Sơn Tây Old Fortress

Historical landmark in Duong Lam

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:49 AM

Sơn Tây Old Fortress is located in Duong Lam, Vietnam. It's address is 4GQ3+GM9, Hoàng Diệu, P. Quang Trung, Sơn Tây, Hà Nội, Vietnam.

4GQ3+GM9, Hoàng Diệu, P. Quang Trung, Sơn Tây, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Check Time Table for Sơn Tây Old Fortress

Monday6 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 10 PM
Thursday6 AM to 10 PM
Friday6 AM to 10 PM
Saturday6 AM to 10 PM
Sunday6 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Sơn Tây Old Fortress?

Sơn Tây Old Fortress is located at: 4GQ3+GM9, Hoàng Diệu, P. Quang Trung, Sơn Tây, Hà Nội, Vietnam.

What are the coordinates of Sơn Tây Old Fortress?

Coordinates: 21.1387977, 105.5042266

Sơn Tây Old Fortress Reviews

Oki Muñoz
2020-01-05 15:30:11 GMT

Beautiful old fortress, turned into a community park. It has some old war jets and helicopters and it's a great place to jogg or just sit and watch people. Don't forget to visit the temple in the middle and keep and eye out for the trees. They're astounding.

Nathan Wilson
2022-05-13 05:23:41 GMT

Nice little park and fortress to walk around and explore. There were not many people and you just need to pay a little money for parking.

Trung Lê Quang
2019-03-06 01:56:34 GMT

Really good place for walking around when you are in Sơn Tây on the way to visit Đường Lâm, the ancient village quite close to this place

Minh Hoang
2021-04-20 09:02:48 GMT

I love walking here to see the old Citadel with ancient trees. Brilliant

Jake Mead
2016-11-19 11:34:02 GMT

Looked fantastic. Nice castle. There are also old planes and helicopters here. They do charge to go in however so beware. Worth the trip!

ngo hung
2017-12-25 06:14:44 GMT

Very nice !! Old root covers completely roof !

Sudheer Marisetti
2022-08-13 23:54:37 GMT

Nice small citadel compared to Hue's. Very well maintained. The trees and greenery made is more beautiful. It is an oasis in the middle of a busy town. Son Tay has many ancient neighbourhoods and Pagodas. This will make a good tourist loop to make that is close to Hanoi.

Alina Lypovenko
2022-04-13 16:49:29 GMT

Amaizing place to spend some time reading in a quite place

tung bui
2019-03-16 16:32:29 GMT

Great places. Sơn Tay Old forstress. Many tree.

El Guapo
2023-01-20 07:30:58 GMT

Very quite and chlling Oasis within a crowded city. You can learn something from the history of Vietnam or just take a walk in the park.

2022-08-27 05:31:29 GMT

So many trees, air is cool and fresh. You can learn about historical story in this place. Let's try it.

YS Kim
2016-05-09 04:09:12 GMT

Son Tay means West Mountain and Thanh Co means a fortress, castle or fortified center. In this case it look like a local castle used by last Kingdom of Nguyen dynasty of Vietnam when King have travelled west side of Hanoi. it is very beautiful and spacious with full of forest and old architecture buildings. Water hazard of castle is similar to Hue's main Palace. Good to travel together with Ba Vi National Parks nearby including one of high mountain of 1,286 m , Ho Chi Min temple and pagoda.

Nghiêm Trọng
2019-05-04 03:53:27 GMT

Very fresh and tranquil for a relaxing walk

Văn Ngọc An
2018-02-24 12:33:27 GMT

This is a very green place. A lot of trees! The environment is very fresh. Landscape is also nice with flowers every season.

Hoang Nguyen Anh
2018-06-06 06:17:12 GMT

Historical place, good idea is you want to teach children in the field they wil learn quickly better than from books, and your family can enojoy good asmosphere far from polulted city central

Huyen Tran
2022-12-04 13:57:17 GMT

Lovely park in Son Tay. Worth to have a walk.

Trang Chu
2023-12-18 13:29:18 GMT


Linh Nguyễn Mạnh
2017-01-21 03:06:21 GMT

Very beautiful castle. One of the places you should visit in Son Tay.

Vinh Khuatquang
2019-02-08 05:00:23 GMT

Very peace place. Good for relaxing, for couple and for young kid

David Coley
2020-02-12 09:04:45 GMT

This is a historic old fortress. Now it is a beautiful park with space to walk and play.

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