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Book store in Lille

Updated: March 12, 2024 12:55 AM

Furet du Nord is located in Lille (City in France), France. It's address is 15 Pl. du Général de Gaulle, 59800 Lille, France.

15 Pl. du Général de Gaulle, 59800 Lille, France

J3P7+M6 Lille, France

+33 3 20 78 43 43

Check Time Table for Furet du Nord

Monday9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Thursday9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Friday9:30 AM to 7:30 PM
Saturday9:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Furet du Nord?

Furet du Nord is located at: 15 Pl. du Général de Gaulle, 59800 Lille, France.

What is the phone number of Furet du Nord?

You can try to calling this number: +33 3 20 78 43 43

What are the coordinates of Furet du Nord?

Coordinates: 50.6366861, 3.063043

Furet du Nord Reviews

Geraldine Virriot
2022-06-07 10:13:52 GMT

My favorite bookstore. Nice staff. Awesome view on the grand place from up top. Found some nice parisian gifts for my American friends

Diana Hernández
2019-04-21 05:04:45 GMT

A huge library of 7 floors where you can find a wide variety of books about different topics (from classics to comics, from medicine to magazines), there also is a space where you can go and read. You can also find stationary products, cards or even a souvenir of Lille.

Sandy Martinez
2023-06-17 17:57:57 GMT

Many floors full of all kinds of books. They was also an office section with notebooks and school supplies. Great selection of items.

2023-07-14 08:42:28 GMT

Great selection and the staff is friendly and helpful

Methma Imbuldeniya
2022-05-02 17:00:35 GMT

Loved the smell of books. Thanks for the service you guys bring and loads of books on display. I got my favourite English reads, from the Crime section. Everything orderly arranged, with a neat setup which is helful when finding specific books from specific genres. Good work people!!

Andjelka Stefanovic
2023-08-01 11:12:03 GMT

I adore this place. To buy something and to lose myself inside, forget about everything outside

Rock Akiki
2019-09-26 08:12:13 GMT

First I want to say that workers there are so respectful and helpful, they really know what you are looking for. Second what I loved is the large pool of prices for the same product so you can an elegant pen for 20 euros or for an astonishing 2000 euros. Really big library many items: regional, national and international nice going guys.

2020-12-05 04:32:02 GMT

Gigantic, beautiful, modern and complete. A dream of a bookstore for any major metropolis, let alone a mid-sized city like Lille! Truly impressive. The only downside, really, is that the selection of foreign-language books could be more diverse in terms of languages.

Kiley Simpson
2018-12-02 10:43:24 GMT

Absolutely wonderful bookstore. I had walked past many times without realizing it was there until a friend of mine took me inside recently.
There are multiple floors filled with books and household objects, as well as special notes left on books to tell potential buyers about them and surprise books wrapped in gift paper! I will be coming back often. It's well organized with many staff members available on all floors to help you find what you need. Probably my favorite place in Lille!

Y. P.
2018-10-05 08:19:48 GMT

Really awesome bookstore that's located in the heart of Lille. From the outside, you would never guess just how big it is on the inside. It has pretty much everything that you could think of and more. Highly recommend to visit even if you're not looking to buy anything. Yes, the experience is that good!

Richard Hargreaves
2019-09-20 17:38:21 GMT

Superb bookshop. Not just the best in Lille, but one of the best in northwest Europe. Very well stocked. Nicely laid out. Could do with some seats to help with browsing, otherwise eight storeys of book heaven

2023-04-29 18:55:05 GMT

Very nice cashieer guy downstairs, I really respect english skills and smiling in France customer service.

Ludo van Orden
2019-05-07 18:59:40 GMT

Huge store! Besides books they sell office supplies, vinyls and loads of other items. Fun place to do some shopping, both just when looking around and for when you need something (they’ll probably have the book you’re looking for).

2023-07-11 12:03:39 GMT

English spoken by some staff. Good selection of books and mostly reasonable prices

Andrew Bally
2021-09-09 05:33:22 GMT

Great book store. From basement to seventh floor, there is lots to see. Main access us via stairs (but there is a small lift available!)

John Maletka
2018-09-12 06:11:30 GMT

Huge bookshop. If you like books this place is heaven. But if you don't like stairs, well there is always the lift. Prices are good and the staff very helpful. If you don't like Amazon this is the place to be.

2021-12-30 23:41:44 GMT

Of course 5 stars. Best selection in the area. Professionals to advise you on all floors, you want or need a book -> the place to go.

Antoine Ragot
2020-08-14 08:00:17 GMT

If you're looking for a book, it's the best place in Lille. Large choice on 7floor.
You can also find board games, goodies, magazines, gift, video games, music school supplies...

Ana Maria Velez
2016-11-13 14:08:59 GMT

I really loved this bookshop, if I had more time I would have stayed longer. It's very big and it has all kind of books/literature, worth a visit even if you're a tourist.

Jan Torfs
2019-03-07 14:28:13 GMT

This is the largest bookstore in Europe and once for a few years the largest in the world. It is located on the beautiful Place du Géneral de Gaulle. It has been established since 1959.
Originally there was a shop here in fur, but in 1936 the business was transformed into a bookstore with retention, oddly enough, of the name of the business. From then on, this company continued to expand and from 1996 the first bookstore appeared on the internet. Today they already have 20 branches, of which 2 in Belgium. Visit highly recommended.

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