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Updated: March 21, 2024 05:23 AM

Dutchie's Fresh Food Market - Grocery Store is located in Kitchener (City in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 130 Gateway Park Dr, Kitchener, ON N2P 2J4, Canada.

130 Gateway Park Dr, Kitchener, ON N2P 2J4, Canada

CJ47+R7 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Check Time Table for Dutchie's Fresh Food Market - Grocery Store

Monday8 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 9 PM
Thursday8 AM to 9 PM
Friday8 AM to 9 PM
Saturday8 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Dutchie's Fresh Food Market - Grocery Store?

Dutchie's Fresh Food Market - Grocery Store is located at: 130 Gateway Park Dr, Kitchener, ON N2P 2J4, Canada.

What are the coordinates of Dutchie's Fresh Food Market - Grocery Store?

Coordinates: 43.4070956, -80.3868596

Dutchie's Fresh Food Market - Grocery Store Reviews

Andreas Clips
2022-08-06 15:57:50 GMT

Good prices on the strawberries, however eat them right away! They were not good the next day. Great prices for same day fruit eating!

pathik patel
2020-07-21 02:14:46 GMT

Thi place has amazing price compare to market . Fresh fruits and vegs . Liked a lot .

Anna Mike-Ebeye
2022-07-29 18:19:51 GMT

Visited this store after my husband kept raving about it. They had an amazing sale on sausages and pork chop! All fruit and vegetables will decently priced and fresh. Only con was that the milk I bought was already expired. Didn’t realized until we tried to make coffee the next day :(

Hannah Schelling
2022-05-06 01:48:57 GMT

The staff here are AMAZING. They make you feel so welcome and provide top-notch customer service from the second you walk in. I witnessed a woman leave her purse at the till and the young man working as the cashier literally dropped everything he was doing and ran the purse out to the customer in her car as she was leaving. They’ll do anything for their customers.

Zen Smith
2021-10-14 15:54:26 GMT

They always have great deals on local produce. They seem to have the best deals in town for berries and vegetables, usually my first stop before the grocery store. They also have great fresh baked bread, Azores bakery stuff which is definitely high quality. Never tried the meat counter since I'm vegetarian but there is always a huge line there too.

Henhoeffer Shelley
2021-03-03 02:36:47 GMT

Love it here, would recommend. Best quality of meat in Kitchener. Downfall is sometimes there is a line up at the meat counter but the wait is definitely worth it. Always some great deals on certain items. Good idea to keep an eye on the weekly deals posted.

Julie R
2022-02-05 21:04:39 GMT

Best deals in town for produce- meat selection is great - love the nostalgic feel of taking a number and the meats being wrapped up in the pink butcher paper. Schnitzel, pork chops, roasts, ground beef, chicken breasts, stuffed peppers, sausages all our favourites. Super friendly staff as well.

2022-10-20 13:25:16 GMT

I love this store . Every employee interaction has been a pleasure , quality produce and meats. If you are Mobility challenged no problem , spacious aisles with accessible items. Thank you Dutchies gateway park

Amanda Wood
2022-04-15 04:12:38 GMT

First time I went ; the cleanest store ; very well priced for produce ;
My selling point was the staff though ; very friendly ; a lady cashier over heard me tell my son I had to wash the berries before he could eat them and she offered to wash some for us :,) kind; very friendly ; 10/10 would recommend for produce and meats !

Kyle C
2021-06-18 23:21:19 GMT

Such an awesome fresh market! Now carrying Canadian roasted Caffe Indulgente Italian style coffee which is awesome!

Harisankar Babu Suresh Kurup Sreekumary
2022-01-25 13:53:45 GMT

This place give value for money. Don't expect any desi things there. Meat is cheaper and have a wide choice. You can get any type of cheese or sausage there. Staff is super friendly. I work nearby and i go there very frequently.

Bennyhonna 81
2022-07-27 13:08:16 GMT

Great Store! Check their flyers, they have amazing sales on produce and meat. Everything else is relatively expensive. I only go for the items on sale.

Janet Kauk
2019-01-09 19:05:02 GMT

Wow. Can't say enough about this store. Fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. The staff are amazing and always make sure you have a great experience shopping here. I keep going back for the schnitzel. I tell all my friends about the Bruce street store. If you have questions the staff are eager to answer them and if they don't know the answer they find someone who does. Love it.

Julie M.
2021-10-02 21:40:43 GMT

Amazing prices & options. The meat counter was phenomenal with many options including burgers, steak, pork, chicken & pork schnitzels .. fresh produce as well with sales throughout the store. Really impressed! Will be back

Ben Tight
2022-04-17 16:16:35 GMT

Great place with amazing prices and very friendly staff and owner. If you're in the area I recommend hitting Dutchie's first before hitting Costco as they have a large selection of fruit/vegetables and meat.

Lashen Naidoo
2021-03-15 22:26:10 GMT

Great selection of produce.... Loads of amazing special offers... Strawberries containers were priced at 5/$5. Excellent value.... Pineapples at $1 each.... First time at this location... Will definitely be back....

Jenn Lee
2022-03-21 23:22:54 GMT

I got the chicken cordon bleu today at the meat counter and literally all I did was put it on a baking sheet in the oven for 45min at 400 and nothing else and it was by far the best chicken ive ever had...even at a restaurant. Well done you guys. My family thinks im a chicken genius and I did nothing lol great quality!

Alex Samual
2022-09-04 02:31:20 GMT

I was at Dutchie’s today when they had the sale going on just like every other Saturday but this time was much better and organized by a young man that was doing his job very well keeping everybody happy and letting them know all the prices I will definitely keep coming to see him good job by Dutchie’s for hiring the right person for the job and good job to the young manger that did the best since long time

Jenny Ha
2022-01-04 05:35:52 GMT

had a great experience here! the employees were friendly and they had amazing deals on fruits and produce! you can check out their website to see what deals are currently listed.

Info The Fireplace Loft
2020-04-18 18:37:21 GMT

The quality of meat and produce is really good. The staff are incredibly friendly even though they are are probably working so many hours to keep us all fed.
Turn around time is so fast as well.

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