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Updated: April 12, 2024 04:48 PM

A&A Asian Food Store is located in Tallinn (Capital of Estonia), Estonia. It's address is Väike-Ameerika 30, 10129 Tallinn, Estonia.

Väike-Ameerika 30, 10129 Tallinn, Estonia

CPGH+2J Tallinn, Estonia

+372 5828 7428

Check Time Table for A&A Asian Food Store

Monday1 to 6:30 PM
Tuesday1 to 6:30 PM
Wednesday1 to 6:30 PM
Thursday1 to 6:30 PM
Friday1 to 6:30 PM
Saturday1 to 6:30 PM
Sunday1 to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is A&A Asian Food Store?

A&A Asian Food Store is located at: Väike-Ameerika 30, 10129 Tallinn, Estonia.

What is the phone number of A&A Asian Food Store?

You can try to calling this number: +372 5828 7428

What are the coordinates of A&A Asian Food Store?

Coordinates: 59.4251164, 24.7291188

A&A Asian Food Store Reviews

Cherie Lau
2022-12-23 10:12:27 GMT

What an amazing experience! The store owner is the nicest lady ever! My friends and I visited Tallinn for Christmas and wanted to get food for Chinese hotpot. This was the only place in the city that sold asian food and unfortunately, that day was holiday so all shops were closed, including this one. We called the shop and the store owner purposely came to open the store for us, knowing that we were looking for hotpot ingredients. Truly the best reflection of kindness in Estonia, must visit for all kinds of Asian food! :)

Casper Zhu
2022-08-17 10:21:34 GMT

It’s super fast delivery from Estonia to me in Latvia. I am very pleased with good pack service and follow up service of the shop. The delivery company was also very responsible. The products are in very good condition and fresh dates. Thanks once again.

2022-05-11 20:04:12 GMT

Best Asian food-store in Tallinn!!
I'm sharing these pictures, some of what I bought from A&A Asian food store and I must share these, only 1 of the thing's(ingrediences, apart from the fresh, chinese cabbages etc,)) I need for making Kimchi is not in that store!
The people are nice, overly so, they go out of their way to show how welcoming, loving they are to their customers!
They compliment their regular-customers with attitude, speech.
I absolutely think if anyone can be as fun and sweet as they are, even in town, so strange to Asian culture, these workers-owners of an Asian foodstore, they will definitely be!
Also! Though not as cheap we will hear in Korean(Chinese) dramas the ingredience's are, we see the differences between different Tallinn's asian groceries and these seem to be the most reasonable! 😍😍

Diệp Trần Ngọc
2023-08-19 17:33:32 GMT

They have lots of things that you can't find elsewhere (i.e. the only zongzis in Tallinn?) but also some options where you can find cheaper elsewhere. I love the fact that a product request feature is offered!

Diana Olonen
2022-07-22 15:05:31 GMT

It took some time for me to go check out the shop but I made it. Needed just my regular staff for this time, so took just few things.And I must say, I love it🥰😍the ladies were so kind and friendly and helpful. The shop was so cozy and nice 😌 It was +28°C in outside and they had fan and nice cool atmosphere.the shop has all the essentials and basic you want and need, when it comes to Asian food. 😌😋 Will definitely come back regularly.
Thank You for bringing Asian food to Estonia and fabulous service 😌🙇‍♀

sophie zhang
2022-07-16 15:28:31 GMT

I came Tallinn for business and this place has saved my life. The store has excellent brands of food and the service is really nice. There are so many different ranges of products . Thanks so much! It is already my top favorite store in Tallinn 🥰

Patric L
2022-05-10 10:57:38 GMT

I am so glad me and my fiancé found A&A as this store is wonderful. It has a wide range of Asian products, good prices, and wholesome customer service. Our order got shipped super quickly and everything was safely packed. 100% recommend!

Kairi Peial
2024-02-14 13:29:40 GMT

Lovely service! Lots of drinks, snacks and food to choose from, for great prices. Will definitely visit again

2022-01-04 21:20:55 GMT

This place is amazing!! It’s so hard to come by authentic Asian snacks and cooking ingredients in Estonia and I’m so glad that A&A is here! The prices are unbelievably cheap. Feels like a dream come true~

The owners are so kind!! 太谢谢了!

2024-03-26 14:11:57 GMT

The atmosphere was warm and cozy, the owners were lovely and welcoming, strongly recommend going here! :D

2023-10-02 10:37:16 GMT

I loveee this store!! The service is so nice and the snacks and drinks there are super good! The place itself is also very cute and cozy, if I would live closer to the store then I'd be there 24/7💞💞I recommend!!!

Aleksandra Sazoņika
2023-05-09 06:14:24 GMT

I got my parcel very quickly and it’s amazing! Quality of product is really cool and little gift made my day. Thank you very much! I will come back to your store very soon!
Sincerely your
Aleksandra from Latvia.

Frank-Leander Sapego
2021-09-16 08:54:20 GMT

The best Asian food store in town! So much variety, new stuff coming in all the time. Never disappoints. A strong recommend

Drukmo Gyal
2023-04-13 05:51:35 GMT

I got everything I needed for making delicious kimchi (minus cabbage)… The shop owner and staff are kind and helpful when I had questions about certain products. I highly recommend shopping here if you are looking for authentic ingredients for making Asian gourmet at home in Tallinn.

Gabriela Kazlauskaite
2022-12-28 06:34:37 GMT

This shop is amazing! I’m ordering from abroad and the prices are affordable, the products are always in great condition and there are plenty of products to choose from. Nevertheless, the best part is their staff with great communication skills. Overall, best experience ordering and buying from this store!

Evelina Ovdey
2021-07-29 09:04:00 GMT

This is a new store for me. They sell everything from Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries. Prices are not too high, but I liked the atmosphere! I’ll be back for some snacks soon. 😇

2022-05-04 14:39:35 GMT

Very authentic Chinese Japanese Asian foods supermarket. U can get a lot of local snacks. Very nice and kind owner of the shop.

Tracy Zheng
2022-12-24 05:48:49 GMT

The best asian fold store in Tallinn with good variety of products! my friends and I had an amazing hotpot dinner thanks to the kind lady - the shop was originally closed for Christmas holidays that day but after talking to them on the phone the kind lady arranged to meet up with us and let us in so that we can get ingredients. Just made our christmas dinner that much more special :)

Andrew Klevtsov
2023-08-03 14:47:25 GMT

Very nice selection of products, good prices and friendly atmosphere, there are not a lot of places like that in Tallinn.

Nichole Pono Weimer
2022-03-31 09:59:11 GMT

A&A is a staple in my shopping now to get specialized ingredients that I can't find elsewhere in Tallinn and at really competitive prices. The new location is adorable and like a sweet little cottage filled with amazing products. Anya, the owner, is very kind and incredibly helpful with any questions I may have! I highly recommend checking out A&A :)

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