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Updated: March 09, 2024 05:41 AM

Panacam Lodge is located in Lake Yojoa (Lake in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is 7 km del desvío de La Guama, Los Pinos Lago de Yojoa, Honduras.

7 km del desvío de La Guama, Los Pinos Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

V3FV+6W La Guama, Honduras

+504 8881-2553

Questions & Answers

Where is Panacam Lodge?

Panacam Lodge is located at: 7 km del desvío de La Guama, Los Pinos Lago de Yojoa, Honduras.

What is the phone number of Panacam Lodge?

You can try to calling this number: +504 8881-2553

What are the coordinates of Panacam Lodge?

Coordinates: 14.8730536, -87.9052271

Panacam Lodge Reviews

Jared Hammer
2023-11-02 20:16:48 GMT

Awesome little area with beautiful hiking trails and little waterfalls to visit. Great views. Food at the restaurant isn't too bad, and I've heard it's a fun place to spend the night. Good for camping or hardened cabins.

Arden Powell
2024-02-17 21:04:02 GMT

Fabulous place to stay when in Honduras. Trails through the cloud forest. Birders paradise

José Antonio Rivera Smart
2024-01-11 18:10:08 GMT

Great place to spend some time. Relaxing. Family ambient.

Fany Paredes
2023-06-23 01:56:53 GMT

So we stay 4 days 3 nights
The way to the lodge was in good condition
From checking in to the stay and check out was amazing.

We did 2 hikes
Venado and vencejos
We met many people . From guests to employees very friendly .

Alejandro and Rosa were very kind and friendly at the restaurant.
Other waitress and from the cleaning ladies too. The food at the restaurant is delicious.

We had a very nice experience.

Gipsy Duran
2023-04-10 07:49:01 GMT

This place is awesome , people are friendly and the mountain is huge and beautiful the experience is really great! The hike is about 4 hours but We did in 3 hours and half .

2021-07-15 22:30:38 GMT

Wonderful hiking trails, really good food, lots of animals and reptiles to see while hiking. The hummingbird feeders bring lots of hummingbirds to take photos of. Very clean rooms, A/C, balcony view was beautiful! Great place to spend the day or the week!

2022-07-05 14:53:52 GMT

What an absolute gem of serenity. If you're in the area for this hike, you might as well stay here. Great communication (via WhatsApp). I decided to stay here last minute after noticing it near the start of the trailhead of my planned hike. My shuttle from La Ceiba let me off on the main road and a tuk tuk taxi took me the rest of the way for 100L (the driver was recommended by the lodge). The road was unpaved and bumpy, but nothing particularly difficult for anyone who knows what they're doing. Stunning views. The dining area includes outside options in the front and back. You can catch a great view of the lake & sunset from inside the dining area, the porch, or the lawn facing the lake. Birds and bird sounds are everywhere. At night there are little bugs that beautifully light up the grass. There's an outdoor fireplace/chimney thing they'll light for you at night and provide the wood for you to keep it going.

Kid/family friendly. Has the capacity to accommodate multiple large groups. Appears to also be dog friendly. I saw at least one other guest with a dog, but that would need to be verified

My room was affordable and included a nice covered patio with a view of the mountains, AC, hot water, towels, and soap.

The staff was friendly and responsive. They speak Spanish and the person who communicates on Whatsapp speaks perfect English.

WiFi available in the room and dining area. The connection in my room wasn't great, but my room was further away from the center. Cell service is available everywhere in the property and for much of the hike.

I started the hike (counterclockwise, so my first stop was the waterfall) a little after 2:30PM. The 5.9 miles (according to Alltrails) took me a little under 3 hours and 40 minutes with stopping for pictures, stopping at all the waypoints, getting in the water by the falls, climbing the bird watch tower, and doubling back a couple times because I missed a viewpoint. I didn't find the hike to be technically challenging, but I did it barefoot so it likely wasn't as slippery as if I'd worn my hiking shoes. This isn't one of those places where you have to try really hard to find the birds. You'll see the birds. You likely don't want to leave as late as I did if you aren't comfortable being in the dark or without a headlamp. I didn't see a puma, but someone I met here said they did a few days ago. I applied bug repellent after getting what looked like one mosquito bite toward the beginning, but I didn't have to reapply and overall bugs weren't at all an issue. I think I would have been fine without it. Lots of tree coverage so minimal, if any, sunblock is needed.

