Masjid Jama

Mosque in Baidoa

Updated: March 09, 2024 04:08 PM

Masjid Jama is located in Baidoa (City in Somalia), Somalia. It's address is 4M72+658, Baidoa, Somalia.

4M72+658, Baidoa, Somalia

+252 61 5590049

Check Time Table for Masjid Jama

MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
SaturdayOpen 24 hours
SundayOpen 24 hours

Questions & Answers

Where is Masjid Jama?

Masjid Jama is located at: 4M72+658, Baidoa, Somalia.

What is the phone number of Masjid Jama?

You can try to calling this number: +252 61 5590049

What are the coordinates of Masjid Jama?

Coordinates: 3.113041, 43.6504666

Masjid Jama Reviews

Salad Mohamud Arale
2017-01-19 04:05:47 GMT

The old building was reconstructed by local community recently. The new building is a three floor large one which can gives comfort to thousands of warshipers.

2019-02-22 05:58:43 GMT

Abdulfatah Abdullahi Mohammed Dooyow _I say that the location of Mosque is strategic place #central city.

Daud Muktar
2017-06-16 09:10:31 GMT

Masha allah the biggest mosque in south of somalia and beautest

2016-02-10 14:44:18 GMT

Wwwww is very good ilike this mosque and baidoa

STC Tutorials
2018-06-06 17:58:10 GMT

Masha Allah the best mosque in somalia

Hassan Fatow
2021-06-27 21:51:42 GMT

So beautyfull for my own view

Abdulhafid Hassan
2021-02-26 07:05:42 GMT

New mosque and beautiful from inside

Xasan isaack Aadan
2019-06-24 09:41:13 GMT

He is the best masque in the baidoa

Abdek Hamid
2015-11-30 08:42:17 GMT

It is special than other city of somalia

Abdirashid Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhsin
2018-11-22 06:19:42 GMT

Alshabia clinic center

Abdikani Mohamed
2018-11-05 11:09:41 GMT


Ali Hassan
2016-04-23 08:22:40 GMT

Asc dhaman umada islamka salan kadib markan arkey sawiradan ad ayan ugu farxey

Abdiaziz Abdullahi Mohamed
2019-02-04 18:16:55 GMT

Mashaallah waa misaajid aan inbadan ku tukudey

zakaria idris abdi Daadaa
2015-10-06 01:38:14 GMT

Wuu fiican yahay mapkani blse wili sidii looga baahna wax looguma helo

Abshir Mohamed Adam
2020-03-18 13:15:52 GMT

Al:bashai'r primary &secondary school

Mustafa Abubakar Abdullahi
2017-12-14 21:33:14 GMT

Masjidka ugu weyn somalia

Abdourazak Malam Brahim
2019-08-11 13:14:12 GMT

Alaaaahu akbar walilaahil xamdu

Abdi wahab Adan Abdirahman
2016-10-06 09:06:57 GMT

Masjidka ugu wayn baidoa

Ali Suufi
2019-10-27 05:41:34 GMT

Buulo jimaac

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About Baidoa
City in Somalia

Baidoa is the largest city of the South West State of Somalia. Between 2002 and 2014, Baidoa was the capital of the South West State. In 2014, the capital was changed to Barawa. source

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