Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta

Patisserie in Adana

Updated: March 11, 2024 09:32 PM

Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta is located in Adana (City in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Yurt, 71553. Sk. No:12, 01170 Çukurova/Adana, Türkiye.

Yurt, 71553. Sk. No:12, 01170 Çukurova/Adana, Türkiye

373J+MG Çukurova, Adana, Türkiye

+90 322 235 70 70

Check Time Table for Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta

Monday7 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday7 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday7 AM to 12 AM
Thursday7 AM to 12 AM
Friday7 AM to 12 AM
Saturday7 AM to 12 AM
Sunday7 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta?

Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta is located at: Yurt, 71553. Sk. No:12, 01170 Çukurova/Adana, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta?

You can try to calling this number: +90 322 235 70 70

What are the coordinates of Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta?

Coordinates: 37.0541671, 35.28132

Doğal Yeşil Fırın Pasta Reviews

2023-05-29 19:29:49 GMT

Everything tastes delicious. Bake is so generous. Thanks for treats! Prices are also cheaper than other nice bakeries.

Murat AYDIN (Farkow)
2024-01-31 08:41:26 GMT

We were welcomed very well special thanks to great man named Can. I hope his managers will make him happy too.

Tammie Sisco Yeşilyurt
2023-11-18 15:20:37 GMT

Everything was delicious. Very imaginative interpretation of Turkish foods. I have never seen some of the kinds of poca available.

Reşat Erkmen Akan
2021-10-02 08:31:59 GMT

I think it's the best patisserie that I have seen. Products and service are excellent. clean place. Prices are a little bit high but definetely not expensive. I liked it very much. I will go again later.

2021-08-13 10:34:12 GMT

Excellent for breakfast and cakes. You can find all sort of different Turkish style breakfast and desserts. You will be very happy. Prices are also very affordable.

İbrahim DEBBAĞ
2023-06-25 12:01:37 GMT

Price little overrated but it taste great

Ahmad Hejazi
2023-07-31 03:04:15 GMT

Great place for all day visits

Meltem Omayoglu
2019-09-02 05:43:45 GMT

Always fresh and very fair prices. Great customer service with parking slots available

Ali Akyüz
2023-12-05 13:13:39 GMT


Sajda Elhag
2022-06-28 17:16:16 GMT

The pistachio cake is a must try, so delicious.

sena Çevik
2023-09-29 07:13:22 GMT


2023-08-18 15:04:06 GMT

Amazing 👏 taste

Meh Show
2023-06-25 12:06:39 GMT

One of the best places in Adana

Ilker Yeşil
2020-09-04 19:14:26 GMT

They serves high quality cookies and snacks.

2023-08-05 20:38:39 GMT


Dilber Susuz
2021-01-12 15:20:03 GMT

Super rr

Murteza Keles
2019-10-02 18:47:05 GMT

Excellent very very good

Akgun Manisali
2021-11-12 20:54:17 GMT

Loved it.

Vít Skopal (ViitCZ)
2021-06-13 14:03:57 GMT

The best of the best! 😍👍🏻

Hakan Ciftci
2021-09-14 19:35:46 GMT


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