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Historical landmark in Đông Hà

Updated: March 14, 2024 01:20 AM

Vinh Moc Tunnels is located in Đông Hà, Vietnam. It's address is Thôn, Vịnh Mốc, Vĩnh Linh, Quảng Trị, Vietnam.

Thôn, Vịnh Mốc, Vĩnh Linh, Quảng Trị, Vietnam

34F5+MX Vĩnh Linh District, Quảng Trị, Vietnam

+84 233 3823 238

Check Time Table for Vinh Moc Tunnels

Monday7 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 5 PM
Thursday7 AM to 5 PM
Friday7 AM to 5 PM
Saturday7 AM to 5 PM
Sunday7 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Vinh Moc Tunnels?

Vinh Moc Tunnels is located at: Thôn, Vịnh Mốc, Vĩnh Linh, Quảng Trị, Vietnam.

What is the phone number of Vinh Moc Tunnels?

You can try to calling this number: +84 233 3823 238

What are the coordinates of Vinh Moc Tunnels?

Coordinates: 17.074144, 107.1098938

Vinh Moc Tunnels Reviews

Ján M
2024-02-19 15:12:31 GMT

Great place to visit if you are interested in history I recommend to go with guide with history knowledge. I will remember this place as a symbol of Vietnam victory over the USA. only parts of level 2 and 3 tunels are now opened for public. Go with guide it is much better experience than going alone.

Gemma Mainey
2024-01-10 03:17:52 GMT

We really enjoyed this as an alternative option to Cu Chi tunnels. They are different tunnel types and these are a little less a touristy. I would recommend getting a guide when you are here if you don’t come with one

Esther Kooistra
2023-12-08 04:45:27 GMT

Very impressive! We would really recommend going here for a tour with a guide. It's a 2 hour drive from Hue 🚙

Lisa Sherry
2024-01-08 12:54:44 GMT

If you have been to the Cu Chi tunnels, this is quite different. There is a lot more to see here. The well that they used is still full and running which was amazing. And the way they did the toilet was ingenious
I don’t know if I came at the wrong time of year but there was no one there which was nice

Norman Golla
2023-10-20 17:08:10 GMT

50k VND entrance fee. I recommend going inside when you can't see a bus full of tourists. We were there at 2pm and we were basically alone.

2024-03-11 03:09:11 GMT

It’s our great honor to accompany with you guys during your visit to our village, another one lies underneath waiting for you to discover. Please give it a shot 🇻🇳❤💯

Jesper J. Nikolajsen
2024-01-25 04:36:18 GMT

A must do.. incredible tunnels at up to 23 meters

Wayne Ash
2024-01-25 02:04:20 GMT

When as part of a small tour for hue. Highlight of the day trip.

Laurynas Sakalauskas
2023-04-28 11:46:18 GMT

Come directly with a motorbike - pretty cool having all place by yourself. I was lucky to arrive when a big tourist bus left. No guide is offered. Motorbike parking (5k dong) is near a shop, looks a bit sketchy but all was well.

Aaron Doss
2023-06-16 08:26:14 GMT

Worth the trip to see the amazing endurance and strength of the vietnamese during the war. What was accomplished here is incredible. This is a highlight of any DMZ tour. Recommend getting a private car and maybe a private tour guide so you can explore the tunnels at your leisure. Bring a headlamp and be prepared to bend over a lot if you are tall, as the tunnels are not built for tall people. Three levels of tunnels to explore most do not have lights inside. The small museum is also interesting. Lots of vendors near the entrance selling snacks and drinks.

Thu Dinh
2023-06-01 09:49:03 GMT

Worth discovering historical site. The tunnels showcased amazing human ability and determination, digging through soil and rock, meters underground and kilometers stretching in length.

Nicolaas Stoffberg
2023-11-17 14:57:01 GMT

Great experience! Our guide was also excellent

Helen Yu (Chestnut Journal)
2023-07-04 02:58:31 GMT

There are vivid memories of the Tunnels of Cu Chi. The Tunnels of Cu Chi presented the true cruelties of the Vietnam War, and those sights left lasting impressions. Soon into the tunnels, however, I sensed that the Tunnels of Vinh Moc differ in a few significant ways.

The Vinh Moc tunnels were originally hand-dug by the villagers living in the Vinh Linh District during the 1960s. They did so in response to the escalating air strikes that the United States were launching north of the DMZ in 1966. In a span of two years, the villagers dug 50 tunnels through the red laterite soils in the ground. (Rough Guides at 303)

The Tunnels of Vinh Moc village lie along the coast. The villagers have intended these tunnels to merely provide shelters for themselves. Although they did participate in the supply of food and arms to the North Vietnamese army, they were civilians. As a result, the tunnels appeared more as a genuine underground community, rather than a war zone that was at Cu Chi.

It was, however, no less authentic than Cu Chi.

Lauren Schneider
2022-08-10 03:10:23 GMT

The tunnels are mind-blowing. A whole village lived underground for something like 3 years straight to escape the bombings and war, and went out at night to get food and bring supplies in from the beach. There are bomb craters all around the tunnels and the trenches the locals dug to get around, out of sight.
It is stunningly beautiful to emerge from the tunnel to the gorgeous aqua ocean.
We had been to Cu Chi but found this even better.
The Vietnamese people are wonderful - so warm and friendly - and they showed they are tough as nails to not just survive, but succeed, come together as a country again and now thrive.
Pic 1 - from one of the ocean entrances
Pic 2 - map of the tunnels, showing the 3 levels and their depth
Pic 3 - landscape before and after years of continuous bombing
Pic 4 - one tunnel entrance (the govt has stabilised them now with concrete)
Pic 5 - machine gun nest

Alexander Güne
2024-02-08 13:36:02 GMT

We liked that experience a lot. We took plenty of time to explore. First watched the video, then did a guided tour. And after that did the tour without guide for taking fotos and video.

It is a historically relevant place and doesn't earn to just be a stop by.

Staff was very friendly and spoke (lucky we) a good english.

entry: 50k vd per person
guide: what you think the guide deserves

Mark Handley
2024-02-10 06:49:03 GMT

A very educational sight with lots of history. Amazing to tour the tunnels used by the villagers which are well lit and easy to walk even for people of 6ft.

Sasha Hardman
2022-07-29 10:58:25 GMT

An unforgettable experience. The people of Vinh Moc are such an inspiration - living in these tunnels for 5 years during the incessant assault on the countryside around them.

These tunnels are a true testament to the strength and bravery of the Vietnamese people.

I highly recommend this area of interest if you are in this area of Vietnam.

Tom Blechschmidt
2022-09-25 06:05:25 GMT

This place is definitely worth a visit. Caution, sometimes very slippery in the tunnels, so wear shoes rather than flip-flops. A small shop for chilled drinks is on site.

Daniel Shuy
2024-02-04 06:27:02 GMT

Worth a detour when traveling between Hue <-> Phong Nha. If you don’t have a guide, I suggest taking a photo of the map at the museum and use it to locate points of interests in the tunnels. Entrance fee was 50k VND at time of writing

Canazian /Azian Gypsy
2019-04-07 18:34:07 GMT

Very interesting experience. Very different from Cu Chi Tunnels. Not as touristy and not as much traffic. We were able to go through most of the tunnels which were lit. There is a small museum and theater. Little beverage and snack stands to help beat the heat and hunger. The ocean view is breathtaking when exit the tunnels. Entrance is 50,000. Parking free. Wahroomsare decent and clean 2000 donation if you want tissue. Locals in the area are helpful, informative and polite.

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