Balti Jaama Turg

Market in Tallinn

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:39 AM

Balti Jaama Turg is located in Tallinn (Capital of Estonia), Estonia. It's address is Kopli 1, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia.

Kopli 1, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia

CPRM+FX Tallinn, Estonia

+372 515 7211

Check Time Table for Balti Jaama Turg

Monday9 AM to 7 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 7 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 7 PM
Thursday9 AM to 7 PM
Friday9 AM to 7 PM
Saturday9 AM to 7 PM
Sunday9 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Balti Jaama Turg?

Balti Jaama Turg is located at: Kopli 1, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia.

What is the phone number of Balti Jaama Turg?

You can try to calling this number: +372 515 7211

What are the coordinates of Balti Jaama Turg?

Coordinates: 59.4412232, 24.7349656

Balti Jaama Turg Reviews

2024-01-23 12:15:54 GMT

Beautiful market located right near the train station and local tram stops. Great food and lots of beautiful shops too visit. Recommended to visitors and locals looking for a quick bite or day of shopping and relaxing.

Bubble Jung
2023-12-12 13:57:20 GMT

First time here,searching interesting market and here after reached smell of food and Fresh ingredients fruit and meat including fish. Really nice. When walk around there have second floor for vintage thing and a lot of shop. You will be enjoy eating and shopping in the same place here!

Nanni Akkola
2024-02-09 21:16:07 GMT

One of my favorite places in Tallinn.
Nice restaurants, secondhand shops and other clothing in very fair price.
Selver is great,too.

Antique section is the best after all, at least to wander around.
There's always Christmas...

2024-02-08 20:27:52 GMT

Love this modern concept an old-fashioned open-air marketplace. Housing it in huge building that is sheltered and heated makes visiting so much more enjoyable. The place is very clean, spacious and has warm, robust vibes.

At the basement is a huge garage with lots of parking spaces. Parking is time based. On entry, you get a parking card at the gantry abd you pay the the kiosk on the way out.

Here's a huge marketplace with fresh produce, bakery, seafood counters and on the top floor is a bazaar of small shops selling apparels and antiques. It was fascinating visiting the antique stalls where there are still much relics from the Communist era.

There are so many different food options! Each stall has its own speciality. There is table seating in the foodcourt area or counter seating at the stalls.

There is a healthy crowd here. There are lots of people but it is still comfortable. It can take a little time to find a vacant table to eat at.

We spent about 4 hours here, taking our time to browse the stalls, shopping and having a meal.

Lóri Fejes
2023-12-29 19:16:58 GMT

Our first “tourist” experience in Tallinn was coming here, and it was outstanding! It took a minute to find the antiques on the top floor, but it was rewarding, walking around aisles and aisles full of treasures not just from Soviet times. On the ground floor we couldn’t not buy any of the tasty dishes and snacks being offered. This is a really modern market hall with the charm and spirit of any old one—the perfect mix and the perfect way to spend your morning!

Costas Kyriacou
2023-09-26 08:59:30 GMT

Really cool market has lots of different items, food clothing, and antiques nice place to wonder around and get a bite to eat.

2023-07-06 15:21:10 GMT

A nice market place next to the train station. You could find some very fresh fruits and berries here. The place is really nice with a lot of options for grabbing a quick bite.
On the top floor, you can find a collection of small shops that sell clothes and other fancy stuff. There’s also a whole section of vintage market which is amazing. Although the shops are small, the prices are on the higher side.
The whole market is really a nice place to hang out and you can buy some stuff like souvenirs here. They are quite cheaper here. A must visit place if you are in Tallinn.

2023-09-23 14:30:40 GMT

Definitely pass by the Chinese place🫠
Thinking about days after visiting)

The bazaar in general has a good selection of everything.

And don't repeat my mistakes: if you want to bring caviar to someone as a present - buy a thermobag, as caviar is not supposed to be out of the fringe for longer than a couple of hours...

Davide Baraglia
2023-08-26 16:59:59 GMT

Very nice market, with lots of shops and people but not overcrowded. There is a very big second floor with second-hand clothes and accessories, a ground floor with fresh meat and vegetables and the likes and a bar / snack area, single shops in small cubicles, and a big supermarket in the floor bell the ground. Great to spend one hour or two exploring, tasting, trying and buying!

Javier Sánchez
2023-10-14 12:27:14 GMT

Amazing place to visit in Tallin, specially during the weekend. A lot to taste and experience! Provided a great cover for the rain and lunch/beer time

2023-12-16 07:39:02 GMT

Highly recommend this burger shop.
high quality burger, good taste, cripy pate(hushbrown), you have to try beyond smash burger if you go there.

ian griffin
2023-10-08 11:37:07 GMT

Lots of different food stalls, lots of different varieties of food on three floors, the flea market is amazing lots of ex soviet memorabilia, badges photographs from god knows where, old cameras, badges and German ww2 war medals, amazing.

DJ Osh
2022-11-20 10:27:06 GMT

Great indoor market. The range of fresh and dried, pickled, jarred produce here is stunning. Lots of little places to eat. Upstairs is a general market with clothes and pretty much everything you might need. Toilets are free and good.

Robert Ailey
2023-09-04 19:04:40 GMT

Brilliant place to have a look around and eat though I would avoid the shacks as you go in past the fruit stalls. Keep exploring through the back to see all that the area has to offer

Kari Q.
2023-07-25 11:05:48 GMT

A gorgeous market, clean and spacious, everything from meats to vegetable plus much more. Great antique and vintage clothing area as well. A must visit

finn hammern
2023-09-04 09:09:34 GMT

Aesthetic market with all kinds of shops. Nice athmosphere. Would recommend checking it out while visiting Tallinn.

Julianna Backlund
2023-07-03 10:43:39 GMT

Great place. Many fruit and food stalls. Inside the mall you can find many beautiful secondhand things. Some prices are a little high but it was still nice to look around.

&Tilly [andtillycom]
2022-07-09 18:42:35 GMT

This is my most favorite indoor market I’ve ever visited (Barcelona, Budapest, Stockholm, Helsinki...). Functionality, architecture, large enough, clean and feels very COSY!

It’s obvious that every seller, no matter whether food, clothes, sweets, vegetables, vintage clothes, antiques has a concept and clean design and focus on quality. A visitor gets a value, not a tourist trap.

A must go if you are in Tallinn. I’m just curious if the place will keep the vibe for another 10+ years.

2023-07-22 06:48:06 GMT

Love the variety of food and market hall style shopping.
Plenty of eating options, street food, coffee and fruits.
And if you are looking for a costume for a dress up party, you will find options

Terrence Trevias
2023-07-29 08:36:11 GMT

Wonderful location for fresh produce, shopping, and food. Both an indoor and outdoor aspect that would appeal to all types of customers. Would highly recommend visiting.

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