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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:39 AM

Lennusadam is located in Tallinn (Capital of Estonia), Estonia. It's address is Vesilennuki 6, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia.

Vesilennuki 6, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

FP2Q+M8 Tallinn, Estonia

+372 620 0545

Questions & Answers

Where is Lennusadam?

Lennusadam is located at: Vesilennuki 6, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia.

What is the phone number of Lennusadam?

You can try to calling this number: +372 620 0545

What are the coordinates of Lennusadam?

Coordinates: 59.451706, 24.7383739

Lennusadam Reviews

Bubble Jung
2023-12-12 14:03:41 GMT

If you are museum and marine lover, don’t miss this museum is huge and nice design. Enjoy walking to look submarine, history of boat. After walk you can enjoy food up stairs with a lot choice of drink and food. Spend more time here is worth.

Kyle Fields
2023-12-07 19:09:45 GMT

One of the best and most interactive museums I have been to in a long time. It is so well thought out and organized. The bottom level has a lot of things visitors can interact with.
I learned so much here

I bought my ticket at a digital kiosk as soon as I walked in! So easy!

Highly recommend

Andrada Adelaida Patrascanu
2023-12-29 12:43:56 GMT

Very nice museum to visit if you‘re interested in history and ships-related stuff. A big plus if you have children: there are a lot of games that keep the kids entertained.

Marina S
2023-12-29 08:49:05 GMT

The Lennusadam Maritime Museum in Tallinn is a fascinating destination for family outings, especially with children. This museum, housed in a historical seaplane hangar, offers a unique glimpse into Estonia's maritime past. It's an excellent place to bring your son, as it features interactive exhibits, including submarines and a variety of seafaring vessels. To fully appreciate everything Lennusadam has to offer, it's advisable to allocate at least two hours for your visit, ensuring you have ample time to explore all its intriguing displays and activities.

Stewart McKane
2023-09-16 06:59:17 GMT

Fascinating, so much to explore - take your time and soak it in. Audio guide not essential, but be warned that there will be school groups and the shape of the building will make the noise echo. If you time your visit well, you'll escape that and be able to roam almost freely.

Ia Kakichashvili
2023-09-11 17:20:07 GMT

Wow and my deepest respect for the exhibition creators!!!! Especially I was impressed with submarine and the interactivity the museum is giving. I am very much impressed and really would state this wonderful museum for everyone interested in Marne and Air craft.

Jasper Lamoen
2023-11-24 19:30:16 GMT

Absolutely amazing museum. I don't understand why this isn't advertised more! Lots of interactive exhibitions, the chance to go into an actual submarine. Then it continues outside with a massive icebreaker ship. At first it seems you can only go on a small part of the deck, but there is a small sign in one of the doors that you can go in and visit all over the ship, including the engine rooms. Cannot recommend this museum more for anyone visiting Tallinn.

Ivan Kuprijanov
2024-02-16 06:36:00 GMT

The museum's extensive grounds house truly unique exhibits, including the entire submarine Lembit, various smaller sport vessels, and even the remains of a medieval boat. You'll find multiple Soviet and some German artillery units, primarily from military ships, that can be touched and operated to some extent. Occasionally, the museum hosts fascinating temporary exhibitions, such as the one showcasing contemporary sailors on long voyages. What sets this place apart is its ability to host banquets and public events on its spacious premises, typically in the evening after regular museum visitors have left.

Daniel Troyo
2023-09-17 17:14:12 GMT

Bought Tallin Card, so this museum was included. I recommend around 2 to 3 hours to watch all the ships and exhibitions properly. Could be done in 2 hours but in a rush. Good informative exhibitions (All in English), interesting ships in exhibitions outside. Totally recommended.

Andreea Sfetcu
2023-08-16 12:29:10 GMT

Very attractive and not overwhelmed museum. Interesting for preschool children as for adults. As the museum is big in space, there is no overcrowded. You have the possibility to play with a "fake" plane simulator or with little boats by water and many interactive activities, dress up like a captain or sailor.. and make photos :D. You can spend minimum 2.5-3 hours and not getting bored neither.
The best one is to get inside of Lembit submarine.

Diogo Santo
2023-08-29 16:33:33 GMT

Really interesting museum! Loved it. Has unique boats and the submarine. The information is quite interesting with the history of the museum and the 3 parts that compose the museum. Recommend. Don't miss the boats outside

Sofia Kontzedaki
2023-12-10 21:34:46 GMT

Impressive museum! Interactive games for kids ( flight simulator, drive Kris Kraft and boats) A real submarine to visit and get all the excitement!

Annija Mazapša
2023-12-03 12:46:44 GMT

This was a wonderful place for children and adults. Lots of things to explore, enjoy, experiment with. We planned to spend 2 hours there, but ended up staying for 4 hours. And still there were things that wwere left unexplored. We will return!

Davide Baraglia
2023-08-27 20:42:14 GMT

Amazing museum. I highly recommend the audio guide, for it is very inspirational and adds some information to the many, many informative panels. The museum has an interactive area and a kids area. The submarine is truly a unique experience!

Martin Holoubek
2023-08-27 07:13:22 GMT

Very interesting museum with an exposition about naval history - the highlight being a submarine you can get into and walk through. There are also plenty of interactive pieces, which were a lot of fun not only for children.

David Edery
2023-08-09 06:36:57 GMT

Excellent museum, featuring a submarine from the 1930s that you can walk around in. There are many good interactive exhibits, including a flight simulator in a fake plane (the plane moves while you pilot it, everyone enjoyed that.) Unfortunately, several of the interactive exhibits were broken, but enough were still working that this museum deserves five stars - it was our favorite of the trip. I hope the museum gets on top of the maintenance before anything else breaks!

Davide Rossetto
2023-06-09 12:11:43 GMT

Not bought the ticket but walked through the surroundings of the museum.
I’ll say for me it’s enough as you can see many old military ships with a description on their past history. If I had more time I would have gone inside the museum, but also I would recommend to pass by

2023-08-25 12:55:47 GMT

Really cool museum. First time walking thorough an actual submarine. The BEST part??? Their cafe is INCREDIBLE. The best artichoke pasta I’ve EVER had and the very spicy 🌶 red pepper soup was AMAZING. We are talking Michelin star level. ⭐ Totally unexpected.

Wicor Jeg
2023-11-20 14:22:57 GMT

Fantastic building, brilliantly lit and arranged around the star of the show - the "Lembit" submarine dating from the 1930s. Great fun exploring inside it.
There's also quite a lot of interactive stuff to do as well, mainly aimed at kids, e.g. flying a biplane. Also an icebreaking ship outside to look around. Nice café overlooking the museum.
Really worthwhile visiting and easy to get to and from, from either the harbour (if you've come from Helsinki) or the old town by bus. We made use of the Tallin card which covers this museum (as well as many others and churches etc) as well as the buses.

Dorota Trapczyńska
2023-09-09 20:15:58 GMT

The best museum in Tallin, really worth the visit. You will need at least 4 hours to experience everything. The submarine is simply the main object. Very interactive, friendly, enjoyable for whole family.

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