Ben Elohim
2023-09-10 05:40:11 GMT

a place to enjoy nature.
lots of colibrí birds will be flying around

Sandra Carolina (Sandra)
2019-12-15 18:56:26 GMT

The room was neat and comfortable. The trips to the mountain were awesome and extreme. We could watch some beautiful birds and other animals. The food was delicious. The staff was kind and attentive.

Janneke Holzner
2018-06-23 16:00:58 GMT

What an awesome place!!!

You can camp (I can't remember the price sorry!) And the facilities are really good - toilets and showers nearby, place to charge phones, covered area to eat and make food. The lodge has a restaurant.

We were there through the week and were two of only four guests. We heard it would be much busier on the weekend.

There were a range of different hikes - the long one took us about 2-3 hours and was really well marked.

Note: if, like us, you're planning to cycle up, do no underestimate the road up. It is steep. So incredibly steep. I had to walk my bike!!!

Jonathan Burkholder
2019-07-08 04:05:34 GMT

This is a great place to hike and enjoy nature. There are several trails of varying lengths and difficulties. The longest leads up into a cloud forest ecosystem. A shorter hike leads down to a small waterfall nestled in the forest with a small pool of water at the bottom - a great place for small children to splash and get their feet wet. One of the great attractions is the hummingbird feeder on the deck of the lodge - not at all uncommon to see a dozen or so hummingbirds at once. The feeders are also in good view from the restaurant dining tables. There are also cabins for overnight visits. If you enjoy tropical forests you will enjoy this place.

Andrew Gill
2019-03-10 02:03:19 GMT

Very well run park, looking walking trails with beautiful views of the forest and the lake. Be prepared to hike, at the altitude you might find it harder than you're used to. They have nice lodging and a restaurant offering traditional Honduran food and some more North American fare.

Jonathan I H
2019-09-20 05:28:51 GMT

Really really loved this place, cabins were bigger than expected!!
Staff very friendly, and the restaurant had some very good food at a decent price... Trails were great to see, and hiking was awesome!!!!
We would stay there again in a second...
The road going there needs a little work, but other than that everything was GREAT!

Lynette Martin
2023-06-20 05:51:06 GMT

It’s a great place to go hiking and an awesome view.

Marcelo Hernandez
2021-10-24 22:40:19 GMT

Best hiking trail in Lago de Yojoa, if you get there early enough you will be able to see a vast variety of birds and wildlife. Definitely a gem from the lake!

Acouple Withoutborders
2020-03-03 14:55:38 GMT

They really know how to build a nature lodge! We stayed in the newer Oropendola building which was incredible. We were on the second floor and our balcony overlooked a tree with nesting Chestnut headed Oropendolas. The room was simply fantastic. Large space, big desk to work at, and nice shelving for your belongings. Screens were in great shape (so bugs wouldn't get in) and they had glass "Doors" that you can swing shut to further close the windows. This should be in every lodge in the jungle. Really a great amenity. Also had thick curtains you can pull over the windows. Large ants were plentiful in the bathroom but thats the only insects inside. We truly loved the rooms.
The property was amazing with a tower for viewing birds and wildlife that was well maintained. You could stop at each level, viewing different sections of the forest and they had graphics explaining some of the birds. Many well marked trails (we saw a family of coatis on one) and they do a great job of maintaining the grounds.
The dining area was beautiful, as was the large deck with hummingbird feeders.
Breakfast was included (they gave us coupons to present the next morning) but other meals were not and were ordered from their restaurant menu. Great working wifi, including in the guest rooms.

Mauricio Figueroa
2023-04-07 02:55:55 GMT

Excelent camping facilities, nice trails for hiking, knowledgaboe and friendly staff, excellent food in the restaurant

Karin Omar Alcerro
2019-01-16 07:15:48 GMT

Panacam is the perfect place where you can connect exercise, nature and a wonderful day with your family, friends or couple.
The restaurant in the place serves decent food at a decent price, good preparation also. The views to the Yojoa Lake and the nearby communities, the birds views, and the experience walking through the forest take you places of calm you can’t experience everyday.

Garrobo Saurus
2021-12-26 02:31:51 GMT

Best place in Honduras to see nature beaty... saw alot tucans in the morning, place is nice in the midle rain forest...amaizing water water falls, hiking trials the best, nature at best... definitely we are coming back...

Joel Tabora
2023-09-07 22:46:07 GMT

This is my favorite place to get away and renew my spirit, cleanse my soul. Love it.

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