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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:38 AM

English Garden is located in Munich (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Munich, Germany.

Munich, Germany

5J74+M6 Munich, Germany

+49 89 38666390

Questions & Answers

Where is English Garden?

English Garden is located at: Munich, Germany.

What is the phone number of English Garden?

You can try to calling this number: +49 89 38666390

What are the coordinates of English Garden?

Coordinates: 48.1642323, 11.6055522

English Garden Reviews

Eva Munch
2023-10-03 07:34:55 GMT

Definitely a park to visit when in Munich. The English garden is very peaceful, there are many walking trails, places to sit and have a picnic or stop at the Chinese Tower where you can purchase delicious food and drinks. Don't miss the area where the river surfing 🌊 takes place. Usually 10 or more surfers line up to get their turn. All ages, young and old! We were here at the end of September 2023. Beautiful weather and really enjoyed our stroll though the park. There are maps to help you not get lost, as the park is quite large. Many tours go to the English garden, biking tours, walking tours and we ever saw horseback riding (but not sure if that was a tour). Most of the trails we were on were paved and wide. Enjoy!

George Trantas
2023-12-08 19:46:38 GMT

It's the best thing to do in Munich! You may spend your time walking or admiring the Sights or eating a t Christmas 🎄 market! Especially during winter with snow around is magical!

Sevil Coskun
2024-01-02 12:45:03 GMT

An amazing park in the heart of Munich.
The park is huge and finishing without a break in a one day is really hard, impossible for me :D
There are different section in this park and even you can pass by bus as well.

Eli Slesk
2024-01-04 05:03:59 GMT

This may have actually been my favorite place in Munich. Right in the middle of the city is a huge park. Luckily our hotel was right next to the park. I went for a run and/or walk every day in the park. There are so many trails that only was able to get to a small portion of the park, but it seemed very safe and it was so green with lots of rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. There are also Reataurants/Beer gardens spread throughout the park.

Alexander Nick
2024-02-10 09:31:04 GMT

A wonderful park to spend time for locals and tourists alike. Beautiful during any season. Try swimming in the Eisbach river and check out the surfers at the standing wave. Enjoy some beer at the Chinese Tower in summer or mould wine in winter. The Seehaus beer garden is also lovely to visit when the sun is shining.

sanjay karkee
2023-12-17 12:43:22 GMT

It's located close to the city center. Peaceful to take a walk. I visited on Saturday. I entered after visiting the Hofgarten. I love to be close to water, and there is a river where people surf, there are many ducks. I spent a while taking pictures and videos. If you continue walking along the river you will see place where one can buy food and drinks, that was nice, I needed warm drink. Next time would walk further to the other side.

Prakhar Srivastav
2023-10-11 10:23:58 GMT

What an amazing park in the middle of the city. We went when the weather was perfect - slight drizzle which made everything seem greener and smell amazing!

Had a lovely time walking around and enjoying the fresh air. Wish we could've spent more time in this amazing garden.

Vüqar Cəfərov
2024-01-06 11:07:14 GMT

I visited it at night and loved it. Sat on the river bank, enjoyed the view and felt deep peace. I kinda understand how Siddhartha understood life just by watching the river.

Violet Explores
2023-11-14 16:48:39 GMT

A stunning park for a day out. I have seen it in both summer and fall and each season has its own magic to it. Perfect place for long romantic walks or a picnic (whether it be with your partner, kids or dog).
At the Chinese Tower you can cool off with a beer or warm up with a Glühwein. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Münich for a reason.

Anthony M
2023-10-02 20:20:25 GMT

This place is gorgeous and the beer garden is a delightful place for lunch. We walked around for hours and enjoyed the shade and flowing water. So many little places to stop and get a drink or relax. Very peaceful. On warmer days you'll see people surfing as well as concerts. Make sure to stop for a drink and some food as well.

Lester Chua
2024-01-06 02:39:25 GMT

awesome gardens to visit. Not far from Munich old town. The ducks are so cuute.

Vlatko Tadic
2023-10-21 18:02:27 GMT

A place to visit when in Munich. The English Garden is the largest city park in the world, very peaceful, has many walking paths, places to sit and have a picnic or stop at the Chinese Tower where you can buy delicious food and drinks. Don't miss the unique surfing on the river Eisbah  in the English Garden.

Konuralp Tevfik Bozdag
2023-10-20 20:17:17 GMT

peaceful in every way. You can reach Munich through forests and along the river without hearing the sound of cars. There are also grill zone and sunbathing areas.

2023-11-05 05:39:44 GMT

What an amazing park in such an industrial city! This park is huge so huge it’s divided into a north and south! Just walking thru in the morning was so peaceful and serene! Lots of open space and doesn’t feel overly crowded at all!

Plenty of beer gardens to stop at for a drink when they’re open! Plenty of directions/signs to help you navigate to park attractions and probably not to get lost haha.

Helen Johannson
2023-11-16 08:05:12 GMT

Great way to switch off from the city. We visited on a sunny day in Autumn. Plenty of places to eat and drink and lots to see

Nicolás Araya
2023-08-29 20:10:32 GMT

One of the best super spots from München. It is like a mega green oasis in the middle of the downtown on München.
It has a variety of places and environments adapted to every need and public. You can find everything there... even people surfing in the river. It's absolutely amazing to go there and discover every corner of this magic mega garden.

R Palany
2023-10-18 15:18:45 GMT

Few places are perfect for all seasons, occasions, and times of the day. The English Gardens, especially the Southern end around the Chinese Tower is such a place. Perfect to unwind with a book, for after-work game of handball, a stroll with your sweetheart or late night drinks

Alex Jordan
2023-09-05 11:18:48 GMT

Such a beautiful place to visit to see all the locals and tourists out and about, there is something for everyone. I spent a good 5/6hrs just wandering around, checking out the surfers, live music and seeing the sites. Def worth a visit

2023-12-08 20:38:36 GMT

This is a must see while in Munich. This park is massive and you can easily spend a few days there. Before even entering the park you can hang out and watch surfers tackle the Eisbachwelle.

From there, you can enter the park and have your choice of multiple walking paths all leaving to beautiful scenery. The Biergarten am Chineesischen Turm is huge, borderline impossible not to find a seat there. Near the food stand, they have smaller tables that seat 2 or 4 people. A little further away from the food stand they have traditional biergarten style benches.

The Mini-Hofbrauhaus was neat to stop by. Seating for maybe 100 people. Very small and if you are coming from the Eisbachwelle it is a bit of a hike. We spent several hours at the park over a two day period and still felt like there was so much we didn't see.

Paulina Ignatowicz
2023-12-15 09:26:56 GMT

Really nice Christmas market during winter time. It is not so crowded especially during the day and prices are decent. There are plenty of crafts to buy and for the kids there is Santa Clause walking around the place.

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