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Updated: March 17, 2024 09:00 AM

Honduyate is located in Lake Yojoa (Lake in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is CA-5, Sector Lago de Yojoa, Honduras.

CA-5, Sector Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

V25W+26 Sector Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

+504 9550-6321

Questions & Answers

Where is Honduyate?

Honduyate is located at: CA-5, Sector Lago de Yojoa, Honduras.

What is the phone number of Honduyate?

You can try to calling this number: +504 9550-6321

What are the coordinates of Honduyate?

Coordinates: 14.8575754, -87.9544907

Honduyate Reviews

Carlos Rosas
2024-03-08 20:55:26 GMT

Food was great! We also had a boat tour of Lake Yojoa, it was fun experience

2018-05-31 16:20:44 GMT

Overall excellent. Very cozy and great attention to detail. Excellent service, great food, awesone accommodations. British afternoon tea a nice touch. Great location to see local attractions. Owner's use of recycled materials in artistic manner adds unique beauty to the grounds. Pet friendly a plus.

Kevin Bueso
2012-12-29 04:38:54 GMT

This place is located just off Highway CA-5, which is the main highway crossing Honduras. It is located about 2 hours from the San Pedro Sula airport. I would highly recommend staying at this location instead of staying at any upscale hotel in San Pedro. In our case, we had a 7am flight out of San Pedro and we wanted to stay nearby but not within San Pedro Sula and this place worked out really well.
- Boarding for individuals (romantic), groups
- Cottage-type of rooms (this kind of room is where we stayed) family of 6 and I were able to stay here for under $90.00 (granted this was off season)
- Restaurant: highly recommend the restaurant...if you are going to ask for fish and you prefer it well done...ask them to overcook it. This would be my recommendation on the dish (fish dinner). Also...keep in mind you are probably going to have to wait between 30-minutes to 1 hour before the food is served.
- Souvenir Shop: They have a small souvenir shop, which has a lot of goodies made by local indigenous groups. My recommendation is to skip it because of the prices. High prices and you will find cheaper goodies at the airport made by the same local groups.
- Boat rides: rides around the lake are offered at certain hours. We got there past the hours so we couldn't experience this.
We stayed at a cottage-type of room, where they had bunk beds and probably as many as 10 people could sleep in one room/individual beds and there were two rooms. One with a private full bathroom. There was a living-room type area and another shared full bathroom. The three rooms had TVs, they were all clean. The bathrooms were clean. Noise could be a problem since it is off the highway but it didn't bother us. The shower did offer hot\cold water. The shower would do some weird sounds when it was warming the water up but other than that...the water came out cold or hot...granted the hot water runs out but wait for a bit and more hot water will come up. The weird sound was a sign the hot water was coming.
Overall...I highly recommend it. You'll find everything in one place with a nice view.

Tania Reyes
2020-11-01 00:52:46 GMT

Excelente place, great food a lot of things to do, very nice room very clean and great staff. Great for family and friends.

2018-06-24 15:16:25 GMT

Awesome place. Tried to catch some Tilapa, but no luck. Alot of locals fishing, so they must be there. Next time for sure.

Jose Luis Matute
2023-01-01 01:04:15 GMT

Nice place for rest, for enjoy a sunset, a romantic place, delicious margaritas, best hamburgers in yojoa Lake zone.

Fabiola wills
2017-05-14 18:03:36 GMT

Very beautiful place, it has an excellent lake view. The food is the best around this area.

Andrés Gómez
2018-08-14 20:40:53 GMT

Nice place, very good restaurant and not so expensive. The lake view is relaxing.

Robert Durrette
2016-02-23 17:31:47 GMT

A classic place to stay at Lake Yojoa. Try the fried cheese or the Blueberry Pie. Great views from their second story.

Gilberto Flores-Walter
2018-05-21 01:20:28 GMT

One of the best places around the lake to stay, excellent accommodations, great food and a lot of activities to choose from near by.

Daniela Lainez
2018-11-25 01:49:35 GMT

Amazing experience, very good food and a very relaxed atmosphere, highly recommend it.

carlos alvarenga
2022-02-14 13:22:14 GMT

Nice view. Perfect place to rest a weekend.

Michael G
2019-01-04 17:11:03 GMT

Clean rooms. Hot water. Good prices. Beautiful views. Friendly owners and staff.

Jose Schoberl
2021-05-24 19:58:03 GMT

Beutifull place if your hungry on the road and want to relax for a bite

Roman Morales
2017-02-04 19:54:33 GMT

Great place for pictures and having a nice evening with your family.

Michael J Miller Jr
2022-01-29 00:28:47 GMT

Excellant place to relax and watch nature.

2020-09-27 05:16:52 GMT

Great service, good food and location.

Jennifer Balduff
2017-04-14 00:04:25 GMT

Beautiful scenery, amazing food & wonderful accommodations!

VEF Bendeck
2018-09-08 20:38:53 GMT

Best restaurant between San Pedro and Tegucigalpa

Jeffery Peercy
2022-01-19 18:11:52 GMT

Very nice place Calm

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Lake Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras with a surface area of 79 square kilometers and an average depth of 15 meters. At an altitude of 700 meters, it lies in a depression formed by volcanoes. source

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