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Updated: March 08, 2024 09:25 AM

Luisenpark is located in Mannheim (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 2, 68165 Mannheim, Germany.

Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 2, 68165 Mannheim, Germany

FFHW+PC Mannheim, Germany

+49 621 410050

Check Time Table for Luisenpark

Monday9 AM to 4 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 4 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 4 PM
Thursday9 AM to 4 PM
Friday9 AM to 4 PM
Saturday9 AM to 4 PM
Sunday9 AM to 4 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Luisenpark?

Luisenpark is located at: Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 2, 68165 Mannheim, Germany.

What is the phone number of Luisenpark?

You can try to calling this number: +49 621 410050

What are the coordinates of Luisenpark?

Coordinates: 49.4793548, 8.4960991

Luisenpark Reviews

2023-09-09 14:26:20 GMT

28€ pp is kinda expensive but worth it. Cable car is a must and it is inclusive in the price, gondola ride looked fun but 6€ pp is kinda expensive. Green houses and Chinese garden were nice, the park is well maintained except the butterfly garden, which had 5 butterflies and one of them was dead, I find it embarrassment for the park. Nice birds. I didnt see farm animals bec when I arrived it was kinda. Pacifiers tree is interesting idea

lr bell
2023-10-03 14:45:34 GMT

Our visit was during the BOGA garden show in Mannheim. Although in the closing week, there are still lots of plants and other attractions available for viewing. A must-see when in region.

Nikunj Thakker
2023-08-13 07:48:59 GMT

Amazing experience for kids n adults alike with a great assortment of kids play areas but also nature lover friendly exhibition of birds n animals with the highlights being the flamingo park and penguin pool. The Seilbahn in the park takes to the other park with BUGA 23 exhibition - some amazing flower showcase and a great vibe for a perfect day trip

Qutayba alQanatri
2023-05-05 13:21:50 GMT

A very beautiful park concept. The area of the park is huge and is packed with beautiful views, information on city planning, sustainability, energy, and environment politics, food and beverage stands and cafes, etc. I spent 7 hours there with my family and we didn't see everything, so we're going there again. Definitely recommend to go there before end of October.

Ero Esko
2023-09-28 09:17:47 GMT

Very big beautiful Park. Need lot's of time to go through everything. There are even Chinese Tea House inside, funicular, little zoo. Day ticket cost 28€. Even family ticket you can buy. Park is open until october

Tun Phyu
2023-07-23 19:55:53 GMT

Hello guys

The luisenpark is so so so beautiful, and having many different kinds of plants, animals, the tower, so so beautiful I can say, you will enjoy a lot of peace in the park. The river has big fish 🐠, boat ⛵ you can go around. A lot of things you can enjoy. So any of you guys want to have peace, or alone time or with a group of students, teacher or whatever any big group come to the beautiful of luisenpark. I hope you guys get beautiful and wonderful time.

Sean Miller
2023-08-02 08:00:03 GMT

Just fabulous! Lots of things to see and do and the flowers are looking so good this year.

Took the cable car and would recommend to do it as it gives you a great overview of Mannheim and the Neckar river

Frank Schwab
2024-02-05 19:45:46 GMT

Great place to go for a walk - even in winter

Manish G
2024-02-23 19:36:39 GMT

Nice park with different animals and plants, trees etc.

The toy train doesn't work in the winter months. Decent facilities all around with sufficient toilets.

Master Yoda
2024-02-10 09:46:48 GMT

Beautiful and big park that is very well maintained. There are different areas of the park to explore and enjoy. Avoid going there on the weekends though as it can get crowded quickly and the lines for the tickets can also get wild.

2023-09-04 14:09:07 GMT

Spent a day there as part of the BUGA 23... beautiful, well-kept park in the middle of the city of Mannheim

