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Updated: June 01, 2024 10:31 AM

MEDION Fabrikverkauf is located in Essen (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Schönscheidtstraße 100, 45307 Essen, Germany.

Schönscheidtstraße 100, 45307 Essen, Germany

F357+MF Essen, Germany

+49 201 22099505

Check Time Table for MEDION Fabrikverkauf

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday10 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is MEDION Fabrikverkauf?

MEDION Fabrikverkauf is located at: Schönscheidtstraße 100, 45307 Essen, Germany.

What is the phone number of MEDION Fabrikverkauf?

You can try to calling this number: +49 201 22099505

What are the coordinates of MEDION Fabrikverkauf?

Coordinates: 51.4592034, 7.0636851

MEDION Fabrikverkauf Reviews

Eric Schmieder
2024-04-27 16:01:27 GMT

Good deal on PC.

Zelimir Graf
2022-12-30 14:10:28 GMT

Great electronic devices

Bogdan-Mircea Bodnarescu
2021-04-30 13:47:25 GMT

Huge hall where all sorts of Medion Outlet Products are sold. Unfortunately at the moment only click and collect is possible. You can get some really excellent offers if you su scribe to their newsletter!

Maung Pu Naing
2021-07-05 15:32:53 GMT

Best prices on offer.... factory outlet in Stadt Essen
Got a tablet pc for 129€ .. that rocks

Cynthia Jusi
2017-11-28 09:26:13 GMT

They have an array of digital equipment that are both affordable and of good quality.

Massimo Giorgi
2024-02-27 16:35:26 GMT


Woah Dude
2018-08-02 20:01:02 GMT

Nice staff, a lot of great gadgets and acceptable to good prices

lotus os
2024-03-07 07:44:49 GMT


Jad El Farran
2022-05-02 11:42:51 GMT

Good prices and amazing deals 👌

Md Nishad Hasan Nipun
2023-04-20 18:15:56 GMT

A big showroom. I got a discount.

Vasily Platonov
2022-08-25 22:00:52 GMT

Very good prices!

Ercan Kavaktepe
2022-08-14 08:31:30 GMT

İ think it is the cheapest brand in germany.

Simon Wright
2017-01-31 13:05:18 GMT

Great for cheap electronics and small household appliances

Joerg Heinlein
2023-09-26 13:29:44 GMT

Super Service.👍

Kirstin Müller
2023-12-15 07:34:27 GMT


Hassan Has
2019-05-08 13:03:13 GMT


Oweis Muhammad (Travel with Me)
2018-09-03 16:43:06 GMT

Good place for electronic shopping.

Benjamin Okon Mensah
2020-02-05 06:27:31 GMT

Cheap and looks good...!

maurizio ruffolo
2023-02-24 17:21:45 GMT

Gut 😁 👍

achim maischeider
2018-12-27 22:47:34 GMT

imer gut

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Essen is the central and, after Dortmund, second-largest city of the Ruhr, the largest urban area in Germany. Its population of 579,432 makes it the fourth-largest city of North Rhine-Westphalia after Cologne, Düsseldorf and Dortmund, as well as the ninth-largest city of Germany. source

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