

s amareshah
2023-11-12 10:05:32 GMT

Big bus stand , good place , all Karnataka cities buses , available, not clean bus station, properly.

Ajith kumar
2023-09-05 09:59:29 GMT

Nice place
This bus stop have more bus to many roots
This have a PRIVATE BUS STOP also near.
Have a well maintained Toilets.
Have a Backerys.
It has place for night passengers for sleep.
It has a shoping malls.
Has well Auto fesility.

2023-03-27 07:49:59 GMT

Very neat and clean environment with hygienic condition. Platform made me spent sometime to get relax... Keep it up

Adithya Ganesh
2024-01-11 19:25:38 GMT

Good infrastructure. Useful but more maintenance is required to keep it more beautiful

2023-12-17 19:25:14 GMT

Service bus stand and the government bus stand is next to one another. So it's easy to get down and travel anywhere from shivamogga.

thejas K
2023-07-12 08:10:14 GMT

Very big and neat and clean Bus stand from here to all cities bus are available here very planned bus stand. lt is located in centre of the city for here railway station is also very near
All types of hotels are located near the bus stand. Beside there is private bus stand are there. Very neat and clean washroom are here, separate room for ladies to brest feeding

swathi ravin
2024-01-22 00:45:02 GMT

Nice one can find our root buses easily.

Rahamathulla Khazi
2023-09-19 02:28:29 GMT

Shvamogga Bus Terminal is superb very very good Beside this a private Bus Terminal is located so that does who want to go there native place easily they can catch the bus

Chitra B.M
2023-10-05 05:24:43 GMT

Good connections to go anywhere. Very neat & they maintain hygiene

Chandana B.S
2023-11-27 17:12:01 GMT

It's best hygienic bus stand in karnataka

2024-01-18 10:27:17 GMT

One of the Beautiful bus stand in South West India

K.R. Rama Deepak
2023-08-23 09:19:59 GMT

Good connectivity. Karnataka government buses are limited but private operators are there more...

Vittal Rao
2019-08-25 12:27:31 GMT

Public toilet more charging Rs. 14 for 2 urinals only (but rest is good)

2023-06-16 01:42:14 GMT

One of the busiest bus stands in Karnataka. You can get a bus from here to all major destinations. Toilets and waiting halls are available in this terminal.

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