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Dollar store in Sheridan

Updated: March 16, 2024 03:09 PM

Dollar General is located in Sheridan (City in Arkansas), United States. It's address is 4929 Hwy 167 S, Sheridan, AR 72150.

4929 Hwy 167 S, Sheridan, AR 72150

6HRV+6R Sheridan, Arkansas

(501) 313-3264

Check Time Table for Dollar General

Monday8 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 10 PM
Thursday8 AM to 10 PM
Friday8 AM to 10 PM
Saturday8 AM to 10 PM
Sunday8 AM to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Dollar General?

Dollar General is located at: 4929 Hwy 167 S, Sheridan, AR 72150.

What is the phone number of Dollar General?

You can try to calling this number: (501) 313-3264

What are the coordinates of Dollar General?

Coordinates: 34.2405256, -92.4053754

Dollar General Reviews

Amber M Burns
2020-12-16 14:03:19 GMT

This is the cleanest, neatest, most organized Dollar General I have ever shopped in. They are a fairly new establishment. The staff is extremely polite and helpful in working with their customers and helping them find what they are looking for. They have everything from food, clothing, toys, home decor and much much more.

Gail Childers
2021-01-21 06:02:54 GMT

The Dollar General on 167 n Sheridan:
The only employee that I saw n the store, was very friendly and helpful. When I asked if they had something or where something was, he did not hesitate to come out from behind the counter and help me look for it! Very friendly and clean place to go. Shld b more like this!

Swag Shak
2022-07-19 00:19:50 GMT

They are the best in this region I go out of my way to go to this store.. You're always greeted sincerely they know you. Their helpful and go out of their way to do so

Robyn Sahm
2021-02-16 22:02:32 GMT

Our cashier girl was amazing! I wish I had gotten her name. She was short with long brown hair. That's all I know.

Angela Frisby
2020-11-26 15:00:31 GMT

Nice and clean always have a smile on there face will help with you to get something high off shelves sweet service and double wrap any thing that want get broken. : ) Very clean store.

Kevin Marchant
2019-09-20 15:11:01 GMT

Best place for road trip snacks out even the occasional forgotten item when away from home. Clean location with helpful, friendly staff!

Judy Saldivar
2019-09-09 15:39:01 GMT

Everything is a dollar, love this place, clean, friendly employees. Everything easy to find. Hugh assortment.

Maryland Warnix
2020-03-04 05:48:21 GMT

Convenient, nice cashiers, nice merchandise. Love Dollar General Stores. Bring on more.

Gina George
2021-02-04 19:06:02 GMT

I love this Dollar General so clean and well stocked..... Thank you.... 😁

R Richardson
2019-08-01 14:30:21 GMT

Well stocked, clean and neat, staff tries hard to help.

Elizabeth Jackson
2020-10-17 00:05:25 GMT

Best Dollar General around. Always clean Associates always nice

Gregory Mercer
2020-07-30 21:24:14 GMT

It's. Very clean nice. Restrooms. Nice people

Casey Lynch
2021-03-12 16:05:19 GMT

the morning guy was fantastic, clean store.

Rebecca Price
2020-09-20 17:52:27 GMT

The cashier was kinda rude but store was awesome...

Timmy Ritchey
2019-10-16 20:14:39 GMT

Dollar General in ICO ,,,is all ways clean ,,Staff is friendly too

Judy Saldivar
2020-10-06 20:31:27 GMT

The dollar general south of Sheridan is a good store

2020-07-30 18:31:12 GMT

I was able to get what I need for a good price

Mike “Mikey” McClelland
2019-09-25 15:40:29 GMT

So much stuff in such a little store

Robert Scallion
2020-12-28 23:11:37 GMT

Always friendly amd helpful

Mike Langley
2021-04-11 18:43:06 GMT

Well stocked and clean

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Sheridan is a city and county seat of Grant County, Arkansas, United States. The community is located deep in the forests of the Arkansas Timberlands. It sits at the intersection of US Highways 167 and 270. source

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