Danielle Cummings
2022-08-14 19:46:32 GMT

This is no ordinary park. We came here on a Sunday August afternoon with our three kids nearly 6, 4, and 2 years old. We were surprised to have to pay for admission but I now understand why - it is WELL worth the minimal cost (we only had to pay for my husband and I, as kids under 6 were free). Once you have a map in your hands (unfortunately I could only find them in German, but easily translated it with my phone and circled the places I wanted to go), you see that there is so much more than just grassy areas and a stream. There must be 10-15 play areas for kids, not to mention enjoyable sights and interactive areas for adults. The area is not all that big but somehow feels enormous, though not overwhelmingly so. We entered near theFernmedleturm (after having parked directly next to it at the Hans-Reschke-Ufer 2 Parking lot and gone up the tower), then went straight to the gondoletta, which we took one way to the other side of the park. That took about 30 minutes and my kids LOVED watching the fish, ducks, geese, flamingos, herons, etc that were in abundance along the way. Once we exited the boat, we went to the sensory/barefoot park which was neat but a little lackluster compared to others we've been to, but nevertheless fun for my kids. From there we went to the Chinese Tea Garden but were disappointed with their food options so we walked through the garden and continued on to the massive playground on the green (frezeithaus) and then to the luisenpark bistro, which had sausage and nuggets and pizza (not terrible but not worth the high price). My kids played at the mud playground and we toured the barn and bird cages and then went around through the park to hit the castle playground, dwarf playground, then the water playground. I wish we could have stopped at all the restaurants but we just didn't have enough time. The Seerrestaurant in particular looked wonderful, and I would have liked to have just tea at the Chinese tea garden but that's not enjoyable with kids. There were SO many seating areas with awesome surprisingly comfortable metal seats that reclined and benches and grassy areas that just begged to be lounged on. We were there about 3 hours and my older two kids walked the entire way, while I wore the toddler about half the time. They absolutely loved it, as did we. If you plan on going to the water playground, definitely bring swimsuits, as it is nearly a pool. There is a lot of shade in the park but many sunny areas as well, so I recommend sunscreen or covering yourself well. A few things cost extra money, like the trampoline park (which we didn't do), the mini cars, and of course the food. We needed cash everywhere we went, as everyone said their credit card machines were down, but I got the impression they just don't like taking cards. I was amazed it was so enjoyable being such a hot weekend day, and I definitely plan on returning.

Awani Rawat
2022-04-11 15:07:38 GMT

The place is massive! The park is stretched over a huge area, it was hardly possible to cover everything in one visit. Beautiful flowers and flamingoes to look at, very peaceful surroundings. They also have a small library where one can take or give books. Absolutely worth the price

2022-08-27 19:26:03 GMT

Very beautifully landscaped, good place for kids and adults. Lots of play area for kids. Boating is interesting. Fish following the boats makes Boating more interesting.

Nina Unruh
2019-09-02 13:42:53 GMT

The Park is very large, beautiful and full of various places to vary your types of rest: whether you want to sit on a grass or under the trees, or to observe the storks walking nearby, or to keep an eye on different kinds of birds, or even penguins or flamingos, or to go boating, or have a rest with your children on one of the several playgroups... Even drink tee in Chinese tee House or have a glass of beer or a cup of coffee, even to have a hearty meal. It's a very cool place to spend your whole day on weekend from morning till evening!👍👍👍

Roland Yeghiazaryan
2022-10-30 19:24:40 GMT

First time visiting this park. It's huge with a lot of relax areas. The entrance fee is 7.5 euro, definitely worth it! Highly recommend visiting during autumn season 🍂

somprabha sidar
2019-05-18 19:29:15 GMT

Very beautiful garden with main attraction as Chinese Tee hus and boating....and also very beautiful landscape and play ground for kids and adults...with nearby Skyline. Have one experience in's awesome view from top. Whole city you can see from top of has rotating restaurant on top.😍😍😍..loved it.

t issac job “Issac Job” gods feareth
2023-05-05 17:24:49 GMT

Highly recommend. It has 2 different parks, one focused on flowers and garden other one has boating, some birds like penguin(small) ones. Rope car was fun. The place is huge, you would need a full day to move around in both parks. Place have number of food place and lots of a activities. I am attaching the price list fir entry.

Thomas Weis
2018-06-03 18:12:59 GMT

Possibly one of the best, maybe the best city based recreational area in Germany! If you are into botanics, animals and relaxing, this is the place to go to. Perfect for families, as there are many playgrounds in all styles. Bring everything for a swim for your kids, when it’s warm. Take a boat ride is recommended and get to know the big carps getting to your boat ;) Great value for the entry fee, it’s unmatched I would say. Even areas where you can d your own BBQ. In spring and summer you see storks nesting there, which is impressive. Even without kids it’s a good place to go to chill-out a little.

2020-08-18 16:48:03 GMT

What a fantastic and peaceful place !
You can find there everything you need to spend the all day relaxing in the nature and completely forget you are in the heart of the city.
Many different sort of animals can be seen, wonderful plants and flowers too and a lot of terraces with different ambiance can be found across the park where you can chill out with a drink or what ever else you fancy.
You can bring your kids too, many spaces are set up to keep them busy and happy. And don't forget to try the Gondeletta, you won't regret, I promes !

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