Kervanhan Restoran

Restaurant in Kahramanmaraş

Updated: March 12, 2024 07:54 AM

Kervanhan Restoran is located in Kahramanmaraş (City in Turkey), Türkiye. It's address is Mehmet Akif, Doğu Çevre Yolu, 46080 Kahramanmaraş Merkez/Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye.

Mehmet Akif, Doğu Çevre Yolu, 46080 Kahramanmaraş Merkez/Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye

HX53+QV Dulkadiroğlu, Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye

+90 344 236 68 69

Check Time Table for Kervanhan Restoran

Monday8 AM to 1 AM
Tuesday8 AM to 1 AM
Wednesday8 AM to 1 AM
Thursday8 AM to 1 AM
Friday8 AM to 1 AM
Saturday8 AM to 1 AM
Sunday8 AM to 1 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Kervanhan Restoran?

Kervanhan Restoran is located at: Mehmet Akif, Doğu Çevre Yolu, 46080 Kahramanmaraş Merkez/Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye.

What is the phone number of Kervanhan Restoran?

You can try to calling this number: +90 344 236 68 69

What are the coordinates of Kervanhan Restoran?

Coordinates: 37.5594005, 36.9547463

Kervanhan Restoran Reviews

Khaled Alali
2022-02-24 07:34:51 GMT

Best restaurant and food in Kahramanmares
Many special delicious dishes
Excellent service
Very reasonable prices.

Reddit Daily
2020-11-13 13:02:36 GMT

Good service, lovely staff. We had pizza and ice cream after. Pizza was legendary. I'm an ice cream lover. I have never had any ice cream like this before.

Riz Rao
2023-12-31 17:38:54 GMT

Very good experience.

Durdu Dogan
2022-10-20 22:15:21 GMT

very nice restaurant and staff definitely recommended try kapak tatlisi for desert

Deerar DS
2018-07-05 17:29:37 GMT

Great ice cream!

Mohannad Alghabra
2020-06-15 08:54:52 GMT

THE best dining experience in Kahramanmaraş for sure, the food is amazing, the staff is super friendly, great for groups and kids.

Nawras Totonjy
2024-02-27 21:25:25 GMT

Great Place

Modher Alhamadani
2021-07-04 16:32:59 GMT

Nice place, food is delicious, value for money is good

El Byou
2022-11-09 13:51:04 GMT

Great good clean
Just perfect

محمد الفقي
2020-11-17 15:47:15 GMT

Very good

Yigit Kurttepeli
2022-08-31 20:01:17 GMT

Best place to eat in Maraş!

Mustafa Kelangin
2022-08-19 10:32:42 GMT

Big and lovely place like a palace

Fahrettin Onuralp Mescigil
2022-02-15 10:55:42 GMT

Best food and desert in town!

M7M Salam
2022-12-22 12:30:10 GMT

Very good

Wafa Dabagh
2020-07-12 14:40:56 GMT

Good place and and delicious food

Angela Austin
2023-07-07 20:07:17 GMT

delicious and satisfying

Ahmet Kerim
2018-03-06 17:54:23 GMT

Very very delicious sweets

Aziz Ortopedi
2016-10-11 18:13:36 GMT

Ice cream very authentic

2021-08-14 05:55:31 GMT

The best

A. Cenk Gültekin (Dr. ACG)
2022-08-06 11:19:34 GMT

Nice restaurant

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