Bois Jacques Foxholes 101st Easy Company

Historical landmark in Bastogne

Updated: March 12, 2024 04:52 AM

Bois Jacques Foxholes 101st Easy Company is located in Bastogne (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is 6600 Bastogne, Belgium.

6600 Bastogne, Belgium

2QM3+H2 Bastogne, Belgium

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Questions & Answers

Where is Bois Jacques Foxholes 101st Easy Company?

Bois Jacques Foxholes 101st Easy Company is located at: 6600 Bastogne, Belgium.

What are the coordinates of Bois Jacques Foxholes 101st Easy Company?

Coordinates: 50.0338981, 5.7525877

Bois Jacques Foxholes 101st Easy Company Reviews

Amy Martin
2023-12-30 15:35:02 GMT

Amazing to take the family and also good for a nice calm forest walk. I enjoyed the interactive virtual tour of what it looked like during the war. Highly recommend!

2023-08-01 21:14:11 GMT

Really nice how they've done this! With an app you can see in the past (all reenactment) but still a nice app! If you've watched band of brothers. This is really a place to visit!

!! You have to buy a ticket at the war museum!!

RosTeK Vlog
2023-07-29 13:17:10 GMT

You must go there if you will be on Bastogne. Is big part of second war historii. You cant miss that. When i was there i could feel IT IT was unbelive. You have to buy ticket in the war museum the cost at this time is 22 euros. Dont miss it.

Iwona Gicala
2023-07-08 20:22:07 GMT

This is a part of Bastogne War Museum. You will walk through so peaceful forest today, with the app on your phone showing a real history of Second World War! So real!

Giles G
2023-05-11 08:59:24 GMT

Having seen this place dramatised on the incredible mini series band of brothers, to actually be there was something else. To see the fox holes some 80 years after they were dug, just wow. The app worked but I'd advise downloading it at the museum or where you have a good internet signal as mine was iffy at the site itself but fortunately did work & gave a great portrayal of the events that happened there. No way in without a ticket though. Ours was part of the war museum's entry which may be part of the fee as standard I'm not sure.

Will Thompson
2021-11-11 21:02:42 GMT

Surreal—this place has to be a must-visit if you’re in and around this area, especially for anyone stationed with the US military in Europe. It’s close to the Bastogne War Museum and is accessible by car. Whether you have 10 mins to spare or an afternoon to spend, any amount of time you can give this place will be worthwhile. Kid-friendly and no admission cost. Highly recommend a visit.

Billy Stephens
2023-04-09 16:06:37 GMT

What a moving experience, so quiet, can't imagine what it was like nearly 80 years ago. Visiting here is part of the entrance fee for the Bastogne War Memorial, it's definitely worth the visit too.

Cliff Burton
2023-06-13 08:09:42 GMT

Beautifully done, with a humanized narrative format through free app that makes brings you into the story through an augmentated reality experience. Educational, and enjoyable.

Quinn Beekwilder
2023-06-23 11:15:02 GMT

Great to actually visit the area where Easy company were for the Battle of the Bulge. Really great visit and not crowded at all.

Justin U.
2022-04-10 21:46:03 GMT

Well preserved natural are giving visitors a very clear picture of what the American Airborne soldiers would have seen while awaiting the German advance from Foy. Worth a visit and a walk through the woods and then down the path to the Airborne memorial.

KC Mitch
2020-07-26 09:34:01 GMT

We went on a cold morning a few weeks ago with out jackets and in flip flops. It was uncomfortable but nothing like what our boys went through. Watch Band of Brothers before you go or look for anything about the area. It will make you appreciate what we have today and understand what the guys went through. Kids enjoyed it.

Ina Michelle
2023-06-10 16:25:24 GMT

Well kept and preserved. It’s private so we got inside with a ticket from Bastogne’s Museum

2023-11-18 23:58:10 GMT

You must do this! Get tickets at Bastogne Museum (combo ticket). Use an app. on your phone for
The full VR (virtual reality) videos to enhance your visit. You can actually see and walk into the fox holes that still remain. Can see the fields and the edge of town the Americans had to get to when they were surrounded. We went first thing when they opened and were the only ones there until we left - then tours started to come. To enter, you scan uour QR/barcode from your email/ticket and the gate turnstile rotates and lets you through. I don’t believe they were bathroom available is and it is unattended, but there are cameras and I think I saw a call box if help is needed with your ticket.

JT “Hooker” Collett
2022-09-21 14:50:55 GMT

Incredible experience. Highly recommend to anyone who has a fascination with WWII history, especially those with family ties to it.

diederik husslage
2023-10-31 08:29:52 GMT

Recommend to watch Band of Brothers episodes Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) and download the App before (in the museum they have fast free Internet for guests). What you will be witnessing with your own eyes and through the App is so close to what you see in the serie and shows exactly this scene in WW2

Troy Michalik
2019-03-10 07:33:14 GMT

The fact that this place even still exists is amazing.
But being able to walk around the actual fighting positions that Company E, of the 101st Airborne used in the Battle of the Bulge is incredible (if you are into that kind of thing 😉).
Spend as much time as you want and get the feel of the forest.
A definite must stop if you are in the area.

Wes Wallaxe
2022-01-21 21:32:30 GMT

An amazing experience to stand here and take it all in after reading and viewing so much about easy company was a real honour to do so,left my hat there i bought at ohmaha,if your into band of brothers then this is totally worth a visit and take it all For scale,good parking and not to far of the beaten track.CURRAHEE! XX

Rob Levasseur
2019-12-28 17:11:25 GMT

I cannot describe the feeling of being in the Ardennes Forest, where the 101st made their valiant stand against the Nazis and their attempt to seize Bastogne. You could hear a pin drop in a vast Forest of trees, perfectly aligned into the farthest distance. A vividly humbling experience to stand within a foxhole where arguably, America's finest soldiers repelled the German Army.

Joshua Harvey
2023-10-20 19:02:07 GMT

Easy to find on road from BIZORY to Foy. Humbling experience to see this area and to envision the attack on FOY. Cross the highway and see foxholes from the 502d south of Recogne.

Now this area is run by the Bastogne War Museum- so be sure to visit the museum first to get your tix.

2023-08-20 09:06:28 GMT

Very cool experience one of the iconic battles of World War II.

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